Patch Notes from 2007-06-22-2

Patch Notes from 2007-06-22-2

KR Beta Client Patch

Jeremy Dalberg

22 Jun 2007 19:41:39 EST

The following KR Beta Client patch will be deployed at 4:00PM PDT (11:00PM GMT) on Friday, June 22:

  • the criminal warning gump no longer pops up when turned off in user settings
  • fixed issues with the floors and the foundations of custom houses interfering with one another
  • death shroud can not be removed while you’re dead
  • ethereal pets should no longer show up in the pet list
  • fixed a crash that would occur after timing out while in custom housing mode
  • chat text of different channels (say, guild, party, etc) should show up in different colors
  • Added the following macros:
  • Target next enemy
  • Target next friendly
  • Target next party member
  • Fixed bug preventing targeting players/creatures via the profile window
  • Added reddish effect around the target you are currently attacking
  • Roof tiles should appear at the correct heights
  • Fixed bug preventing the treasure map gump from opening when you double click the treasure map
  • Fixed bug preventing players from placing dirt in a plant bowl
  • Fixed crash involving the profanity filter
  • added “legacy chat mode” which will allow you to chat without hitting “Enter” first. (Note: if you do not load the “legacy hotkeys”, typing will both perform actions and show up as chat. This is by design)
  • polished chat window
  • Party members should now correctly show on the radar and world maps
  • Existing roofs can now be edited using the KR client
  • Elven Plate Gloves display properly
  • A large number of wearables now display properly
  • “Resurrection” waypoints now track wandering healers
  • When customizing a house, floor tiles should correctly display as orange when illegally placed
  • Jewelry stats should no longer be duplicated in the tooltip
  • Fixed bug with the macro “cast spell -> wait for target” that would prevent it from working after the first use
  • More polish on the custom housing interface
  • Fixed more elven hair display issues.
  • Updated map art with much more detail
  • Fixed issue with tunics not displaying correctly on the paperdoll
  • Fixed several miscellaneous crash bugs
  • The login menu should auto-scroll to your last selected shard
  • Studded gloves should display properly
  • “Warrior” should have the correct text in the professions list in the character creation screen
  • Fixed several issues with wearables not overlapping in the proper order
  • Tweaked brightness in both regular daytime and nightsight
  • “Bow” and “Salute” macros should work correctly
  • “All Names” macro should work correctly (note – it will have no effect if your Overhead Names option is set to “All”)
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from pulling out a partial stack from a very large original stack, if that stack was on the ground
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on death/resurrection
  • Dispel Field should be able to target fields