Hue 1281

Hue 1281

Hue # 1281
Color Code 0x0501
Official Name(s) Fire Blonde
Paragon Gold
Unofficial Name(s) Gold
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno ToT1 (neon): Paragon Gold
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1281.png UO-Item-9002-1281.png UO-Item-4011-1281.png UO-Item-3839-1281.png UO-Item-9003-1281.png UO-Item-7939-1281.png

Example items hued using hue 1281.

Items hued with hue 1281

UO-Item-39454-1281.png A Golden Troll Skull
UO-Item-8754-1281.png A Replica Of The Home Of The Sand Solen Queen
UO-Item-4014-1281.png Barrel Of Gorilla Fertiliser
UO-Item-9654-1281.png 1st Place Grand Tourney "Sir Keebler" 
UO-Item-8440-1281.png 1st Place, Death Knight Tourney, 2005 
UO-Item-2886-1281.png A Ceremonial Vase 
UO-Item-3644-1281.png A Damaged Crate Labeled 'Royal Delivery' 
UO-Item-5452-1281.png A Fearsome Savage Mask 
UO-Item-5201-1281.png A Gold Plated Skull 
UO-Item-5358-1281.png A Writ Of Lease 
UO-Item-4644-1281.png Best Dressed Female - {player name} 
UO-Item-2886-1281.png Best Dressed Guild - Knights Of Justice 
UO-Item-5020-1281.png Best Dressed Male - Cebo The Painter 
UO-Item-3791-1281.png Bones Of Guard Strider 
UO-Item-8707-1281.png Charlie Brown Triumphed At The Darkest Dungeon Free For All 
UO-Item-5643-1281.png Confetti's Magical Sweets 
UO-Item-4971-1281.png Cornerstone Of The First Knights Of The Crux Ansata Temple, It Is Covered In Archaic Symbols 
UO-Item-4225-1281.png Cut Leather 
UO-Item-8479-1281.png Donkey Gold 
UO-Item-2323-1281.png Dust Pile Of The Insane DKettling Greystone 
UO-Item-3998-1281.png Eira's Scissors 
UO-Item-8413-1281.png First Prize - Oceanian Cross Country 2006 
UO-Item-3761-1281.png Golden Christmas Harp 
UO-Item-4113-1281.png Golden Compass 
UO-Item-2509-1281.png Golden Fish 
UO-Item-4965-1281.png Golden Turkey Egg 
UO-Item-5397-1281.png Golmor's Cloak 
UO-Item-5441-1281.png I Was Not The Last Man Standing On Atlantic 2010 
UO-Item-6006-1281.png Imp ZiggyMers Precious Pet Rock 
UO-Item-5119-1281.png Katana of Light 
UO-Item-4963-1281.png Kiss My Blarney Stone! 
UO-Item-4963-1281.png Kiss My Blarney Stone! 
UO-Item-7146-1281.png Merssa Of The Legend's Gold 
UO-Item-8960-1281.png Model House 
UO-Item-5356-1281.png Ninjin And Peil, Glorious Relic Hunter, Oceania 2010 
UO-Item-16802-1281.png Official Origin Obstacle Course Jump Rope 
UO-Item-10150-1281.png Oni Ni Kanabo 
UO-Item-4097-1281.png Participant In The Death Knight Tourney 2005 
UO-Item-4646-1281.png Petra The Pixie Thanks You 
UO-Item-11756-1281.png Pyrite Throne Of The False King Of Falsehoods 
UO-Item-3763-1281.png Royal Britannian Bard 
UO-Item-4082-1281.png Royal Britannian Guard 
UO-Item-7722-1281.png Sewer Shovel Of Cleaning 
UO-Item-2503-1281.png Single Malt Whiskey 
UO-Item-8440-1281.png Statue of Majooka 
UO-Item-8451-1281.png The Golden Calf 
UO-Item-7819-1281.png The Haunted Rubber Chicken Of Bladderstick 
UO-Item-5148-1281.png The Hideous Golden Visage Of An Orcish Summoner 
UO-Item-18057-1281.png The Hissing Cat Of House Mirza 
UO-Item-3293-1281.png Tree Of Love 
UO-Item-2330-1281.png Vesper's Super Sweet Royal Beehive 
UO-Item-10145-1281.png Woolie's Vest Made By Mary 
UO-Item-8397-1281.png Worst Dressed - Dravecky 
UO-Item-8440-1281.png Wudugog's Phylactery 
UO-Item-39594-1281.png Yew’s Legendary Golden Wine