Hue 1150

Hue 1150

Hue # 1150
Color Code 0x047E
Official Name(s) Luna White
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name ice_hue_5

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye White
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno ToT1 (neon): Luna White
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1150.png UO-Item-9002-1150.png UO-Item-4011-1150.png UO-Item-3839-1150.png UO-Item-9003-1150.png UO-Item-7939-1150.png

Example items hued using hue 1150.

Items hued with hue 1150

UO-Item-16140-1150.png A Tree Of Life
UO-Item-19231-1150.png Barely Rescued Zodiac Rabbit 
UO-Item-41605-1150.png Lunar Lily
UO-Item-11600-1150.png The Sword Of The Spirit
UO-Item-3283-1150.png 1st Place - Christmas Deco Contest 
UO-Item-11557-1150.png 2010 Fireworks Celebration 
UO-Item-3290-1150.png 2nd Place - Christmas Deco Contest 
UO-Item-12121-1150.png A Curious Stone Artifact 
UO-Item-8792-1150.png A Detailed List Of Ingredients Used To Make Blue Corn 
UO-Item-4965-1150.png A Dragon Egg 
UO-Item-8457-1150.png A Ghoulish Good Time Was Had By All 
UO-Item-16142-1150.png A Miniature Coffin For The Boy's Festival 2015 
UO-Item-16147-1150.png A Miniature Swords For The Boy's Festival 2016 
UO-Item-3752-1150.png A Painting By Eliad Titled, The Woman In White 
UO-Item-13042-1150.png A Pillar Of Truth 
UO-Anim-25558-1150.png A Rescued Clone Of Dom The Cat; Secrets And Mysteries Glimmer In Its Hypnotic, Amber Eyes 
UO-Item-5399-1150.png A Shirt Embroidered With "We Created The Food." 
UO-Item-2601-1150.png A Silver Candleabrum 
UO-Item-8904-1150.png A Silver Moon, Once Corrupted, Now Purified Of Blackrock Infestation 
UO-Anim-3630-1150.png A Snowy Scene Of Argentrock Isle 
UO-Item-13821-1150.png A Statue Sculpted To Declare You Defender Of King Blackthorn And Savior Of Britannia 
UO-Item-6378-1150.png A Whispering Rose From Ashmedai 
UO-Anim-2844-1150.png A Window Light From The Christmas Yeti 
UO-Item-8401-1150.png Amazing Magical Rooster Zodiac Statue 
UO-Item-42027-1150.png An Arctic Fox Hat 
UO-Item-4030-1150.png Art Of Healing Replica Book 
UO-Item-19466-1150.png Balhae Breezy Winter Xmas Tree 
UO-Item-4081-1150.png Best Fisherman Story 
UO-Item-5119-1150.png Brave Knight Of The Britannia 
UO-Item-18406-1150.png Britannian Cockatrice's Egg 
UO-Item-6378-1150.png Capulet Bride's Attendant 
UO-Item-7939-1150.png Cave Dweller Fur Robe 
UO-Item-5201-1150.png Champion Death Knight 
UO-Item-5441-1150.png Champion Of Malas 
UO-Item-2430-1150.png Christmas Angel Food Cake 
UO-Item-4230-1150.png Clasp Of Wizardly Might 
UO-Item-5357-1150.png Contract To Kidnap Lady Charlotte Christianson 
UO-Item-12629-1150.png Crystal From An Unknown Machine 
UO-Item-41951-1150.png Cupids Wings Of Valor 
UO-Item-4231-1150.png Dragon Bone Earrings 
UO-Item-2599-1150.png Eternal Bonds Of Friend 
UO-Item-8456-1150.png Farmer Wyatt's Precious Goat You Helped Save One Night 
UO-Item-7785-1150.png Formosa Fishing Event 2nd Place 
UO-Anim-14943-1150.png Formosa Winter Reindeers 
UO-Item-8082-1150.png Frosted Mug Of Special Summer Root Beer Float 
UO-Anim-3630-1150.png Ghost Globe 
UO-Item-5441-1150.png Great Gate Race Competitor March 2010 
