Hue 2721

Hue 2721

Hue # 2721
Color Code 0x0AA1
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-2721.png UO-Item-9002-2721.png UO-Item-4011-2721.png UO-Item-3839-2721.png UO-Item-9003-2721.png UO-Item-7939-2721.png

Example items hued using hue 2721.

Items hued with hue 2721

UO-Item-4644-2721.png 25th Anniversary Dancing Contest Winner
UO-Item-41260-2721.png A Celestial Glimpse Into The Smiling Stars Of The Future
UO-Item-8104-2721.gif A Corrosive Golden Wave Of The Prodigal Son
UO-Item-40014-2721.png A Glowing Slice Of Pumpkin Pizza With Runny Cheese
UO-Item-4963-2721.png A Large Meteorite Fragment
UO-Item-16507-2721.png An Ancient Crown Worn By Pharoah Akhran
UO-Item-42847-2721.png Book Of Lore 
UO-Item-13807-2721.gif Broken Eye Of Providence
UO-Item-42870-2721.png Decorated Golden Grand Harp Playing Britain's Beautiful Love 
UO-Item-42531-2721.png Halloween Spooky Ghost Figures (Hue 2721 Arirang)
UO-Item-42161-2721.png Rare Golden Songbird
UO-Item-7187-2721.png Salted Egg Yolk Mooncake Recipe Book
UO-Item-25582-2721.gif Sleeping Loyal Doggo Osoogae
UO-Item-40952-2721.png Small Exquisitely Crafted Chest Of Pure Gold 
UO-Item-43089-2721.png Tamate-Bako The Mysterious Treasure Casket 
UO-Item-42636-2721.png Tapestry Of Dragon Slayer 
UO-Item-8099-2721.gif The Golden Wave Of New Magincia
UO-Item-10840-2721.png The Lost And Corrosive Throne Of The Golden Man
UO-Item-7780-2721.png The Orc Brute Leader Trophy
UO-Item-4968-2721.png The Stained Granite Of SunShine
UO-Item-9241-2721.png *Treasure From The Makoto Heist* 
UO-Item-15097-2721.png A Abnormal Brain Of The Attack Titan 
UO-Item-8319-2721.png A Beautiful Music Stand Given To Excellent Musicians In Britain 
UO-Anim-17607-2721.png A Gemmed Chalice Containing The Dark Blood Of Mericles The Vampire Lord - Halloween 2015 
UO-Item-15285-2721.png A Golden Ankh Of The Virtues 
UO-Item-3383-2721.png A Golden Palm Cut By The Crew Of The Craven Heart 
UO-Item-8449-2721.png A Golden Piggy Raised By The Golden Man And Donated To King Blackthorn 
UO-Item-40002-2721.png A Golden Plaque Of Solvaria Rayne 
UO-Item-10310-2721.png A Happy Carp For Boy's Festival 2016 
UO-Item-4966-2721.png A Large Chunk Of Cheese Taken From The Ratman Queen 
UO-Item-2278-2721.png A Large Deposit Of Gold 
UO-Item-4154-2721.png A Leperchaun's Bag Of Gold Dust 
UO-Item-3782-2721.png A Long Time Lost Relic From Lord British Castle 
UO-Item-2594-2721.png A Luxury And Magical Lantern Holding The Residual Reason Of The Mad King 
UO-Item-39877-2721.png A Magic Sun Dial That Marks The Golden Hours Of Our Lives 
UO-Item-13040-2721.png A Massive Block Of Pure Gold 
UO-Item-3649-2721.png A Metal Chest Recovered From Vault Of Secrets (Replica) 
UO-Item-16454-2721.png A Nezuko Magic Projector Mirror 
UO-Item-3752-2721.png A Portrait Of Olivia 
UO-Item-2323-2721.png A Puddle From Shadow The Groundhogs Melted Home 
UO-Item-16147-2721.png A Replica Of The Trophy Presented To King Blackthorn At His Coronation Ceremony 
UO-Item-9035-2721.png A Rose Of Compassion From The City Of Britain 
UO-Anim-40014-2721.png A Smoldering Pile Of An Evil Rock Elemental 
UO-Item-39880-2721.png A Solid Gold Plate Taken From The Crypt Of An Ancient Feluccan King 
UO-Item-5020-2721.png A Statue Of A Man Going Valiantly Forth 
UO-Item-17753-2721.png A Stone Slab Bearing Unknown Characters 
UO-Item-8708-2721.png A Sunny, Smiling Skull Pole From The Sun Dragon 
UO-Item-12289-2721.png A Totem Recovered From The Unknown Shard Of Sosaria 
UO-Item-17074-2721.png A Vase Containing The Most Beautiful Musical Ingredients 
UO-Item-2597-2721.png An Ancient And Forgotten Lantern Containing The Essence Of True Evil 
UO-Item-8786-2721.png An Antique Book Containing The Lost And Greedy Lyrics Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-19708-2721.png An Easter Bunny, Imprisoned In An Easter Egg 
