Hue 2753

Hue 2753

Hue # 2753
Color Code 0x0AC1
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-2753-1.png UO-Item-9002-2753-1.png UO-Item-4011-2753-1.png UO-Item-3839-2753-1.png UO-Item-9003-2753-1.png UO-Item-7939-2753-1.png

Example items hued using hue 2753.

Items hued with hue 2753

UO-Item-3627-2753.png A Bottle Of Bravo Ancient Wyvern
UO-Item-8752-2753.png A Mysterious Glowing Mushroom That Is Humming With Energy
UO-Item-5358-2753.png A Secret Animate Dead Scroll
UO-Item-41574-2753.png Atlas Of The Shadow Worlds
UO-Item-42148-2753.gif Eye Of Astaroth
UO-Item-42530-2753.png Halloween Spooky Ghost Figures (Hue 2753 Fromosa)
UO-Item-42871-2753.png The Destroyer's Gem
UO-Item-9079-2753.png The Ice Lich's Early Attempts At Making Firewood
UO-Item-10245-2753.png The Magical Reeds Of The Mad Piper 
UO-Item-40275-2753.png The Society For The Protection Of Destardian Lizards Recruitment Poster
UO-Anim-39597-2753.png A Captured Spark Of St. John's Fire, Used To Light The Beltane Bonfire 
UO-Item-42366-2753.png A Daemonic Turkey Plush 
UO-Anim-6206-2753.png A Flask Containing Lisande's Vampiric Essence 
UO-Anim-6206-2753.png A Flask Containing Melisande's Vampiric Essence 
UO-Anim-40123-2753.png A Mysterious Crystal From Ancient Wind 
UO-Item-41023-2753.png A Mysterious Crystal From Ancient Wind 
UO-Anim-13807-2753.png A Mythical Artifact From The Ancient City Of Wind 
UO-Item-13804-2753.png A Northern Shining Crystal 
UO-Item-10375-2753.png A Prophetic Painting Depicting Free Servants And Nujel'm Burning 
UO-Item-6477-2753.png A Small Buzzing Generator, Pulsating With Malicious Intentions 
UO-Item-13820-2753.png A Statue Sculpted In Your Likeness To Immortalize You As The Savior Who Restored The Shrines 
UO-Anim-10749-2753.png A Summer Camp Fire Pit 
UO-Item-3643-2753.png A Tome Written In The Language Of The Shadows 
UO-Anim-40147-2753.png A Void Source Filled With Sinisterly Spirits 
UO-Anim-41339-2753.png Calibrated Sosarian Orrery 
UO-Anim-2581-2753.png Captured Flames Of Passion 
UO-Anim-41719-2753.png EM Takako Anniversary Campfire Of Stories 8th Year! 
UO-Anim-39529-2753.png Explosive Fire That Torched The Lycaeum 
UO-Item-17784-2753.png Figurehead Of HMS Seahorse 
UO-Item-8449-2753.png Globe-Trotting Piglet 
UO-Item-42637-2753.png In Memory Of Julia 
UO-Item-10159-2753.png Knives Of The Cruel Twin 
UO-Item-18600-2753.png Lapis Pritas Salvaged From The Temple Of Singularity 
UO-Item-9410-2753.png Mid Autumn Festival Lantern 
UO-Item-9410-2753.png Mid Autumn Lantern 
UO-Item-7717-2753.png Old Books Written By Relvinian On The Summoning And Control of Daemons 
UO-Item-8449-2753.png Sacred Sacrificial Piggy 
UO-Item-6225-2753.png Solvaria's Unbalanced Scale 
UO-Anim-10749-2753.png The Charred And Smoldering Remains Of A Ritual 
UO-Item-40966-2753.png The Cursed Countess's Divination Table 
UO-Item-42962-2753.png The Head Of Bara The Alchemist 
UO-Item-16831-2753.png The Last Of The Tyrkie Family! Patiently Waiting To Hatch! 
UO-Item-42534-2753.png The Witch's Errand Cat From Sakura 
UO-Item-4084-2753.png Tome Of The Forbidden Arts 
UO-Item-17077-2753.png Victims Of The Cruel Twin 
UO-Item-42533-2753.png Yukiko's Toy Spider 
UO-Anim-41719-2753.png Unrelenting Bonefire Infused With Blood Magic