UO-Item-18100-1150.png Greeting From EM Chobi [Izumo], April 24th 2014 
UO-Item-5441-1150.png Greeting From EM Chobi [Izumo], April 24th 2014 
UO-Item-5442-1150.png Greetings From EM Takako - Balhae 2012 
UO-Item-5441-1150.png Greetings From EM Tashik 
UO-Item-5441-1150.png Greetins From EM Artemis! September 2018 
UO-Item-3702-1150.png Happy July Fourth! 
UO-Item-8741-1150.png Holy Light Power Crystal 
UO-Item-7933-1150.png I Died At The Deepest Darkest Dungeon Free For All And Only Got This Shirt 
UO-Item-7933-1150.png I Died In The Jhelom Pits And All I Got Was This Shirt. 
UO-Anim-7188-1150.png Icy Flame 
UO-Item-4102-1150.png Jar Of Seasoning Salt 
UO-Item-4082-1150.png Journal of The King 
UO-Item-5912-1150.png Justice Compass 
UO-Item-2597-1150.png Light Of Love 
UO-Item-40581-1150.png Love Trumps Hate 
UO-Item-5441-1150.png Lt. Of The Royal Guard. 
UO-Item-9756-1150.png Maiden's Heart, Heart And Soul 2009 
UO-Item-3974-1150.png Mandrake Root 
UO-Item-4234-1150.png Master of the Word and of my Heart 
UO-Item-8424-1150.png Melted Snow 
UO-Item-4161-1150.png Mesanna's Cream Pie 
UO-Item-4234-1150.png Master of the Word and of my Heart 
UO-Item-2594-1150.png Montague Groom's Attendant 
UO-Item-2538-1150.png Muffin 
UO-Item-5140-1150.png Plate Gloves of Honorable Samurai 
UO-Item-10109-1150.png Platemail Do of Honorable Samurai 
UO-Item-10112-1150.png Platemail Sode of Honorable Samurai 
UO-Item-10120-1150.png Platemail Suneate of Honorable Samurai 
UO-Item-5163-1150.png Pot Of Wax 
UO-Item-3722-1150.png Powerful Fireworks Staff 
UO-Item-8416-1150.png Projectile Orc 
UO-Item-3780-1150.png Royal Guard Survival Knife 
UO-Item-5441-1150.png Royal Investigator Senior {player name}: Badges (PRI)(AVR)(TPR)(ORS) 
UO-Item-5201-1150.png Second Death Knight 
UO-Item-8433-1150.png Shiro Iruka 
UO-Item-5904-1150.png Shoes crafted by EM Crysania
UO-Item-4653-1150.png Spoiled Milk 
UO-Item-4646-1150.png Statue Of Beatrix 
UO-Item-16155-1150.png Statue Of The Knights Of Silver Serpent 
UO-Item-8478-1150.png Stuffy Bear 
UO-Item-8406-1150.png Stuffy Dwagon 
UO-Item-8479-1150.png Stuffy Horse 
UO-Item-8441-1150.png Stuffy Mongbat 
UO-Item-7185-1150.png Termurs Medical Dictionary 
UO-Item-5903-1150.png Thank You for Saving Our Princess "Arirang" 
UO-Item-5903-1150.png Thank You for Saving Our Princess "Balhae" 
UO-Item-4483-1150.png The 2nd BEST Dog Trainer 
UO-Item-8792-1150.png The Legendary Power Scroll Of An Warriors 
UO-Item-2852-1150.png The Light Of Spirituality Of Skara Brae 
UO-Item-8788-1150.png The Recipe For Serpentwyne - By The Brotherhood Of The Rose 
UO-Item-4483-1150.png The Second BEST Dog Trainer [Balhae] 
UO-Item-3375-1150.png The Shattered Soul Of Tuan The Wanderer 
UO-Item-14943-1150.gif The Solstice Of The White Hart 
UO-Item-3937-1150.png The True Warrior Of Britannia 
UO-Item-7108-1150.png The True Warrior Of Britannia 
UO-Item-5903-1150.png The Winner Of The Bagball Worldcup Semifinals (Balhae) 
UO-Item-5201-1150.png Third Death Knight 
UO-Item-5441-1150.png Trainee Detective For Catskills 
UO-Item-10325-1150.png Valued Sword In Honor Of The Great Warrior Benny 
UO-Item-40356-1150.png Weretiger Trophy 
UO-Item-7945-1150.png Winter Silence 
UO-Item-8415-1150.png Yeti Statue