Hue 53

Hue 53

Hue # 53
Color Code 0x0035
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) NPC-purchased Dying Tub
Furniture Dye Tub
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-53.png UO-Item-9002-53.png UO-Item-4011-53.png UO-Item-3839-53.png UO-Item-9003-53.png UO-Item-7939-53.png

Example items hued using hue 53.

Items hued with hue 53

UO-Item-4082-53.png ???
UO-Item-39333-53.png Marshmallow Duckling 
UO-Item-4082-53.png 1st Clue 
UO-Item-5928-53.png A Brightly Coloured Egg 
UO-Item-5928-53.png A Brightly Coloured Egg Found On Europa - 2009 
UO-Item-3191-53.png A Carrot To You From The Easter Bunny 
UO-Item-3192-53.png A Carrot To You From The Easter Bunny 
UO-Item-2537-53.png A Catskills Cake With A Dragon Design 
UO-Item-3191-53.png A Chocolate Carrot Stolen From Queen Dawn's Easter Basket 
UO-Item-5928-53.png A Chocolate Egg Found On Europa - 2009 
UO-Item-5928-53.png A Cracked Egg Found On Europa - 2009 
UO-Item-5928-53.png A Handpainted Wooden Easter Egg 
UO-Item-5928-53.png A Lemon Coated Easter Egg 
UO-Item-3719-53.png A Pitchfork Of EM Skewering 
UO-Item-5928-53.png A Slippery Easter Egg 
UO-Item-5141-53.png A Warden Of The Realms Plate Tunic 
UO-Item-5928-53.png An Easter Egg Soaked In Some Of Kaden Marsten's Favourite Ale 
UO-Item-2537-53.png Angel Food Cake 
UO-Item-5928-53.png Barra Linath, Drow Assassin, Wishes You A Happy Easter.. Poison Isnt Usually Her Style.. Tempting 
UO-Item-3628-53.png Bottle 
UO-Item-3854-53.png Bottled Spirit Of Arkinin's Lesser Minion 
UO-Item-5928-53.png Corastine Evanir Wishes You A Virtue Filled Easter, With A Fondant Filled Easter Egg 
UO-Item-3760-53.png Cupid's Rose Of Truth 
UO-Item-3827-53.png Dear Santa, Is It Too Late To Be Good? 
UO-Item-5928-53.png Easter Eggs 
UO-Item-3519-53.png Fishing Pole crafted by Samuel Son of the Sea
UO-Item-2430-53.png Fruit Cake 
UO-Item-8967-53.png Fur Boots crafted by A Skilful Tailor From Yew
UO-Item-11233-53.png Gingerbread Cookie crafted by EM Lyraa
UO-Item-11233-53.png Gingerbread Cookie crafted by Stag Of The Winter Solstice
UO-Item-11233-53.png Gingerbread Cookie crafted by Winter Of The Solstice Stag
UO-Item-5928-53.png Handpainted Egg [Lake Austin 2009] 
UO-Item-5928-53.png Happy Easter 2009! [Lake Austin] 
UO-Item-5928-53.png Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter Day Sonoma 2009 
UO-Item-2503-53.png Hot Spiced Wine 
UO-Item-3191-53.png Legends Easter Carrot 2010 
UO-Item-5928-53.png Lemon Fudge 
UO-Item-6190-53.png Magical Yellow Beaker 
UO-Item-6195-53.png Magical Yellow Beaker 
UO-Item-3191-53.png Marshmallow Carrots 2010 
UO-Item-7107-53.png New Year 2012 Year Of The Dragon ! 
UO-Item-3192-53.png Pacific Easter 2010 Carrot 
UO-Item-5928-53.png Pastel Easter Egg 
UO-Item-7121-53.png Perfect Feather 
UO-Item-3519-53.png Salty Xenon - The Great Lakes Fishing Contest Champion 
UO-Item-5928-53.png Spring Is In The Air, Easter Is Here! Europa - 2009 
UO-Item-5928-53.png The Easter Bunny Was Here... Europa - 2009 
UO-Item-5441-53.png Third Place - Distance Horse Racing - Skara Feast Of Spirits 
UO-Item-5441-53.png Third Place - Track Horse Racing - Skara Feast Of Spirits 
UO-Item-5928-53.png With Love... From The Easter Bunny. Europa - 2009 
UO-Item-7939-53.png Yellow Team - Oceania Orienteering Challenge, October 2004 
UO-Item-3185-53.png Zucchini Flower