Hue 2500

Hue 2500

Hue # 2500
Color Code 0x09C4
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-2500.png UO-Item-9002-2500.png UO-Item-4011-2500.png UO-Item-3839-2500.png UO-Item-9003-2500.png UO-Item-7939-2500.png

Example items hued using hue 2500.

Items hued with hue 2500

UO-Item-39594-2500.png 25th Anniversary Dunken Singing Competition Winner
UO-Item-4007-2500.png 25th Anniversary Ludo 1st Place Winner
UO-Item-7187-2500.png 25th Anniversary Storytelling Contest Champion
UO-Item-7412-2500.png A Blacksmith's Melted Tools
UO-Item-40953-2500.png A Chest Recovered From The Kings Royal Ship
UO-Item-15751-2500.png A Salvaged Tin Soldier
UO-Item-41061-2500.png A Silver Chalice To Commemorate The First 25 Years Of Sosaria
UO-Item-40009-2500.gif Blizzard Winter Weather Machine
UO-Item-40245-2500.png Mini Portable Speakeasy
UO-Item-7780-2500.png The Orc Brute Leader Trophy 
UO-Item-4234-2500.png The Seal of Ashmedai 
UO-Item-40738-2500.png A Bloodlust Corpse Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane: Ashmedai 
UO-Item-17093-2500.png A Bloodlust Idol Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane: Ashmedai 
UO-Item-3626-2500.png A Bottle Of Serpentwyne - Brewed By The Brotherhood Of The Rose [Nearly Empty] 
UO-Item-7400-2500.png A Corpse Of A Man Killed By His Purity 
UO-Item-8455-2500.png A Cursed Hoodoo Doll 
UO-Item-39454-2500.png A Decapitated Head Of Xaphan The Lord Of Falsehood 
ImageNotAvailable.png A Dissected Giant's Brain 
UO-Item-3116-2500.png A Faded Family Portrait Of Bernard The Merchant Recovered From Shipwreck 
UO-Item-2594-2500.png A Frost Covered Lantern Confiscated From Willem Runner's Holiday Run 
UO-Item-11736-2500.png A Glowing Birdbath Engraved With A Golden Turkey And Other Winged Creatures 
UO-Item-9667-2500.png A Hatchling From A Giant Spider 
UO-Item-7787-2500.png A Human Trophy 
UO-Item-43089-2500.png A Mysterious Trapped Chest 
UO-Item-3746-2500.png A Painting Commissioned To Celebrate The Inauguration Of Britannia's First Lord Protector 
UO-Item-3784-2500.png A Painting With A Human Skin Canvas 
UO-Item-39462-2500.png A Primordial Bear Awoken From A Deep Slumber 
UO-Item-8476-2500.png A Puppy Rescued From A Werewolves Den 
UO-Item-9233-2500.png A Sketch By Michael Of Moonglow 
UO-Item-16919-2500.png A Toy Cannon Recovered From The Ghost Of Holiday Present 
UO-Item-2637-2500.png A Weathered Armoire 
UO-Item-3748-2500.png An Eerie Haunted Life Like Image Of Tuan The Insane 
UO-Anim-6161-2500.png An Hourglass Of Time 
UO-Item-8483-2500.png An Old, Worn Mouse Toy Lost By Dom The Cat But Recovered In His Quest To Save Christmas 
UO-Item-15750-2500.png Ancient Heirloom Of An Extinct Magincian Noble Family 
UO-Item-11677-2500.png Ancient Temple Spellbook 
UO-Item-7609-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-16915-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-1028-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-1030-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-1032-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-1034-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-5062-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-5063-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-5067-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-16912-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-5061-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-5068-2500.png Armor Of Initiation 
UO-Item-40384-2500.png Attractive Cow Bells With A Floral Garland 
