Patch Notes from 2008-02-07

Patch Notes from 2008-02-07

KR Client Patch vers.

Jeremy Dalberg07 Feb 2008 18:12:35 EST

Updated: New ETA is 6:45EST. Thanks for your patience!

At 5:30PM EST (10:30PM GMT) the Kingdom Reborn client will be updated to version Notes after the jump.

NOTE: this is a VERY large (800 meg) patch. We are working on getting a new executable for download up at all the usual sites, as well as updating the Swift CD option. We also have a background downloader in the works - stay tuned for more news in the next few days.

  • KR: Removed clouds from the daytime display
  • Various localization updates for text
  • Default tab name is now Chat instead of System
  • Fixed hueing in the Paperdoll
  • Treasure maps fixed
  • KR: Shopkeeper window revamped. Now supports click and holding on + or -
  • Many broken animations fixed