Hue 2076

Hue 2076

Hue # 2076
Color Code 0x081C
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) Blackrock
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-2076.png UO-Item-9002-2076.png UO-Item-4011-2076.png UO-Item-3839-2076.png UO-Item-9003-2076.png UO-Item-7939-2076.png

Example items hued using hue 2076.

Items hued with hue 2076

UO-Item-16382-2076.png A Perfect Replica Of A Wild Nightmare
UO-Item-39523-2076.gif Captured In A Spirit Box The Esence Of The Grand Dragon
UO-Item-19467-2076.png Fragrant Bouquet Of Rare Black Ter Mur Roses
UO-Item-43096-2076.gif The Feeble Candle Of Christmas
UO-Item-8449-2076.png A Blackrock-Candied Piggy Of DOOM! 
UO-Item-19550-2076.png A Copper Bell Used On Official Royal Naval Ships 
UO-Item-12263-2076.png A Crystal With An Evil Presence Trapped Within 
UO-Item-41070-2076.png A Cursed Effigy Inscribed With: Cal Xen Tol Rah De 
UO-Item-3744-2076.png A Dark Historical Masterpiece 
UO-Item-8751-2076.png A Douggie Shroom From The Kappa Kingdom 
UO-Item-39270-2076.png A Full Basket Of The Purest Blackrock Crystals 
UO-Item-4971-2076.png A Large Piece Of Blackrock 
UO-Item-2597-2076.png A Light To Keep The Shadows At Bay 
UO-Item-3792-2076.png A Pile Of Tangled Bones Collected From The Undead King 
UO-Item-9916-2076.png A Replica Of The Magician's Wand 
UO-Item-9935-2076.png A Replica of Kabur's Sword 
UO-Item-5452-2076.png a Reticulan Faceplate 
UO-Item-10298-2076.png A Summer Solstice Smoked Frog On A Stick 
UO-Item-8969-2076.png A Tattered Cloak Marked With A Corrupt Sigil Of The Blackrock Magi 
UO-Item-3748-2076.png A Vision Of The World Of Sosaria After The Zombie Apocalypse 
UO-Item-5912-2076.png A Wizards Hat Marked With A Corrupt Sigil Of The Blackrock Magi 
UO-Item-5070-2076.png A Worn Pair Of Demon Summoning Gloves, Washed In Virgin Blood And Dusted With Ash From Regular Use 
UO-Item-5123-2076.png A Zealan Spear Used In The Grimswind Raid 
UO-Item-9935-2076.png Ame No Murakumo No Tsurugi 
UO-Item-8787-2076.png An Ancient Book Of Necromancy; Voices Of Its Secrets Beckon To Even The Staunchest Of Mages 
UO-Item-13816-2076.png An Unknown Being From Another World Prophesizing The Future Of Mankind 
UO-Item-11753-2076.png Ancient Sarcophagus Containing The Vile Shade Essence Of Rodrick The Chaos Knight 
UO-Item-10950-2075.png Artifact From Xenve An-Amo-Lem 
UO-Item-41301-2076.png Black Pumpkin Once Infested With Spiders 
UO-Item-5899-2076.png Boots Marked With A Corrupt Sigil Of The Blackrock Magi 
UO-Item-16912-2076.png Broken Brightblade 
UO-Item-5485-2076.png Champion Of Chesapeake 
UO-Item-7185-2076.png Corrupted Book Of Truth 
UO-Item-8724-2076.png Crystals Of Igneous Rock 
UO-Item-19091-2076.png Daemon Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-4599-2076.png Dirty Bear Rug 
UO-Item-4030-2076.png Doom 101 Dummies Guidebook 
UO-Item-9630-2076.png Dread Mare Of Honesty. 
UO-Item-16142-2076.png EM Seppo's Ashes 
UO-Item-5021-2076.png Ecks Vault Et Vels 
UO-Item-19089-2076.png Evil Clown Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-19366-2076.png Evil Jester Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-10265-2076.png Fairytale Wishing Table 
UO-Item-41781-2076.png Flesh-Eating Insect 
UO-Item-11632-2076.png Framed Pattern Of A Cockatrice Armor Stolen From Blackthorn Castle Workshop 
UO-Item-19228-2076.png Honey I Save The Dragon From The Unknown 
UO-Item-4971-2076.png Hordezilla Egg 
UO-Anim-2581-2076.png I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Drachenfels 
UO-Item-2597-2076.png I Could Not See To Escape From Mesanna Playing Roulette 
UO-Item-16167-2076.png I Lost My Head Playing Mesanna Roulette 
UO-Item-8689-2076.png Make Our Hearts One 
UO-Item-8455-2076.png Mesanna's Little Minion 
UO-Item-8398-2076.png Mesanna's Minion 
UO-Item-8455-2076.png Mesanna's Minion 
UO-Item-8455-2076.png Mesanna's Minion - Yamato 
UO-Anim-18065-2076.png Mesanna's Jack O' Lantern 
UO-Item-18656-2076.png Mesanna's St. Valentine Bear 
UO-Item-16442-2076.png Mirror Of Floating Darkness 
UO-Item-16142-2076.png {no displayed name} 
UO-Item-5360-2076.png Pentagram Deed 
UO-Item-8445-2076.png Pet Nightmare Shaper 
UO-Item-3839-2076.png Pigment of Tokuno 
UO-Item-19086-2076.png Plague Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-19368-2076.png Porcelain Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-10145-2076.png Puppy Vest - Infused With Immeasurable Power: Bonded By The Life Force Of Alchemist Nimrad 
UO-Item-4964-2076.png Remains Of The Blackrock King 
UO-Item-16142-2076.png Remains Of The Burning Knight Of The Ancient Order Called The Knights Of The Ankh 
UO-Item-6261-2076.png Rift Through Ethereal Void Caused By Void Golem Self-Destruct 
UO-Item-5369-2076.png The Anchor From The Crown Jewel 
UO-Item-42852-2076.png The Corrupted Heraldic Diamond Of Old Magincia 
UO-Item-3920-2076.png The Murdrum - Abraham The Twins' Wicked Crossbow 
UO-Item-5162-2076.png The Remains Of A Potion Used To Clone A Powerful Mage 
UO-Item-7940-2076.png The Torn And Tattered Hide Skinned Off The Corpse Of An Ancient Lycanthrope 
UO-Item-4029-2076.png Tome Of Necromantic Ensorcelment (engraving any text)
UO-Item-4029-2076.png Tome Of Necromantic Ensorcelment 
UO-Item-9686-2076.png Weather Machine Crystal 
UO-Item-16142-2076.png {no displayed name}