Patch Notes from 2011-05-25 (1)

Patch Notes from 2011-05-25 (1)

Client patch /

English patch notes

No English patch notes were published for this patch.

Japanese patch notes (English)

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

Changes (common to both clients)

  • Update localization file
  • "Mana absorption" of magic characteristic "Stamina absorption" is returned to "additional effect: Mana down" "additional effect: stamina down".

Changes (SA client)

  • Correction of problem that part color was not displayed correctly

Japanese patch notes (Japanese)

変更内容 (両クライアント共通)

  • ローカライズファイルの更新
  • 魔法特性の「マナ吸収」「スタミナ吸収」は「追加効果: マナダウン」「追加効果: スタミナダウン」に名称が戻されます。

変更内容 (SAクライアント)

  • 一部アイテムの色が正しく表示されていなかった問題の追加修正