Gargoyles Only Item Property

Gargoyles Only Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

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Items with Gargoyles Only Item Property

Common Items

UO-Item-16498-0.png Bloodblade
UO-Item-16487-0.png Boomerang
UO-Item-16492-0.png Cyclone
UO-Item-16494-0.png Disc Mace
UO-Item-16500-0.png Dread Sword
UO-Item-16493-0.png Dual Pointed Spear
UO-Item-16488-0.png Dual Short Axes
UO-Item-19723-0.png Gargish Amulet
UO-Item-18610-0.png Gargish Axe
UO-Item-18612-0.png Gargish Bardiche
UO-Item-18608-0.png Gargish Battle Axe
UO-Item-18630-0.png Gargish Bone Harvester
UO-Item-16913-0.png Gargish Bracelet
UO-Item-18614-0.png Gargish Butcher’s Knife
UO-Item-16937-0.png Gargish Chaos Shield
UO-Item-18606-0.png Gargish Cleaver
UO-Item-16479-0.png Gargish Cloth Arms (type 1)
UO-Item-16480-0.png Gargish Cloth Arms (type 2)
UO-Item-16481-0.png Gargish Cloth Chest (type 1)
UO-Item-16482-0.png Gargish Cloth Chest (type 2)
UO-Item-16483-0.png Gargish Cloth Kilt (type 1)
UO-Item-16484-0.png Gargish Cloth Kilt (type 2)
UO-Item-16485-0.png Gargish Cloth Leggings (type 1)
UO-Item-16486-0.png Gargish Cloth Leggings (type 2)
UO-Item-17828-0.png Gargish Cloth Wing Armor
UO-Item-16490-0.png Gargish Dagger
UO-Item-18640-0.png Gargish Daisho
UO-Item-16915-0.png Gargish Earrings
UO-Item-16386-0.png Gargish Fancy Robe
UO-Item-18616-0.png Gargish Gnarled Staff
UO-Item-20696-0.png Gargish Half Apron
UO-Item-18618-0.png Gargish Katana
UO-Item-16897-0.png Gargish Kite Shield
UO-Item-18620-0.png Gargish Kryss
UO-Item-18634-0.png Gargish Lance
UO-Item-16455-0.png Gargish Leather Arms (type 1)
UO-Item-16456-0.png Gargish Leather Arms (type 2)
UO-Item-16457-0.png Gargish Leather Chest (type 1)
UO-Item-16458-0.png Gargish Leather Chest (type 2)
UO-Item-16459-0.png Gargish Leather Kilt (type 1)
UO-Item-16460-0.png Gargish Leather Kilt (type 2)
UO-Item-16461-0.png Gargish Leather Leggings (type 1)
UO-Item-16462-0.png Gargish Leather Leggings (type 2)
UO-Item-16856-0.png Gargish Leather Talons
UO-Item-17790-0.png Gargish Leather Wing Armor
UO-Item-18626-0.png Gargish Maul
UO-Item-16912-0.png Gargish Necklace
UO-Item-16940-0.png Gargish Order Shield
UO-Item-18632-0.png Gargish Pike
UO-Item-16463-0.png Gargish Plate Arms (version 1)
UO-Item-16464-0.png Gargish Plate Arms (version 2)
UO-Item-16465-0.png Gargish Plate Chest (version 1)
UO-Item-16466-0.png Gargish Plate Chest (version 2)
UO-Item-16467-0.png Gargish Plate Kilt
UO-Item-16468-0.png Gargish Plate Kilt
UO-Item-16469-0.png Gargish Plate Leggings
UO-Item-16470-0.png Gargish Plate Leggings
UO-Item-16914-0.png Gargish Ring
UO-Item-16384-0.png Gargish Robe
UO-Item-18100-0.png Gargish Sash
UO-Item-18628-0.png Gargish Scythe
UO-Item-19722-0.png Gargish Stone Amulet
UO-Item-16471-0.png Gargish Stone Arms (version 1)
UO-Item-16472-0.png Gargish Stone Arms (version 2)
UO-Item-16473-0.png Gargish Stone Chest (version 1)
UO-Item-16474-0.png Gargish Stone Chest (version 2)
UO-Item-16475-0.png Gargish Stone Kilt (version 1)
UO-Item-16476-0.png Gargish Stone Kilt (version 2)
UO-Item-16477-0.png Gargish Stone Leggings (version 1)
UO-Item-16478-0.png Gargish Stone Leggings
UO-Item-16501-0.png Gargish Talwar
UO-Item-18638-0.png Gargish Tekagi
UO-Item-18636-0.png Gargish Tessen
UO-Item-18622-0.png Gargish War Fork
UO-Item-18624-0.png Gargish War Hammer
UO-Item-16896-0.png Gargish Wooden Shield
UO-Item-16496-0.png Glass Staff
UO-Item-16499-0.png Glass Sword
UO-Item-16900-0.png Large Plate Shield
UO-Item-16901-0.png Large Stone Shield
UO-Item-16899-0.png Medium Plate Shield
UO-Item-16495-0.png Serpentstone Staff
UO-Item-16502-0.png Shortblade
UO-Item-16898-0.png Small Plate Shield
UO-Item-16491-0.png Soul Glaive
UO-Item-16497-0.png Stone War Sword

