House of Commons from 2003-01-08

House of Commons from 2003-01-08

Lord‑Xanthor Good evening everyone, thank you for coming to tonight's Ultima Online open house. This Stratics House of Commons chat is a direct connection between you the players and the designers and programmers of Ultima Online.
Lord‑Xanthor This chat will be in a moderated format. To ask a question of the developers, please /msg or /query the question takers that will be listed in the topic of the channel and have [QT] in front of their names. These question takers will then present the questions to the Ultima Online development team here with us this evening.
Lord‑Xanthor I will be our moderator tonight...I will post your question into the House of Commons chat channel and the Developers will answer those that they can. Please /msg or /query different question-takers at different times, in order to balance the load and speed the process up.
Lord‑Xanthor Please do not send the same question to multiple question takers, those that do will be ignored. Thank you =)
Lord‑Xanthor Please remember that your question may have been asked previously or may not be able to be answered in a public forum. Please do not message or query myself or anyone from OSI, these questions will be ignored. We encourage you to read the logs of the previous Open Houses, which are available at
Lord‑Xanthor Enjoy tonight's chat...Tonights Topic is AGE OF SHADOWS! =)
* Lord‑Xanthor changes topic to 'UOHOC 5pm PST Thursday 2/6/2002. Please read previous logs at Tonights Topic is Age of Shadows! Question Takers will be [QT]ELM, [QT]Kehleyr, [QT]Rhayde..' *
Lord‑Xanthor *FrostMerchant[Pac]* Will 2D Dragon Armor get corrected Paperdoll images while worn, since they changed the looks in the backpacks?
Hanse Wearables for 2D were not modified.
Hanse The only new artwork we have added for 2D are weapons.
Hanse So, your dragon armor will look like it does now.
Lord‑Xanthor *Hilana* my question is : if you pre-ordered AoS, you get the robe of shadows, is it blessed ?
Evocare yes
Lord‑Xanthor *Xerxes* Hi, Here is my question, Is it true that bursting pouches will now do 15 damage? If so, will there be an alternative to breaking the paralyze spell?
Evocare Pouches now do a noticable amount of damage, however it does have a fairly significant random range
Evocare this was done so as to make it a usable option to get out of a bad situation in an absolute emergency
Evocare but it isn't necessarily something you do *anytime* you get paralyzed, since it does have a risk now (the random damage)
Evocare also
Evocare it's important that the resisting spells skill greatly reduces the duration of paralyze
Evocare so it gives you a viable option to wait out the time
Evocare since it isn't rediculously long when you have high resist
Lord‑Xanthor *Thomas* How will the +2AR robes and cloaks convert in AoS? Will they offer resistances instead and if so how much?
Hanse We converted them to 3% physical resistance.
Hanse So, if you wear a robe and a cape, you will get a whopping 6% physical resistance (and yes, that is considerate). :)
Hanse considerable...I'm tired...smack me please
Lord‑Xanthor *Azlen* Are any of the new AOS monsters immune to barding?
Gromm A few of the higher end monsters are immune to barding, others you're going to have a tough time getting yout barding skills to affect
Gromm But there are a good number that you can still have fun with, bards aren't out by any means. :)
Evocare The majority are quite bardable
Lord‑Xanthor *scralings* Are any changes coming to the blacksmithy or tailoring Bulk Order Deeds systems?
Lord‑Xanthor [20:18]

Evocare post Azlen

Hanse Hmmmm, anyway...
Hanse Yes, the BOD systems have changed.
Hanse The blacksmithy system had its valorite hammer increased to be tougher to get.
Hanse We had complaints that the verite and valorite hammers were random. So, verite and valorite hammers are no longer in the same category to be randomly chosen from.
Hanse Also, we introduced runic sewing kits to Tailoring.
Lord‑Xanthor *Darlene* A long time ago we were promised to be able to choose from different faces for our chars in UO3D when the new art would be released. We havent heard something about this recently, hast it been canceled?
Hanse This means we had to shuffle around the difficulty points to fit them in.
Hanse I'm not done yet!
Hanse heh
Hanse Also, the runic hammers changed and now craft magical properties/resistances...
Hanse The tailoring rewards shuffled downwards, actually.
Hanse So, bless deeds, flower tapestries, etc are slightly easier to get.
Hanse That about sums it up!
Lord‑Xanthor *Darlene* A long time ago we were promised to be able to choose from different faces for our chars in UO3D when the new art would be released. We havent heard something about this recently, hast it been canceled?
