Hue 2707

Hue 2707

Hue # 2707
Color Code 0x0A93
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) Barnacle Red
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-2707.png UO-Item-9002-2707.png UO-Item-4011-2707.png UO-Item-3839-2707.png UO-Item-9003-2707.png UO-Item-7939-2707.png

Example items hued using hue 2707.

Items hued with hue 2707

UO-Item-19341-2707.png Pirate Banner Bloodied By Battle
UO-Item-19089-2707.png The Spirit Advisor To the Great Architect
UO-Item-39342-2707.png A Bloody Painting Of The Lich Twins 
UO-Item-5397-2707.png A Cloak Of Shredded Human Flesh 
UO-Item-16144-2707.png A Fountain Of Blood From Lake Superior Players 
UO-Item-3769-2707.png A Ledger Detailing Items Smuggled By The Nujel'm Underground Crime Syndicate 
UO-Item-11234-2707.png A Murderously Evil Burned Gingerbread Cookie 
UO-Anim-13807-2707.png A Powerful Beacon Used By The VonDont Family To Generate Evil 
UO-Item-4234-2707.png A Ring Of Polished Blackrock Humming With The Trembling Fury Of The Four Titans Of Pagan 
UO-Item-39960-2707.png A Rusted And Broken Safe 
UO-Item-10875-2707.png A Rusted Mirror Recovered From The Demonic Temple 
UO-Item-41179-2707.png A Smoldering Infernal Handbasket 
UO-Anim-2581-2707.png A Smugglers Lantern Taken From The Wreck Of The Bowen 
UO-Anim-6206-2707.png A Strange Flask Swirling With Dark Power (Caution: It Looks Volatile) 
UO-Item-4232-2707.png A Tarnished Necklace Bearing A Medalion Engraved With The Letters T,U, And W 
UO-Item-8454-2707.png A Vicious Child Of The Living Dead 
UO-Item-43311-2707.png A Worn And Tattered Beginners Book Of Incantations And Spells 
UO-Item-2712-2707.png A Worn Bookcase Containing The Lost Histories Of The Crimson Dagger 
UO-Anim-6161-2707.png Anumi Mazetti's Hourglass - The Nujel'm Sand Crackles Like Embers As It Falls 
UO-Item-18323-2707.png Beautiful Wilted Flowers From The Graves of The Unforgotten Death 
UO-Item-15751-2707.png Blood Infused Armor Of The Heretic 
UO-Item-11538-2707.png Blood Spawn Antiquity From The Second Cataclysm 
UO-Item-10897-2707.png Blood-Drenched Throne Of The King Under The Hill 
UO-Item-16439-2707.png Bloody Jolly Roger From Hook's Crown Jewel 
UO-Item-19268-2707.png Calling Card Of The Pirate Lord 
UO-Item-8792-2707.png Contracted Orders To Poison The Food Supply At The Keg And Anchor Tavern 
UO-Item-5141-2707.png Corroded Armour Plating 
UO-Anim-4314-2707.png Cultist Of Rythela Cacooned Alive In Spider Silk 
UO-Item-8783-2707.png Daemon Of The Dark Unknown, Digested By AtoGau 
UO-Item-6467-2707.png Drinks To Celebrate The Opening Of The Museum Of Mystery 
UO-Item-8457-2707.png Echo Of A Soul Once Possessed And Imprisoned But Now Freed 
UO-Item-19088-2707.png Evil Clown From The Haunted Circus 
UO-Item-8752-2707.png Fading Bloodcap Mushroom 
UO-Item-5100-2707.png Iron Worker's Ringmail Tunic 
UO-Item-9403-2707.png Lantern Of Souls Replica - Origin Halloween 2012 
UO-Item-4349-2707.png Mask Of The Agent Provacateur 
UO-Item-6091-2707.png Missing Piece Of Blood Drenched Map 
UO-Item-41444-2707.png My Contract With Nicholas Scratch 
UO-Item-39454-2707.png Orcish Idol Of The Bonecrusher Clan 
UO-Item-6089-2707.png Part Of A Map Drenched In Blood 
UO-Item-3656-2707.png Pickled Eyeballs 
UO-Item-6928-2707.png Plague Infested Bones Of A Paws Victim 
UO-Item-11655-2707.png Recovered From A Slime [Blackrock Infected] 
UO-Item-16572-2707.png Shattered Statue Of A Goddess From Beyond The Stars 
UO-Item-13805-2707.png The Blood Drenched Throne Of The Demon Queen 
UO-Item-19341-2707.png The Bloodied Pirate Flag Taken From The Captains Cold Dead Hands 
UO-Item-4313-2707.png The Demonic Hairball Of Dom The Cat Pulsing With Dark Magic And The Scent Of Catnip 
UO-Anim-39529-2707.png The Eternal Flame Of Sosaria 
UO-Item-3800-2707.png The Grave Of A Primeval Lich 
UO-Item-17087-2707.png The Lich Umbria's Midnight Grimoire 
UO-Item-43096-2707.gif The Sand Witches Summoning Candle 
UO-Item-10119-2707.png The Velutinous Appendages Of An Okami Oni 
UO-Item-5068-2707.png The Velutinous Breast Of An Okami Oni 
UO-Item-10110-2707.png The Velutinous Limbs Of An Okami Oni 
UO-Item-3740-2707.png The War Drum Of Clan Hussh