Hue 1175

Hue 1175

Hue # 1175
Color Code 0x0497
Official Name(s) Black
Unofficial Name(s) Darkness
Internal Name Darkness

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye Black
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1175.png UO-Item-9002-1175.png UO-Item-4011-1175.png UO-Item-3839-1175.png UO-Item-9003-1175.png UO-Item-7939-1175.png

Example items hued using hue 1175.

Items hued with hue 1175

UO-Item-19096-1175.png Bad Santa
UO-Item-7030-1175.png A Blackrock Shield 
UO-Item-7848-1175.png A Dark Clockwork Contraption 
UO-Item-7947-1175.png A Dark Orc Helm 
UO-Anim-7964-1175.png A Dark Power Crystal 
UO-Item-5138-1175.png A Helmet That Looks Suspiciously Like A Pot 
UO-Item-4968-1175.png A Large Piece Of Blackrock 
UO-Item-4969-1175.png A Large Piece Of Blackrock 
UO-Item-4971-1175.png A Large Piece Of Blackrock 
UO-Item-4972-1175.png A Large Piece Of Blackrock 
UO-Item-5441-1175.png A Military Sash Covered In Old Metals 
UO-Item-3874-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-3878-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-3879-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-3880-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-3881-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-3882-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-3883-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-3884-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-3888-1175.png A Piece of Blackrock 
UO-Item-18100-1175.png A Sash Sewn With The Kingsguard Insignia Signifying The Rank Of Private 
UO-Item-5441-1175.png A Sash Sewn With The Kingsguard Insignia Signifying The Rank Of Private 
UO-Anim-7964-1175.png A Shadow Key Fragment 
UO-Item-4811-1175.png An Obsidion Bust of Feyre 
UO-Item-8409-1175.png An-Kal-Lem 
UO-Item-10325-1175.png Arcadion's Black Sword 
UO-Item-3186-1175.png Black Dragon Acid Sac 
UO-Item-4313-1175.png Brood Queen Egg Case 
UO-Item-2537-1175.png Burned Cake 
UO-Item-5422-1175.png Bwahaha Britches 
UO-Item-5915-1175.png Captain Jack's Hat 
UO-Item-5915-1175.png Captain John's Hat 
UO-Item-5915-1175.png Dread Pirate Hat 
UO-Item-5441-1175.png Dungeon Master Champion 
UO-Item-3985-1175.png Essence Of Shadow 
UO-Item-18100-1175.png Greetings From EM Erebus, Legends 2016 
UO-Item-5441-1175.png Greetings From EM Erebus, Legends 2016 
UO-Item-3740-1175.png Halloween Favor 
UO-Item-8783-1175.png Head Of The Beast 
UO-Item-7939-1175.png I Was Killed Multiple Times By Professor Jenkins And Have The Death Robes To Prove It 
UO-Item-17030-1175.png In Memory Of All The Lost Rubble Of Magincia 
UO-Item-5915-1175.png Just Another Hat 
UO-Item-4184-1175.png Kahlers Divining Sextant 
UO-Item-5201-1175.png Life's Ruination 
UO-Item-4082-1175.png Lost Diary 
UO-Item-8969-1175.png Mantle Of Necromantic Ensorclement 
UO-Item-8449-1175.png Necropiglet 
UO-Item-5199-1175.png Nightmare Casino Staff 
UO-Item-7723-1175.png Oars From The Pirate Lifeboat 
UO-Item-11550-1175.png Orc Longbow 
UO-Item-7945-1175.png Ring Of Necromantic Ensorcelment 
UO-Item-7939-1175.png Robe Of The Mad Mage 
UO-Item-13040-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 13040 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-2321-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 2321 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-2322-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 2322 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3205-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3205 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3219-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3219 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3220-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3220 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3221-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3221 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3222-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3222 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3223-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3223 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3224-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3224 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3225-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3225 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3226-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3226 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3227-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3227 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3228-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3228 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3229-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3229 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3230-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3230 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3231-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3231 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3232-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3232 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3233-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3233 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3234-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3234 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3235-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3235 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3236-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3236 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3237-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3237 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3238-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3238 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3239-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3239 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3241-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3241 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3244-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3244 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3247-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3247 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3248-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3248 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3253-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3253 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3254-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3254 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3255-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3255 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3256-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3256 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3257-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3257 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3258-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3258 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3259-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3259 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3260-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3260 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3261-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3261 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3268-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3268 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3305-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3305 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3306-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3306 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3315-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3315 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3316-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3316 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3317-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3317 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3318-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3318 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3319-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3319 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3334-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3334 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3335-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3335 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3336-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3336 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3337-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3337 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3338-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3338 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3340-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3340 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3341-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3341 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3342-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3342 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3343-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3343 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3344-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3344 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3345-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3345 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3346-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3346 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3347-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3347 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3348-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3348 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3349-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3349 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3350-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3350 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3351-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3351 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3352-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3352 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3353-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3353 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3378-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3378 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3379-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3379 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3380-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3380 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3383-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3383 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3384-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3384 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3514-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3514 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3515-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 3515 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-4334-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 4334 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-4336-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 4336 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-4337-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 4337 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-4338-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 4338 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-4339-1175.png Rubble 
UO-Item-7041-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 7041 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-7678-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 7678 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-7679-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 7679 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-7680-1175.png Rubble (Graphic 7680 Hue 1175)‏‎ 
UO-Item-3920-1175.png Shadow Artillery 
UO-Item-3934-1175.png Shadowblade 
UO-Item-17079-1175.png Shield And Robe 
UO-Item-7026-1175.png Shield Stamped With The Mark Of The Shadowlords 
UO-Item-5398-1175.png Skirt crafted by EM Helios
UO-Item-5112-1175.png Staff Of Necromantic Ensorcelment 
UO-Item-5433-1175.png Standard Issue Mercenary Combat Pants 
UO-Item-7933-1175.png Standard Issue Mercenary Shirt 
UO-Item-4079-1175.png The Black Compendium 
UO-Item-9917-1175.png The Obsidian Staff 
UO-Item-3792-1175.png The Person Who Couldn't Help 
UO-Item-6161-1175.png Tim Vit De Anlor 
UO-Item-5140-1175.png Weld Scale Gloves