Patch Notes from 2007-07-26-2

Patch Notes from 2007-07-26-2

KR Client Patch vers.

Jeremy Dalberg26 Jul 2007 19:10:18 EST

At 2:00PM PDT (9:00PM GMT) on Thursday, July 26, KR client version number was deployed:

  • Fixed bug with the speed bonus on certain spells/effects
  • Stacks of objects placed on the hotbar should now automatically update quantity no matter whether you have multiple stacks, stacks in sub-packs, etc. (However, objects with different hues (such as dyed bandages) will be counted as different object types)
  • Added a "footsteps" toggle in the audio preferences, so that footsteps sounds and be turned on and off.
  • Moving your mouse over an object on the ground should highlight that object.
  • Optimized radar and world maps
  • Added support for hueing (the actual hueing changes, however, are not in yet - this is just backend support)
  • Added switches for idle animations and animation sets in the UI settings window (turn OFF for increased performance.)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing many ground tiles to appear incorrectly
  • Added support for several new animations, including an "unsheathing" animation on entering war mode
  • Polished friends list
  • Increased possible zoom on the radar map
  • Fixed bug with waypoints appearing outside of the radar area
  • You can now toggle waypoints on/off in the Map Legend window
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • The Pet Window should save its position when you log out
  • Polished Destard, Deceit, Paroxymus
  • The last rune in a runebook should now be usable
  • Added a toggle to display the names of waypoints on the map
  • Added art for torches and lanterns, also polished certain other weapons
  • Selecting "Legacy chat" will now automatically set "legacy keybindings"
  • Fixed a bug with "Ruined prisms" crafting menu
  • Added option to change the in-game waypoint art (note: change will only take effect after logout/login)
  • Fixed a bug with riding horse animations
  • Added categories to the macro window so it should be easier to find the macro you’re looking for
  • Further polish of customized housing
  • Added new map waypoint icons
  • Fixed issues with pet healthbars not updating properly