Paragon Mobs

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Paragon Mobs

A paragon Ratman

Paragon mobs were added in Publish 27. They are extra-strong and extra-fast versions of mobs that have a 5% chance to spawn in Ilshenar. Champions of Evil, including The Harrower have spawned as Paragons during dev and EM-events in Ilshenar, but they do not otherwise naturally spawn as Paragons.

Whenever a creature in Ilshenar spawns as a paragon, it is granted the following enhancements:

  • • Adds (paragon) as the creature's job title
  • • Hues the creature gold
  • • Removes the ability to tame the creature
  • • Adds daemon target switching AI to creature
  • • Increases poison hit strength by one if it has a poison attack (capped at level 5)
  • • Multiplies creature's maximum hit points by 5
  • • Increases strength by 5%, intelligence and dexterity by 20%
  • • Increases all skills by 20%
  • • Modifies hit point, mana, and stamina base regeneration scaled based on the difficulty of the creature
  • • Modifies speed of creature
  • • Slightly increases the creature's natural weapon class
  • • Bumps up – or decreases if negative – fame and karma of creature by 40% (doesn't bump up karma if karma is 0)
  • • Will possess extra loot scaled based on its fame level
  • • 10% chance that a paragon will spawn with a treasure chest equal to the treasure map level that it can possibly possess
  • • Extremely prone to target switching
  • • More difficult to bard (in some cases cannot be the first target of a provoke attempt)
  • • Chance to drop a minor artifact upon death. The chance is based on both the player's Luck and the paragon's Fame level.

The minor artifacts that can possibly be dropped by Paragon mobs are: