Items With Magical Charges

Magical Charges Item Properties

There are 32 possible magical charges that may appear as an item property. No item can have more than one magically charged item property.

Armor, clothing, and jewelery with charges will automatically use the charges when first equipped, and while equipped. Items with Spell Reflection charges are the only exception; they have a 60 second cooldown in between uses of spell reflection charges.

Wands and gnarled staves with charges need to be equipped, then double-clicked, to use a magical charge.

Other non-equippable items with magical charges need to be in your backpack, then double-clicked, to use a magical charge.

Most random loot items once had a change to spawn with magical charges. Magical braziers and statues stopped spawning with patch 1.25.32 on April 13, 1998. All other loot items with charges stopped spawning with the release of Age Of Shadows. Today, while a few developer and EM items have been created that came with magical charges, random loot does not spawn with magical charges.

Spell or other effect Property description(s) Found on:
Armor Clothing Jewelery Wands and Gnarled Staves Statues and Braziers Talismans
Agility Agility
Air Elemental Summoning Summoning Air Elemental
Bless Blessings
Clumsy Clumsiness
Creature Summoning Summoning Creature
Summon Random Creature
Cunning Cunning
Cure Curing
Curse Curses
Daemon Summoning Summoning Daemons
Earth Elemental Summoning Summoning Earth Elemental
Feeblemind Feeblemindedness
Fireball Fireball
Fire Elemental Summoning Summoning Fire Elemental
Greater Healing Great Healing
Harm Harming/Wounding
Healing Healing
Use skill: Item ID Identification
Invisibility Invisibility
Lightning Lightning
Magic Arrow Magic Arrow
Magic Reflection Spell Reflection
Mana Drain Mana Draining, Mage’s Bane
Night Sight Night Eyes
Paralyze Paralyzation, Ghoul’s Touch
Protection Protection
(unknown) Restfulness
Equivalent to a “Total Heal” spell. Restoration
(unknown) Seeing
Strength Strength
Teleport Teleportation
Water Elemental Summoning Summoning Water Elemental
Weakness Weakness, Weakening

Special types of magical charges

Five types of magical charges are also worth a special note, as they had effects which are not possible with any current spell:

Identification charges

"Identification" charges worked as if the item identification spell had been used at GM skill level. Prior to the release of Age of Shadows, item properties from looted items were only displayed after the items were identified, so these were quite useful, rather than having to have a character with GM Item identification.

Restfulness charges

"Restfulness" charges could be found in the client, and did appear on very early magical braziers and statues. Unfortunately, no charged items seem to have survived, and noone seems to have written down what effect these charges had. It is speculated that these had a stamina-refreshing effect, like a Refresh potion.

Restoration charges

Words of Power
Britannian Vas In Mani



"Restoration" charges could be found on very early magical braziers and statues. In Ultima Online, there is no high-circle healing spell; Greater Heal is the highest circle healing spell, but it is only fourth circle. In earlier Ultima games, Restoration was a seventh circle healing spell that completly healed your entire party. In Ultima VIII, Theurgy also had a nearly equivalent spell, also named "Restoration", which granted a complete heal, but only for the player, not for the party. The spell words for Greater Heal in UO and in earlier Ultimas are "In Vas Mani". The spell words for the mage Restoration spell were "Vas Mani", and the spell words for the theurgy Restoration spell were "Vas In Mani".

Seeing charges

Support for "Seeing" charges could be found in the client, but they have never been used on any items. It is possible that this might have been a Detect Hidden-like spell. Alternately, there was a spell named "Blind" in the alpha version version of the game; possibly this could have been a counter to that spell.

Summoning charges

The various summoning charges were only ever found on magical braziers. The summoning brazier on level one of Deceit is a static version of one the magical braziers from the early days of the game. It does not display a magical charges property, but it would seem to have an unlimited number of "Creature Summoning" charges.

Items With Magical Charges

Common Items


Artifact Items


Rare Items

UO-Item-3632-2500.png Closed Eye Of Concealment - Quas An Lor
  • Invisibility Charges: 100
UO-Item-12696-1109.png Crystalline Blackrock
  • Teleport Charges: 1000
UO-Item-5397-0.png Ephemereal Cloak Of Invisibility
  • Invisibility Charges: 300
UO-Item-4084-2500.png Escaping Yew Prison for Dimwits
  • Teleport Charges: 100
UO-Item-5397-1910.png Mystical Cloak Of The Hermit Nicolaus Santee
  • Invisibility Charges: 10
UO-Item-5049-0.png StormFang
  • Lightning Charges: (unlimited)