Patch Notes from 2007-08-06-2

Patch Notes from 2007-08-06-2

KR Client vers.

Jeremy Dalberg06 Aug 2007 18:43:47 EST

At 2:30PM PDT (9:30PM GMT) on Monday, August 6, the KR client will be updated to version Notes after the jump:

  • Many optimizations
  • Redesigned Crafting menus (some features will only work on TC 1 until that server version goes WW)
  • Added “Target by Resource” macro (
  • Fix for disappearing stacked/high z axis items in houses
  • Fixed more wearable layering issues
  • Added the new female paperdoll art
  • Added a “Repeat” option to the macro tool (can repeat a macro up to 10 times)
  • Fixed a couple of crashes
  • Stack quantities should appear in grid view
  • Plant gumps should no longer be blank
  • The character sheet has been redesigned and shows a number of new stats (will show properly on TC1 only)
  • Redesigned and fixed some crash bugs with the party window
  • Fixed bug with graphic distortion on some video cards