Evocare One other BOD thing... LBODs now give you better reward chances then before! =]
MrTact It has not been cancelled.
MrTact I'm not started yet!
MrTact heh
MrTact As I was saying
Evocare I think you were done... ;]
MrTact Not cancelled -- there will be publishes after AoS, surprise surprise
Lord‑Xanthor *Jediman* Just a question for them.... Will any of the unused art/items such as the ninja articles, amazon armor, etc, be used with AoS at all?
Evocare no
Lord‑Xanthor -* on the aos site it says there will be 2 new boss creatures, are these creatures new champions like rikktos and baracoon?
Evocare As a matter of fact, there are seven new boss monsters =]
OaksOSI And not a single one is cute and fluffy, like Lord Oaks.
Evocare That's "cute and weak", Oaks...
Helios__OSI There will actually be more than 2 boss monsters in Dungeon Doom. A little something we like to refer to as "The Gauntlet" around here. If you like champion spawns, you'll love the gauntlet.
Evocare You heard it here first ladies and gents ;]
Lord‑Xanthor Please message only people with [QT] intheir names. All otehrs willbe ignored. Thank you =)
Lord‑Xanthor *Guest2* Will castles have any kind of addable teleporters since they can not be built on to or the looks changed ?
Vex Non-customizable house types will not have access to teleporters, sorry.
Lord‑Xanthor *Keri* What kind of creatues will we be able to use the animate dead spell on? Will it work on something as strong as a dragon or will there be some kind of cap? Also, how will animating a dead creature change its appearance?
OaksOSI You can animate most creatures, and they will create some form of existing undead based on the type. Elementals tend to create ghosts and banshees, orcs and trolls would make bone knights, and a really powerful dragon might just make a skeletal dragon.
OaksOSI The more fame the creature gives, and more spirit speak you have, the more powerful the animated undead.
Lord‑Xanthor GreyPawn* What is a "soulstone" and how does it work?
Evocare You do not yet comprehend the mysteries of soulstones. :P
Lord‑Xanthor Gdelddria will there be powerscrolls for the new skills?
Gromm Oh you don't want soulstones, brother! I passed one of those things once and sprained my religion!
Evocare yes
Lord‑Xanthor *Xanthio* Ilshenar and some of it's dungeons have great asthetics / atmosphere, but little to make them unique and interesting ... is there any chance that with or after AoS we might see Quests that utilize these areas, giving them some air of uniqueness?
Gromm The best part about any area that's currently lacking in content is that we can use it as a blank slate in the future to create new things
Gromm The quest system in the last scenario was massively popular and we're certainly going to look into using it again
Gromm So really any area that's sparse is a candidate to get something interesting placed there. :)
Lord‑Xanthor *Krump* question: We've talked alot about changes for pvp, crafters, and etc.. Does AOS have any 'changes' for Tamers, (hopefully for the better?)
OaksOSI There are no major revisions for tamers, although with the introduction of damage types you may find yourself using many pets that weren't as useful before.
OaksOSI I'd like to add that legacy pets will be fully converted to have all the resists, stats, and damage types.
Lord‑Xanthor *StoneDuck* In AoS will telekinesis as far as dungeon chest are concerned be a thing of the past? will pure rogues still have to compete with mages who have lockpicking?
Evocare Telekenesis isn't changing in AoS. However, if your pure rogue has stealing, they'll have quite a bit to do that mages can't do.
Lord‑Xanthor *Thomas* Will there be a method for bowyers to create magical bows or enhance them with elemental properties in AoS?
Hanse AoS only allows blacksmithed and tailoring craftables to be created with magical properties. We don't have special wood in the game...
Evocare However, now that we have more bows with AoS, it opens the door to more bowcraft enhancements for the future.
Lord‑Xanthor *Goo* How is mindblast going to work? Will it still punish unbalanced stats?
Evocare Mindblast will no longer punish unbalanced stats (you are clear to do what you want with your stats now). However it now deals damage based upon the casters Magery and Intelligence
Evocare (note that I didn't say Eval and Intelligence)
Evocare so it makes it a bit different in that respect from other spells
Evocare also
Evocare it is a cold damage spell, and it now has a delay before the damage is dealt similar to that of the explosion spell
Adrick‑OSI it will punish those who skimp their cold resist :)
Lord‑Xanthor *FrostMerchant[Pac]* Where are we going to be able to get the Spells and Books in game for Paladins, Necromancers, and Special Skills?
