Mantras and Words of Power

Mantras and Words of Power

Words of Power were syllables of an ancient language, which bind and release etheric energy. Outside of the timeline of Ultima Online, additional words of power were added in Ultima V, each of which represent one of the original dungeons, and which were used to seal or unseal those dungeons. It is perhaps worth noting that Gargish is very close to the same language as that ancient language of Britannia.

A mantra is a word meant for meditation at a shrine, though those mantras have occasionally also found their way into spells. Mantras have their origins in an ancient language of Britannia, as well as from Gargish. (Note that the mantra 'bal' for the Chaos shrine did not exist in the single-player Ultima games, and was added to the list of mantras with Ultima Online.) Stygian Abyss added 3 new mantras, for Truth, Love, and Courage.

See this page for a list of spells using words of power and mantras which have been found in game.

Words of Power

Word Meaning
an Dispel or Negate
bet Small
corp Death
des Down or Lower
ex Freedom
flam Flame
grav Energy or Field
hur Wind
in Cause or Create or Make
jux Danger or Harm or Trap
kal Invoke or Summon
lor Light
mani Healing or Life
nox Poison
ort Magic
por Move or Movement
quas Illusion
rel Change
sanct Protect or Protection
tym Time
uus Raise or Up
vas Great
wis Know or Knowledge
xen Creature
ylem Matter
zu Sleep

Ultima V Words of Power

Note that Draconi officially stated that, for the world of Ultima Online, 'veramocor' is the mantra for 'Infinity'.

Word Meaning
avidus Sacrifice
fallax Honesty
ignavus Spirituality
infama Honor
inopia Valor
malum Justice
veramocor Doom
vilis Compassion

Semi-Unofficial Words of Power

As mentioned above, Gargish is very similar to the ancient language of Britannia from which the words of power originated. This section documents words of power which haven't been officially defined within Ultima Online, but which have been used in game and which do exist in the Gargish language.

Word Meaning
aglo armor
ben well
char part
de Belong
ew and
gres out
in-ten maintain
init begin
mur number or multiple or group or many
nes Require or Must or Has to
re to begin or will or shall
sek-de other
ter-mer world
trak to or forward or for or unto
trak-por pull or draw
tu-tim always or forever

The language used by Malas natives, used in Chivalry spells, appears to have Latin roots.

Word Meaning
arma Weapon
augus Holy
consecrus Consecrate
dispiro Dispel
dium Noble
divinum Divine
expor Cleanse
extermo Remove
flamus Fire
forul Enemy
furis Fury
luminos Light
malas Evil
obsu Close
prostra Sacrifice
solum One
vomica Curse
vulni Wounds

Unknown Words of Power

This section lists words of power which are in use, but where the translation is unknown.

  • anh
  • behi
  • gra
  • ko
  • mi
  • pas
  • sah
  • sar


Mantra Meaning
ahm Honesty
amo Love
bal Chaos
beh Justice
cah Sacrifice
cor Courage
lum Humility
mu Compassion
om Spirituality
ra Valor
summ Honor
ver Truth

Gargish Mantras

Note that the mantras 'or', 'un', and 'us' originally came from 'The Lost Book of Mantras' in Ultima VI.

Mantra Meaning
ben-in-tas Precision
le-in-tas Achievement
mis-tas Balance
or Passion
ord Order
prí-tas Singularity
sent Feeling
te-per-tas Persistence
trak-tas Direction
un Control
unorus Singularity
us Diligence

Lost Mantras

'The Lost Book of Mantras' originated with Ultima VI, but it became a possible reward book with Stygian Abyss, courtesy of Draconi. 'Ahm', 'beh', 'cah', 'lum', 'mu', 'om', 'or', 'ra', 'summ', 'un', and 'us' have had their meanings 'rediscovered', but the rest remain unknown:

  • Bang
  • Bem
  • Biff
  • Cow
  • Dim
  • Frem
  • Kim
  • Kyo
  • Lis
  • Lox
  • Meow
  • Mho
  • Nid
  • Ohm
  • Ort
  • Pey
  • Pow
  • Rum
  • Spam
  • Sum
  • Tea
  • Yum
  • Zowie