Patch Notes from 2007-05-30

Patch Notes from 2007-05-30

There's a new client patch for the Kingdom Reborn beta client out today, and this also marks the official lifting of the NDA for the Kingdom Reborn beta.

The Kingdom Reborn Client version will be deployed at 4:00PM PDT (11:00PM GMT). Please note that several of the below changes will only be visible on Test Centers 1 and 4.

(Why are we posting the KR Client patch notes on the front page, you wonder? Why, this patch officially lifts the NDA! Stay tuned for more beta information.)

  • Party commands (accept, decline, etc), are now prefixed with a / instead of a –
  • The crafting menus stay where you put them
  • Treasure maps work!
  • Removed headgear in character creation to prevent the hairstyle choices from being obscured
  • Made improvements to the World Map
  • Fixed several clipping issues
  • Accounts will no longer “time out” during character creation
  • When an account is disconnected for exceeding the idle timer, a message will pop up alerting the player
  • Player, pet and mob healthbars will properly turn green when poisoned
  • Fixed bug with healthbars sometimes not updating
  • Fixed issues with fires burning through walls and ceilings

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