Gargish Wooden Shield

Image of Gargish Wooden Shield
Gargoyles Only
5 stones
Energy Resist 1%
Strength Requirement 20
Durability 25  / 25

Gargish Wooden Shield

Craftable Item
Name Gargish Wooden Shield
Category Armor
Skill(s) Required 52.6 Carpentry
Can be exceptional Yes
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable Yes
Required Recipe None
Tool Required Any of:
Stackable No
9 BoardsBoards

When crafted or enhanced with special crafting materials, the following properties will be added:

Oak BoardsOak Boards Ash BoardsAsh Boards Yew BoardsYew Boards Heartwood BoardsHeartwood Boards * Bloodwood BoardsBloodwood Boards Frostwood BoardsFrostwood Boards
Physical Resist 1   3      
Fire Resist 1       3  
Cold Resist 1         3
Poison Resist 1          
Energy Resist 1 3        
Hit Point Regeneration     +1   +2  
Lower Requirements   +20%        
Luck         +40  
Spell Channeling           Yes

* Shields crafted or enhanced with Heartwood will also be given one of the following properties, selected at random:

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