UO-Item-3203-2500.png Bloodlust Foliage Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane: Ashmedai 
UO-Item-16162-2500.png Bookcase Containing Journals And Written Documents Of The Blue Corn Distributors 
UO-Item-9078-2500.png Cactus With The Frost 
UO-Item-16158-2500.png Cat Bed 
UO-Item-3632-2500.png Closed Eye Of Concealment - Quas An Lor 
UO-Item-2479-2500.png Crumbs From The Kings Regal Roast 
UO-Item-13805-2500.png Cursed Blackrock Artifact Of A Murderous Decree 
UO-Item-19091-2500.png Daemon Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-9604-2500.png Daemonic Crisis Vanquisher 
UO-Item-4084-2500.png Escaping Yew Prison for Dimwits 
UO-Item-19089-2500.png Evil Clown Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-19366-2500.png Evil Jester Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-2472-2500.png Fuddy Wuddys Priceless Spirit 
UO-Item-41541-2500.png Gate to the Eclipse 
UO-Item-5441-2500.png Greeting From EM Orix - Pacific 2013 
UO-Item-MalachiPainting.png Group Portrait Of Everyone At Malachi And Elizabella's 500th Adventure 
UO-Item-1065-2500.png Gruesome Standard Of The Pale Orc Warband, Carved Into It Are The Words "Glory To Da Bludgod!" 
UO-Item-2599-2500.png Holy Starlight (Sakura 2010) 
UO-Anim-6161-2500.png I Won The Ludo Game At Origin's Summer Solstice BBQ 
UO-Item-7715-2500.png JJ's Missing Music Piece 
UO-Item-16149-2500.png Kitty Chamber Of Claws 
UO-Item-10311-2500.png Ma-Gol 
UO-Item-16453-2500.png Magic Mirror 
UO-Item-16160-2500.png Mirror Of Humility 
UO-Item-16442-2500.png Mirror With The Image Of Moonglow 
UO-Item-7782-2500.png Mounted Bust Of The Putrid Daemon Wexvvedicl The White 
UO-Item-5376-2500.png Nautilus - To Hoopie For Guessing The Theme Of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 
UO-Item-4082-2500.png Observations of BR 
UO-Item-7947-2500.png Orc Shadow Knight Helm 
UO-Item-7187-2500.png Personal Journal Of Adamu Edom Wellings, An Ouroboros Is Embossed On It's Cover 
UO-Item-4968-2500.png Pet Rock 
UO-Item-19086-2500.png Plague Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-19368-2500.png Porcelain Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-16156-2500.png Replica Of The Stark, Unembellished Armor Of The Pallid Knight, One Of The Six Knights Of Mondain 
UO-Item-7867-2500.png Ricardo Worn Lockpicking Box 
UO-Item-11633-2500.png Rubbing Of Prophecy Stone 
UO-Item-2713-2500.png Samhayne's Crooked Key Drop Spot 
UO-Item-8400-2500.png Sculpture Of Roland The Rat 
UO-Item-4706-2500.png Shackles That Citizens Of Britannia Hostage 
UO-Item-13820-2500.png Statue Of Batlin, Leader Of The Fellowship And Hero Of Britannia 
UO-Item-42148-2500.gif Tatsu's Nyoihoju 
UO-Item-41762-2500.png Thanks For Playing The Summer Soltice Boat Race 
UO-Item-7185-2500.png The Diary Of A Great And Powerful Wizard 
UO-Item-16439-2500.png The Great Battle Of Park Fortress Victory Banner 
UO-Item-7435-2500.png The Infinity Bone, Relic Of The Dog God Stolen By Dom The Cat On A Transdimensional Quest 
UO-Item-2278-2500.png The Remains Of A Snowman I Tried To Build 
UO-Item-15793-2500.png The Remains Of Walpurgis Night -2017 
UO-Anim-3630-2500.png The Seers Eye 
UO-Item-6238-2500.png The Snake's Alchemy Apparatus 
UO-Item-3320-2500.png The Spirit Tree 
UO-Item-10152-2500.png The Training Bokuto Of Battousai [Replica] 
UO-Item-4082-2500.png This Olde Ship 
UO-Item-10840-2500.png Throne Of Darkness 
UO-Item-2280-2500.png Unrefined Vein Of Pure Silver Ore 
UO-Anim-6228-2500.png We, The Forgotten 
UO-Item-19533-2500.png Winter Night Dragon Lamp