Artifact Items

UO-Item-2304-997.png Abyssal Blade
UO-Item-2301-238.png Axes Of Fury
UO-Item-2305-1284.png Banshee's Call
UO-Item-2311-1150.png Blade Of Battle
UO-Item-777-137.png Breastplate Of The Berserker
ImageNotAvailable.png Captain Johne's Blade
UO-Item-770-846.png Cast-Off Zombie Skin
UO-Item-2316-195.png Channeler's Defender
ImageNotAvailable.png Craven
UO-Item-2307-900.png Death's Head
UO-Item-16897-1358.png Dragon Hide Shield
ImageNotAvailable.png Dragon Jade Earrings
ImageNotAvailable.png Equivocation
UO-Item-18616-1902.png Gargish Kotl Black Rod
ImageNotAvailable.png Giant Steps
UO-Item-16458-0.png Journeyman's Armor
UO-Item-16915-0.png Journeyman's Armor
UO-Item-16456-0.png Journeyman's Armor
UO-Item-16462-0.png Journeyman's Armor
UO-Item-16460-0.png Journeyman's Armor
UO-Item-16912-0.png Journeyman's Armor
UO-Item-2315-150.png Legacy Of Despair
UO-Item-2302-332.png Life Syphon
UO-Item-2312-2070.png Light In The Void
ImageNotAvailable.png Mantle Of The Fallen
UO-Item-16384-1250.png Mystic's Garb
UO-Item-16896-1649.png Mystic's Guard
ImageNotAvailable.png Obsidian Earrings
UO-Item-2310-2001.png Petrified Snake
ImageNotAvailable.png Pillar Of Strength
ImageNotAvailable.png Pincer
ImageNotAvailable.png Raptor Claw
ImageNotAvailable.png Sign Of Chaos
UO-Item-16940-0.png Sign Of Order
ImageNotAvailable.png Spined Bloodworm Bracers
UO-Item-2309-2107.png Staff Of Resonance
UO-Item-16496-0.png Staff Of Shattered Dreams
UO-Item-2308-1164.png Standard Of Chaos
UO-Item-2306-875.png Stone Dragon's Tooth
UO-Item-16492-1150.png Stone Slith Claw
UO-Item-2303-1159.png Storm Caller
ImageNotAvailable.png Summoner's Kilt
UO-Item-16499-0.png Sword Of Shattered Hopes
ImageNotAvailable.png Torc Of The Guardians
UO-Item-2314-1202.png Valkyrie's Glaive
UO-Item-16468-1482.png Void Infused Kilt

Rare Items

UO-Item-16460-1931.png Aka Oni Pants Made Of Tiger Skin
UO-Item-16460-2747.png Ao Oni Pants Made Of Tiger Skin
UO-Item-16915-2500.png Armor Of Initiation
UO-Item-1028-2500.png Armor Of Initiation
UO-Item-1030-2500.png Armor Of Initiation
UO-Item-1032-2500.png Armor Of Initiation
UO-Item-1034-2500.png Armor Of Initiation
UO-Item-16912-2500.png Armor Of Initiation
UO-Item-18101-1266.png Aumakua's 5th Year Anniversary Sash - Origin 2019
UO-Item-18101-1266.png EM Tycho Washes Ashore, Oceania 2018
UO-Item-18091-2721.png Europa's Grateful Dead "EM Kimmie& EM Mephisto"2016
UO-Item-18616-2970.png Feathered Staff Of The Raptor Cult
UO-Item-18100-43.png Greetings From EM Gotan
UO-Item-18101-36.png Greetings From EM Nekomata - Sakura 2010
UO-Item-18100-1172.png Greetings From EM Silver Fox - Asuka 2018
UO-Item-18100-1151 CorrectGraphic.png Greetings From EM Spica - Wakoku 2018
UO-Item-18101-1159.png Greetings Lake Superior From EM Thrixx! 2018
UO-Item-18609-1931.png Labrys Discovered From The Labyrinth
UO-Item-18637-2947.png The Magical Banana Leaf Fan