Hue 1910

Hue 1910

Hue # 1910
Color Code 0x0776
Official Name(s) Reflective Shadow
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments Reflective Shadow
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1910.png UO-Item-9002-1910.png UO-Item-4011-1910.png UO-Item-3839-1910.png UO-Item-9003-1910.png UO-Item-7939-1910.png

Example items hued using hue 1910.

Items hued with hue 1910

UO-Item-16382-1910.png A Baby Horse Covered In Ash
UO-Item-7819-1910.png A Flame Cooked Turkey
UO-Item-7723-1910.png A Pair Of Burnt Oars
UO-Item-10375-1910.png A Silver Embossed Painting From The Personal Collection Of The King
UO-Item-43087-1910.png A Small Chest Intricately Carved With Mysterious Runes Depicthing Evil
UO-Item-39574-1910.png An Ancient Power Source
UO-Item-4030-1910.png Book Of The Dead
UO-Item-6363-1910.png Captured Voices From The Underworld
UO-Item-8792-1910.png Coupon To Redeem At The Road Kill Grill
UO-Item-41436-1910.png Necromantic Fetish Fashioned From Desecrated Bones Of A Fallen Paladin During The Battle Of Trinsic
UO-Item-25561-1910.gif 'Pup' The Resting Feline 
UO-Item-11539-1910.png A Blackrock Effigy Of Zog The Enlightened 
UO-Anim-6209-1910.png A Blackrock Empowerment Potion 
UO-Anim-18065-1910.png A Burnt Jack O' Lantern 
UO-Item-5471-1910.png A DeRanger's Bow And Arrow Set 
UO-Item-8792-1910.png A Fragment Of The Armageddon Spell, Written In The Language Of The Wisps 
UO-Item-18058-1910.png A Large Piece Of Morion 
UO-Anim-13807-1910.png A Magical Holding Chamber 
UO-Item-11527-1910.png A Mystical Wardrobe That Connects Worlds, With The Carving: " In The Name Of The Father " 
UO-Item-40010-1910.png A Preserved Feather Of The Sacred Tur'ki Of H'iss 
UO-Item-17005-1910.png A Remnant Of The Cursed Philosophers Stone Of Horror And Nightmares 
UO-Item-10326-1910.png A Replica Of The Black Blade 
UO-Item-5120-1910.png A Replica Of The Vulcan's Madness Kryss 
UO-Item-6261-1910.png A Scrap Of Shroud From Blackthorn's Tomb 
UO-Item-6261-1910.png A Scrap Of Shroud From Blackthorns Tomb 
UO-Item-18094-1910.png A Sealed Prophecy Addressed To King Blackthorn 
UO-Item-3631-1910.png A Snowy Scene Of A Blackrock Dome 
UO-Item-5162-1910.png A Steaming Pot Of Mulligan Stew Stirred Faithfully By An Old Gypsy Woman 
UO-Item-7819-1910.png A Texidermied Weird Three Eyed Crow 
UO-Item-8793-1910.png A Tome Of Dark Incantations Solely For Causing Chaos And Destruction 
UO-Item-6363-1910.png A Vessel Filled With A Part Of Tuan's Soul 
UO-Item-8788-1910.png A Weathered Black Book Containing Hit Lists That Belonged To An Assassin Of The Hand Of Death 
UO-Item-12244-1910.png An Archaic Philosopher's Stone - Thousands Of Souls Swirl Inside 
UO-Item-8482-1910.png An Eclipsed Wolverine Conceived By The Sacred Bloodline Awakening 
UO-Item-6364-1910.png An Encapsulated Soul Saved From The Soulstealer 
UO-Item-4233-1910.png An Intriguing Piece Of Jewellery, Obviously Crafted From Blackrock 
UO-Item-13821-1910.png An Obsidian Statue Of Obsidian Celebrating Four Years On Baja March 2020 
UO-Item-17090-1910.png An Obsidian Statue Of Obsidian Celebrating Three Years On Baja March 2019 
UO-Item-19328-1910.png Ancient Ritual Rune 
UO-Item-3643-1910.png Ancient Spellbook 
UO-Anim-22300-1910.png Angry Essence Spirit Of Dawn, A Once Loved But Now Forgotten Queen 
UO-Item-17093-1910.png Balhae Mutant Succubus Sculpture 
UO-Item-9908-1910.png Blackened Gemstone 
UO-Item-7716-1910.png Bladderstick's Pop-Up Book Of Deadly Practical Jokes 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Agent 
UO-Item-12216-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Consultant 
