Hit Mana Leech Item Property

Hit Mana Leech Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

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Items with Hit Mana Leech Item Property

Common Items


Artifact Items

UO-Item-3919-1910.png Abhorrence Hit Mana Leech 40%
UO-Item-2304-997.png Abyssal Blade Hit Mana Leech 60%
UO-Item-5183-715.png Calm [Replica] Hit Mana Leech 87%
UO-Item-11553-0.png Magekiller Assassin Spike Hit Mana Leech 16%
UO-Item-11554-0.png Magekiller Leafblade Hit Mana Leech 22%
UO-Item-3934-1191.png Mangler Hit Mana Leech 50%
UO-Item-9918-2101.png Pacify [Replica] Hit Mana Leech 100%
UO-Item-5183-715.png Quell [Replica] Hit Mana Leech 75%
UO-Item-11553-1165.png Rune Carving Knife Hit Mana Leech 25%
UO-Item-9914-1159.png Subdue [Replica] Hit Mana Leech 68%
UO-Item-10147-0.png Wind's Edge Hit Mana Leech 25%
UO-Item-5112-668.png Wrath Of The Dryad Hit Mana Leech 81%

Rare Items

UO-Item-5183-1159.png Calm Hit Mana Leech 81%
UO-Item-9918-1159.png Pacify Hit Mana Leech 62%
UO-Item-3917-1159.png Quell Hit Mana Leech 75%
UO-Item-9914-1159.png Subdue Hit Mana Leech 68%
UO-Item-3937-1150.png The True Warrior Of Britannia Hit Mana Leech 40%