Patch Notes from 2000-03-16

Patch Notes from 2000-03-16

Client patch that contains new macro options and optimizations. Includes:

  • Localization files for additional language support.
  • The Party System interface. This will not be active, but you may preview the interface by clicking on the new scroll appearing in your paperdoll.
  • Additional support for seasonal weather.

This patch also includes a variety of changes that will be immediately accessible, including some of the following:

  • New Menu and Macro Options
    • Dark nights. You may now select the ‘darkness’ level of your in-game night by using this menu option.
    • Party System Hue. Allows customization of party system text.
    • Colored lighting. Allows you to toggle colored lighting on and off.
    • Always Run. When selected, your character will always run, rather than walk.
    • Save Desktop. When activated, this macro will save all window layout locations immediately.
    • KillGumpOpen: When activated, this macro will stop the client from opening container windows on initial login.
    • WresStun: Will toggle your character in and out of stun wrestling mode.
    • WresDisarm: Will toggle your character in and out of disarm wrestling mode.
  • UO.CFG Options
    • Desolation = On/Off: Will allow you to alter the look of Felucca as preferred.
    • TreeCanopies = On/Off: Only valid on Felucca, this option allows you to choose to view treetops.

Additionally, the client animation rate and refresh rate have been optimized for improved performance.

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