OaksOSI Necromancer spellbooks will be available from mage NPCs, Paladin books from paladin NPCs (surprise!), and the Special Moves book is built in (i.e., everyone has it).
OaksOSI Necromancer scrolls can only be found on monsters in the beginning. Happy hunting!
Evocare The books will become available once the AoS server code has been published to your shard.
Lord‑Xanthor *Nostradamus* Where are we going to be able to buy the new house placing tools?
Evocare Note that to use Necromancy or Paladin abilities, you will need an upgraded AoS account.
Vex You'll buy them from Architect NPCs. They'll sell those instead of deeds.
Lord‑Xanthor *LadyTygress* I have seen mention of a secure method to store your belongings while you customize your house. Will this box still be accessible while we are customizing our houses?
Vex Items are packed away in a moving crate to get them out of the way while you edit your house. However, while you are actually in customization mode, you can't have any impact in the game world. You are basically an invisible ghost that can't manifest, use skills, talk, interact with objects, etc.
Vex This means you can't access your items while customizing. Once you exit customization mode, your items will unpack automatically if you didn't commit a new design. If you actually changed your house design, you have to unpack manually.
Lord‑Xanthor *Paxicon[CF]* With the advent of UO:AoS can we expect some AI improvements? PvM as it is now is drudgery in extremes for many 'veteran players'.
Evocare many AoS monsters use special moves
Evocare also, I believe you'll find it more interesting to kill monsters efficiently due to the resistances in the combat system
Evocare you won't necessarily use the same tactics versus everything =]
Evocare also, the new champions use a variety of attacks to enhance their deadlyness
Evocare is that a word? ;]
Gromm Badassity, I think.
Evocare right
Lord‑Xanthor *Guildenstern* Will there be any Power Scrolls for Alchemy, as the pictures of the character, on the AoS site, with the "Legendary Alchemist" title would seem to indicate?
Hanse When we type a command "maxstats", it makes all our stats go up to maximum.
Hanse So, for those screenshots, since alchemy is at the beginning of the list, you saw a legendary alchemist... :)
Hanse But, we did not add alchemy powerscrolls to Age of Shadows...
Hanse We apologize for the confusion.
Hanse And we'll be logging to see who all types "maxstats" over the next few days... ;)
Evocare haha
Lord‑Xanthor *Riptyde* With clothing also bearing resistances, is it possible for a player crafted robe to yield better resistancces than the reward robes?
Evocare No, only the "normal" armor slots will have resistances (the only exceptions are the vet reward robe/cape, and as described earlier those don't have a high amount)
Evocare otherwise, most players would feel compelled to wear every piece of clothing at once
Evocare being a fashion-consious dev team, we wouldn't want our players to feel that way
Lord‑Xanthor *Jingo* Will we be able to use the Animal Lore skill to determine a creatures elemental resistances? or will it be trial and error learning a creatures weakness?
OaksOSI The Animal Lore skill has been updated to show both resistances and damage types. Additionally, the loyalty rating is now shown on the first page of the Animal Lore gump.
Lord‑Xanthor *ShyaDawn* Will marking runes and recalling to various places within Malas be permitted?
Adrick‑OSI yes
Adrick‑OSI recall and gate are also allowed across facets in AOS as well :)
Lord‑Xanthor *knifey* I read on the aos website that spirt speak will compliment necromancy. I was wondering how it will do it since most necro spells are summon spells. Will it increase the duration of the sumons and creature transforms and curses? or will it just increase the damage of the direct dmg spells the necro has.??
Evocare It's really very convenient...
OaksOSI Spirit Speak affects the different familiars you can summon, the strength of your animated dead, the duration and damage of your spells, and even the mana steal percentage you get in wraith form. There's probably a few others I missed, but it's definitely crucial to have Spirit Speak to get the most out of Necromancy.
Lord‑Xanthor *JAck[BoH]* In the event of a nuclear strike by Iraq, how well protected are the UO server computers? =P
Evocare Incredibly, word is the missiles are terribly inaccurate.
MrTact Which, given our luck, means they will hit our data centers directly
Helios__OSI I've got some spare faraday cages i can set the server boxes into. We should be good to go from the EMP at least...
Lord‑Xanthor I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight!
Lord‑Xanthor And thanks to all of the OSI folks for spending their personal time talking to us
Lord‑Xanthor Please join #ultima-online for continued, unmoderated chat
Lord‑Xanthor the log will be posted shortly at
Lord‑Xanthor THANKS
OaksOSI No, Thank YOU!
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