UO-Item-15119-2721.png An Effigy Of King Blackthorn Sculpted By Europa's Rebellion 
UO-Item-4268-2721.png An Euphuistic Gilded Cloakroom Hanger 
UO-Item-5018-2721.png An Imitation Gold Statue 
UO-Item-12244-2721.png Ancient Crystaline Computer Wrested From The Mangled Corpse Of An Artificial Intelligence 
UO-Item-15119-2721.png Ancient Golden Idol Worshipped By Bandits 
UO-Item-12289-2721.png Ancient Titan Temple Totem 
UO-Item-8401-2721.png Balhae Happy Seollal New Year ! 
UO-Item-9035-2721.png Balhae Proposal Valentine Rose 2020 
UO-Item-2852-2721.png Balhae Takako Finale 7th Anniversary Event Lamppost Of Glory 
UO-Item-19466-2721.png Balhae Xmas Holiday Tree 2017 
UO-Item-8437-2721.png Balhae's Holiday Gorilla 
UO-Item-5995-2721.png Beatrice's Magical Key Ring 
UO-Item-3649-2721.png Benambra's Treasure Chest 
UO-Item-4029-2721.png Benambras Diary 
UO-Item-5153-2721.png Call Of The Fowl 
UO-Item-6787-2721.png Cartload Of Heirlooms And Treasures Plundered From The Vault Of An Ancient Sosarian Family 
UO-Item-13805-2721.png Chair Melted By Lava Found At The Source Of A Hot Spring 
UO-Item-15119-2721.png Dartboard (south) 
UO-Item-5359-2721.png Dartboard (south) 
UO-Item-9225-2721.png Dog Days Of Summer Fan 
UO-Item-7960-2721.png Elongated Skull Of A Glorious Incarnation, Stranger To Sosaria 
UO-Item-18091-2721.png Europa's Grateful Dead "EM Kimmie& EM Mephisto"2016 
UO-Item-5441-2721.png Europa's Grateful Dead "EM Kimmie& EM Mephisto"2016 
UO-Anim-25558-2721.png Fear Me! For I Am Puss In Shoes! 
UO-Item-8449-2721.png Formosa Chinese New Year Fortune Pig 
UO-Item-42476-2721.png Giant Toads Living In Britain's Sewers 
UO-Item-42630-2721.png Gift To Katrina From The Sultan Of Nujel'm 
UO-Item-5441-2721.png Gladiatorial Victor Of The Famed Champion Spawn Hunt 
UO-Item-7572-2721.png Gold Flecked Graffiti Spelling Out The Words: "Humanity First!" 
UO-Item-4002-2721.png Gold Plated Playing Cards 
UO-Item-3574-2721.png Golden Fleece 
UO-Item-8477-2721.png Golden Mechanical Songbird 
UO-Item-19467-2721.png Golden Shimmering Sun-Dried Roses Of A Lost Love 
UO-Item-5369-2721.png Anchor Recovered From the Shipwreck of the Golden Squid 
UO-Item-3251-2721.png Golden Turkey Feather 
UO-Item-3711-2721.png I Helped Defeat Ravagers Of The Autumn Harvest 
UO-Item-19382-2721.png I Rolled The Dice And Won Playing Lets Make A Deal On Europa 
UO-Item-3998-2721.png Intricate And Antique Tailoring Shears Of An Ancient Style Commonplace During The Founding Of Trinsic 
UO-Item-16918-2721.png Johnny Runners Solid Gold Cannon: Filled With Twenty Years Of Treasure 
UO-Item-7866-2721.png Julia's Magical Goldsmith Tools 
UO-Item-7867-2721.png Julia's Magical Goldsmith Tools 
UO-Item-16650-2721.png Key To The City Of Trinsic 
UO-Item-2450-2721.png King Blackthorn * 4th Anniversary Coronation 
UO-Item-8476-2721.png Korean New Year Prosperity Dog 
UO-Item-8442-2721.png Lava Tree Found At The Source Of A Hot Spring 
UO-Item-2541-2721.png Luckys Pot O Gold 
UO-Item-18056-2721.png Maloria's Lucky Cat 
UO-Item-8463-2721.png Miners Best Partner 
UO-Item-19709-2721.gif Music Box Created From A Counterfeit Curiously Adorned Egg 
UO-Item-6261-2721.png Mystical Wings Of The Erinyes 
UO-Item-8792-2721.png Ogok's Special Golden Fleece Chicken Soup Recipe 
UO-Item-8400-2721.png Pikashrew Stuffy 
UO-Item-11596-2721.png Podium 
UO-Item-8400-2721.png Prosperity Chinese New Year Rat Statue 
UO-Item-8483-2721.png Prosperity Lunar New Year Rat Statue 
UO-Item-7867-2721.png Ricardo Worn Lockpicking Box 
UO-Item-16155-2721.png Robot Of An Unpublished Work Of Artisan Which Came From Outer Space 
UO-Item-5914-2721.png Royal Ceremonial Battle Bowler Hat Issued To Captain {player name} 
