Ornate Elven Chairs

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1 stone

Ornate Elven Chairs

Craftable Item
Name Ornate Elven Chairs
Category Furniture
Skill(s) Required 80 Carpentry
Can be exceptional Yes
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable No
Required Recipe Recipe Ornate Elven Chairs Recipe
Tool Required Any of:
Stackable No
30 BoardsBoards

This item can be rotated with an Interior Decorator tool.

UO-Item-11747-0.png UO-Item-11748-0.png UO-Item-11749-0.png UO-Item-11750-0.png
Initial 1 Rotation 2 Rotations 3 Rotations

Logs can be used in place of Boards.

The name of this item oddly is “Chairs”, not “Chair”.