UO-Item-7933-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Consultant 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Consultant 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Fixer 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Ghost 
UO-Item-12216-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Investigator 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Investigator 
UO-Item-12216-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Operative 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Operative 
UO-Item-12216-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Runner 
UO-Item-7933-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Runner 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Runner 
UO-Item-12216-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Scout 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Scout 
UO-Item-12216-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Snitch 
UO-Item-7933-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Snitch 
UO-Item-7939-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Snitch 
UO-Item-12216-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Watcher 
UO-Item-7933-1910.png Britannian Royal Spy - Watcher 
UO-Anim-17629-1910.png Clockwork Home Of An Excitable Caesium Demon 
UO-Anim-4314-1910.png Coalified mummy statue 
UO-Anim-6209-1910.png Concentrated Evil From Within The Crystal 
UO-Item-9865-1910.png Crown Of Corruption 
UO-Anim-3633-1910.png Dark Heart Dragonball Summon Altar 
UO-Item-4556-1910.png Decayed Flowers Taken From The Mad Gardener 
UO-Item-7825-1910.png Discarded Carcass Of A Brave Knight's Steed 
UO-Anim-41322-1910.png Dragon Tongue Lantern 
UO-Item-8114-1910.gif Echo Of The Ethereal Void 
UO-Anim-42153-1910.png Ethereal Transmutation Wand 
UO-Anim-8123-1910.png Felucca's Madness: Embrace The Fear 
UO-Item-12121-1910.png Flain's Black Badge 
UO-Item-2430-1910.png Formosa Snow Skin Durian Mooncakes 
UO-Item-11233-1910.png Gingerbread Cookie Baked By EM Faine (With Help From Ziggy) 
UO-Item-18659-1910.png Gothic Teddy Bear 
UO-Item-8757-1910.png Headmount Of Karli The Onyx Dragon 
UO-Item-41962-1910.png Helm Of Mischief Night 
UO-Anim-2581-1910.png I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Lake Superior 
UO-Anim-14943-1910.png I Ran Over Grandma 
UO-Item-7940-1910.png I Shouldn't Have Read That Book 
UO-Item-9039-1910.png Johnny Runners Indecipherable Tattered Pirate Treasure Map 
UO-Anim-2581-1910.png Lantern 
UO-Item-8476-1910.png Magincias Sheepdog Working Seriously [Plush Doll] 
UO-Item-19086-1910.png Mask Of Spirit Away 
UO-Item-4161-1910.png Mesanna's Gunpowder Pie 
UO-Anim-39894-1910.png Mesanna's Rose Of Death 
UO-Item-5162-1910.png Minion's Kettle 
UO-Item-5397-1910.png Mystical Cloak Of The Hermit Nicolaus Santee 
UO-Anim-39594-1910.png Oni Koroshi - Japanese Sake Rice Wine 
UO-Item-6363-1910.png Piece Of Soul 
UO-Item-19328-1910.png Ritual Rune 
UO-Item-3761-1910.png Silver Harp Stolen From Occlo 
UO-Item-17077-1910.png Skulls Covered With A Delicate Layer Of Blackrock Dust 
UO-Item-15099-1910.png Solidified Energy Source From The Void Golem 
UO-Item-3524-1910.png Spider Post 
UO-Item-11597-1910.png The Book Of Wonder 
UO-Item-16158-1910.png The Haunted Bed That Rocked The Boy To Sleep 
UO-Anim-40014-1910.png The Heart Of The Lich, Though Beyond Repair The Phylactery Still Pulses With Dark Powers 
UO-Item-13802-1910.png The Remote Power Of Darkness 
UO-Item-8449-1910.png Underworld Piggy 
UO-Anim-6209-1910.png Universe In A Bottle 
UO-Item-2594-1910.png Use This To Light The Way Beyond The Veil Between This Life And The Next