Patch Notes from 2012-03-12

Patch Notes from 2012-03-12

English patch notes

Classic Client Patcher Update

  • The classic client patcher has now been updated to streamline the patching process for the Classic Client. This change should cut down on patching errors a lot of our players have experienced. A new installer can be found here
  • Cliloc Changes
  • Fixed client crash during the intro movie

(Japanese Patch Notes) Client patch / publication 03.13

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.


Common to both clients

  • Update localization file

SA client

  • Sorting the item property display - The character property window (Feature tab) will now play the role of a valid all-feature list received from the current equipment. You can also display a full detailed list of characteristics that can be displayed. Mouse cursor to each icon

Japanese version

変更内容 (両クライアント共通)


変更内容 (SAクライアント)

アイテムプロパティ表示の選別 - キャラクター特性のウインドウ(特長タブ)には、現在の装備品から受けている有効な全特性リストの役割を果たすようになります。また、表示できる特性の全詳細リストも表示できます。各アイコンにマウスカーソルを重ねると詳細が表示されます。


変更内容 (2Dクライアント)


Unofficial patch notes

New localization strings

  • Glossy Fuchsia Pigment
  • Deep Blue Pigment
  • Vibrant Seagreen Pigment
  • Murky Amber Pigment
  • Mythic Character Token
  • Please confirm that you wish to set your attributes as indicated in the upper left area of this window. If you wish to change these values, edit them and click the EDIT button below.

    Please confirm that you wish to set the five skills selected on the left to 90.0 skill. If you wish to make changes, click the [X] button next to a skill name to remove it from the list.

    If are sure you wish to apply the selected skills and attributes, click the CONTINUE button below.

    If you wish to abort the application of the Mythic Character Token, click the CANCEL button below.
  • You are not sufficiently loyal to ~1_CITY~ to use this.
  • Requires Positive City Loyalty
  • I apologize, but you are not well-enough renowned in the city of ~1_CITY~ to make this purchase.
  • I have quite a backlog of orders and I cannot satisfy your request for a ~1_ITEM~ right now.
  • Do you wish to purchase a ~1_ITEM~ for ~2_PRICE~?
  • You successfully convert the component into an exotic tool kit.
  • Only an Adept Tinker would know what to do with this.
  • You repair the mysterious Nexus! As it whirs to life it spits out a punch card!
  • The Nexus shoots an arc of energy at you!
  • Beep! Bop! Boop!
  • The Nexus has shut down due to inactivity.
  • You feed the punch card into the machine but nothing happens.
  • As you feed the punch card into the machine it turns on!
  • This is not locked. If You want to lock this chest, please use context menu.
  • Use this on a broken Nexus.
  • Someone is currently working at the Nexus.
  • Your backpack cannot hold the punch card so it was placed in your bank.
  • Your backpack and bank cannot hold the punch card so it was lost.
  • You carefully combine the delicate fragments.
  • You carefully assemble the pieces into an Heirloom!
  • Heirloom Fragment
  • Partially Reconstructed Heirloom
  • You sift for a while but fail to find anything.
  • You sift for a while and discover an antiquity fragment!
  • You sift for a while and disturb the underground lair of a sleeping creature!
  • You can't sift there.
  • The ground here does not look right for sifting.
  • *shake shake shake*
  • Where would you like to sift?
  • Greetings Traveler! Is it fine provisions you seek? Then look no further!
  • For the modest fee of 1000 gold I will provide you with a usable sifting tray!
  • This sifting tray will no doubt allow you to uncover untold riches in the shifting sands of this desert!
  • Before you get too excited you should know these sands can be treacherous and sifting should be done with care!
  • Of most valuable interest are the antiquity fragments settled here from the recent catastrophe that befell the Juka and Meer. You'd be wise to search only in this area, as it is where most of the debris is concentrated. Happy Hunting!
  • What is this? Some kind of joke? I deal in hard coin only!
  • Your payment seems to be a little light there. I need 1000 gold pieces!
  • I appreciate the generous payment, but I need 1000 gold pieces, no more, no less.
  • Many thanks for your patronage!
  • Your backpack and bank cannot hold the item so it was lost.
  • Your backpack cannot hold the item so it was placed in your bank.
  • You don't see how that could be of any use.