Earth Elemental Slayer

Earth Elemental Slayer Item Property

This is a lesser slayer item property. Lesser slayers apply to fewer monsters, but provide 300% damage, vs 200% with super slayers.

Prior to Age of Shadows, the old name for this slayer was "Earth Shatter".

Earth Elemental Slayer Items

Common Items


Artifact Items


Rare Items

UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Earth Shatter
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Earth Shatter

Mobs vulnerable to Earth Elemental Slayer

These mobs will take triple damage while you have the Earth Elemental slayer equipped. If the slayer property is on a talisman, it will not have an effect on the damage caused by spells. For bards, success chance is increased by 20% when an Earth Elemental slayer instrument is used.