Notes from 2001-01-26

Notes from 2001-01-26

List of Fixes and Features for Alpha Version 38

1) A *LOT* of new/improved art files.

2) Improved fade-ins.

3) Several generic gump (interface) fixes and optimizations.

4) Game boards added.

5) Pointer gump for new player quests added.

6) Shopping interface improved.

7) Journal interface improved.

8) Options interface improved and defaults button added.

9) Most of the interfaces now uses localized text. (This change may cause some mislabeled items; keep an eye out for these.)

10) Various particle system improvements.

11) Numerous bug and memory leak fixes.

12) Wearable item code fixes.

13) Water tile fixes.

14) Added day/night ambient lighting.

15) Added colored light on some objects.

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