Patch Notes from 2010-10-26

Patch Notes from 2010-10-26

Client patch /

English patch notes

Bug Fixes

  • Death vortexes and sparkles now animate properly.
  • Fixed rare cases of mobs not animating properly.
  • The transparency of sails on ships no longer flicker when a ship moves.

Japanese patch notes (English)

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

  • Update localization file
  • Death vortex and sparkle now animate correctly.
  • Fixed a problem that rare animals did not animate properly.
  • When the ship is moving, the transmission of the sail part will not flicker.

Client patch

  • Update localization file
  • Items being equipped will not be displayed in gray on the hot bar.
  • Even if you add more than 12 runes, the runes in the Runebook will be displayed correctly.

Japanese patch notes (Japanese)

Note: there was a typo in the Japanese patch notes. "" was referred to as "".



  • ローカライズファイルの更新
  • デスボルテックス(death vortex)と火花(sparkle)は正しくアニメーションするようになります。
  • 稀に生物類が正しくアニメーションしなかった問題を修正しました。
  • 船が動いている時に、帆の部分の透過がちらつくことはなくなります。



  • ローカライズファイルの更新
  • 装備中のアイテムがホットバー上で灰色に表示されなくなります。
  • 12個以上のルーンを入れた場合でも、ルーンブック中のルーンが正しく表示されるようになります。

Unofficial patch notes

New localization strings

  • excellent iron maiden
  • chair in a ghost costume
  • halloween guillotine
  • Target an item to enhance with the properties of your selected material (Success Rate: ~1_VAL~%).
  • You have already buffed yourself: ~1_VAL~ ~2_VAL~%
  • When you try to do ENHANCE ITEM next time, success rate becomes the following rate regardless of your skill and the total intensity of the item. One charge is consumed per use and you cannot use the same kinds of items under the effect.
  • *CAUTION* You are under the following ENHANCE ITEM buff. Do you want to remove it?
  • Spoiler
  • White Leather Dye Tub
  • Small Grandfather Clock
  • Large Grandfather Clock
  • White Grandfather Clock
  • Display Case (South)
  • Ancient Stone Planter
  • Grecian Planter
  • Modern Stone Planter
  • Oak Barrel Planter
  • Display Case (East)
  • Grapevines
  • A large fishing net
  • A magical aura surrounds you and you feel a greater sense.
  • Bronzed Armor of the Valkyrie
  • An antique wedding dress
  • A ship's strongbox
  • Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings
  • Runed Driftwood Bow
  • Yellow Polkadot Bikini Top