UO-Item-5914-2721.png Royal Ceremonial Battle Bowler Hat Issued To Colonel {player name} 
UO-Item-5914-2721.png Royal Ceremonial Battle Bowler Hat Issued To Corporal {player name} 
UO-Item-5914-2721.png Royal Ceremonial Battle Bowler Hat Issued To Major {player name} 
UO-Item-5914-2721.png Royal Ceremonial Battle Bowler Hat Issued To Private {player name} 
UO-Item-5914-2721.png Royal Ceremonial Battle Bowler Hat Issued To Sergeant {player name} 
UO-Item-39333-2721.png Rubber Ducky, You Make Bath Time Fun! 
UO-Item-10137-2721.png Sea Silk Supertunica Woven By A Mermaid 
UO-Item-4706-2721.png Shackles From King Blackthorn's Dungeon 
UO-Item-40238-2721.png Skara Brae's Brave Archer Ranger 
UO-Item-40244-2721.png Smuggler's Wagon 
UO-Item-8741-2721.png Solid Gold 
UO-Item-4646-2721.png Statue Of Beatrix 
UO-Item-8478-2721.png Sunshine Bear Figures 
UO-Item-2540-2721.png Sweet Honey 
UO-Item-17097-2721.png Symbol Of Peace 
UO-Anim-2581-2721.png Testimony Of Minoc's Blacksmith Spirit 
UO-Item-18057-2721.png Thank You Sakura - The 5th Anniversary Maneki-Neko From EM Nekomata 
UO-Item-5198-2721.png The Corrosive And Magic Bone Arms Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-5200-2721.png The Corrosive And Magic Bone Gloves Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-5201-2721.png The Corrosive And Magic Bone Helmet Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-5202-2721.png The Corrosive And Magic Bone Leggings Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-5199-2721.png The Corrosive And Magic Bone Tunic Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-5901-2721.png The Corrosive And Magic Sandals Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-5398-2721.png The Corrosive And Magic Skirt Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-12287-2721.png The Cursed And Burnt Vows Between The Mad King And The Witch Rowena 
UO-Item-2597-2721.png The Cursed Lantern Of The Golden Man That Contains The Essence Of Greed 
UO-Item-4007-2721.png The Demon's Dice And Cup 
UO-Item-3648-2721.png The Gold Treasure Of Captain Hook 
UO-Item-3649-2721.png The Gold Treasure Of Captain Hook 
UO-Item-2861-2721.png The Golden And Greedy Bench With An Old Engraving: "You Are Benched " 
UO-Item-40722-2721.png The Golden Goose 
UO-Item-16382-2721.png The Golden Horse Of Greed 
UO-Item-2868-2721.png The Good Carpenter's Table 
UO-Item-2461-2721.png The Great Jacky Deni Honey Whiskey 
UO-Item-5403-2721.png The Heedless Knight Who Fell Into A Pool Of Melted Gold 
UO-Item-10145-2721.png The Holy Jin-Baori Of Greed, For Those Who Worship The Golden Man 
UO-Item-11572-2721.png The Legendary Axe Of AXECALIBUR [Replica] 
UO-Item-19229-2721.png The Legendary Twins Golden Dragon Zodiac 
UO-Anim-2581-2721.png The Light Of Wakoku 18th Anniversary 
UO-Item-5397-2721.png The Lost Cloak Of The Golden Man: "May Its Shining Light Lead Your Way" 
UO-Item-12266-2721.png The Magical Time Machine Control Panel 
UO-Item-7826-2721.png The Moon Rabbit 
UO-Item-8757-2721.png The Mounted Head Of Khaleesi, Mother Of Dragons 
UO-Item-12121-2721.png The Poisonous And Greedy Tabernacle Of The Golden Man 
UO-Item-15793-2721.png The Remains Of Walpurgis Night -2017 
UO-Item-10324-2721.png The Reverse-Blade Sword Of The Hitokiri Battosai Manslayer [Replica] 
UO-Item-8779-2721.png The Tree Of Life 
UO-Item-41056-2721.png Trammel Moon 
UO-Item-3700-2721.png Tsukimidango 
UO-Item-18406-2721.png Urn Containing The Ashes Of SM Wolf Ironseeker 
UO-Anim-14240-2721.png Volatile Animated Weapon Replica 
UO-Item-5162-2721.png Warning Label: Do Not Ignite - EXPLOSIVE!! 
UO-Item-5901-2721.png With Love... From The Easter Bunny. Europa - 2009 
UO-Item-8427-2721.png Wooly Sheep 
UO-Item-42903-2721.gif Vestige Of Sealing Spell Conjured Up By Uzeraan The Conjurer