Luck Item Property

Luck Item Property

Unlucky items have their luck set to -100. "Unlucky" is not otherwise indicated in the item properties. An item can not have a positive luck and be Unlucky at the same time.

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

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Items with Luck Item Property

Common Items

UO-Item-4234-1165.png Etoile Bleue Luck 150
UO-Item-4230-1165.png Novo Bleue Luck 150
UO-Item-5140-265.png Platemail Armor Of The Britannia Royal Zoo Luck 100
UO-Item-7174-265.png Platemail Armor Of The Britannia Royal Zoo Luck 100
UO-Item-5136-265.png Platemail Armor Of The Britannia Royal Zoo Luck 100
UO-Item-5139-265.png Platemail Armor Of The Britannia Royal Zoo Luck 100
UO-Item-5145-265.png Platemail Armor Of The Britannia Royal Zoo Luck 100
UO-Item-5137-265.png Platemail Armor Of The Britannia Royal Zoo Luck 100
UO-Item-5141-265.png Platemail Armor Of The Britannia Royal Zoo Luck 100
UO-Item-4230-0.png White Pearl Bracelet Luck 25
UO-Item-4230-0.png White Pearl Bracelet Luck 40

Artifact Items

UO-Item-11561-0.png Adventurer's Machete Luck 20
UO-Item-4230-0.png Bracelet Of Primal Consumption Luck 200
UO-Item-11111-1.png Bramble Coat Luck 150
UO-Item-10106-1281.png Leurocian's Mempo Of Fortune Luck 300
UO-Item-11554-0.png Luckblade Luck 20
UO-Item-7947-675.png Orc Chieftain Helm [Replica] Luck 100
UO-Item-5110-0.png Royal Guard Survival Knife [Replica] Luck 140
UO-Item-12232-1171.png Song Woven Mantle Luck 100
UO-Item-10130-0.png Stormgrip Luck 125
UO-Item-10153-0.png Swords Of Prosperity Luck 200
UO-Item-10149-0.png The Horselord Luck 1
UO-Item-7172-1168.png Violet Courage Luck 95

Rare Items

UO-Item-7030-2101.png Protector Luck 150
UO-Item-5120-1910.png A Replica Of The Vulcan's Madness Kryss Luck 150
UO-Item-10144-0.png A Silky Obi Formed From The Nexus Spirits Essence Luck 99
UO-Item-3519-2589.png A Souvenir From Zox's Museum Of Fish Luck 99
UO-Item-4232-2707.png A Tarnished Necklace Bearing A Medalion Engraved With The Letters T,U, And W Luck -999
UO-Item-5042-1157.png Adept Archer - Third Place Luck 50
UO-Item-3907-1157.png Adept Hatchet Thrower - Third Place Luck 50
UO-Item-3568-1652.png Black Staff Luck 40
UO-Item-5042-2010.png Bow Luck 40
UO-Item-5042-1157.png Champion Archer - First Place Luck 150
UO-Item-3907-1157.png Champion Hatchet Thrower - First Place Luck 150
UO-Item-7026-1250.png Champion's Laurel Luck 100
UO-Item-3834-2120.png Clainin's Spellbook Luck 80
UO-Item-5915-1175.png Dread Pirate Hat Luck 80
UO-Item-19722-2709.png Error (TID): Provided Token Out Of Range : 0 : 1151075 Luck 50
UO-Item-5199-2213.png Golden Bone Armor Luck 40
UO-Item-5201-2213.png Golden Bone Helmet Luck 40
UO-Item-9915-2949.png Hook's Hook Luck -100
UO-Item-9793-1269.png Ithilsis' Breast Plate Luck 150
UO-Item-3713-1156.png Knowledge of Compassion Luck 100
UO-Item-4232-1195.png Lapis Lazuli Scarab Amulet Inscribed With An Ouroboros Symbol Luck 99
UO-Item-4230-2072.png Lucky Charm Bracelet Luck 99
UO-Item-5903-2966.png Lucky Leaping Leprechaun Loafers Luck 60
ImageNotAvailable.png Lucky Orc Mask Luck 100
UO-Item-5108-1166.png Moco-Moco Candy Cane Luck 25
UO-Item-7947-2126.png Orc Chief Helm Luck 100
UO-Item-7947-2126.png Orc Chief Helm Luck 100
UO-Item-5201-1644.png Rage Mask Of The Abandoned Camper Luck -13
UO-Item-11762-868.png Rarewood Chest Luck 20
UO-Item-7939-1154.png Robe Luck 250
UO-Item-5899-296.png Royal Guard Boots Luck 50
UO-Item-5441-33.png Royal Guard Detective Luck 50
UO-Item-3780-1150.png Royal Guard Survival Knife Luck 100
UO-Item-10137-2721.png Sea Silk Supertunica Woven By A Mermaid Luck 99
UO-Item-3907-1157.png Skilled Hatchet Thrower - Second Place Luck 100
UO-Item-5063-3.png Spined Leather Gorget Luck 40
UO-Item-5067-3.png Spined Leather Leggings Luck 40
UO-Item-5061-3.png Spined Leather Sleeves Luck 40
UO-Item-7948-1154.png Spirits Of Hokuto Luck 7
UO-Item-12123-2508.png Talisman Of Cleansing Luck 20
UO-Item-4230-1170.png Teluma Amulet Luck 150
UO-Item-5140-1164.png Ten Lo's Enchanted Gauntlets Luck 100
UO-Item-10146-1172.png The Avenger Warlords Downfall Luck 20
UO-Item-12123-2949.png The Black Order Alliance Badge Luck 10
UO-Item-11557-1759.png The Wild's Call Luck 100
UO-Item-5904-23.png Unlucky Rabbit's Foot Luck -20