Publish Notes from 1999-04-14

Publish Notes from 1999-04-14

Skills and Magic

  • Anatomy and Evaluate Intelligence will no longer work on Town Criers.
  • You will once again be able to fish up magic fish and boots from shore.
  • The targeting range for all spells that target people or creatures is now 10 tiles.
  • The area of effect for all spells that target locations is now 15 tiles.
  • A problem with the interaction of paralyze and reactive armor was fixed.


  • Once an item has been placed in the trade window, you will not be able to remove it unless you cancel the trade. Cancelling will return all items to the backpacks of the two players involved. This was done in order to reduce the viability of common "trade window scams."
  • You can no longer overload yourself by placing items in a locked container that is in your backpack.
  • Various optimizations were done to guildstones to improve performance.
  • You will no longer be able to lock things down under your house sign.

NPCs and Creatures

  • Monsters will no longer spawn inside of houses--a method by which this could still happen was fixed.
  • Pack llamas no longer create fur.
  • Real estate brokers will now stay put. They also now sell ink wells and blank scrolls.


  • An exploit involving evading murder count with a particular item was corrected.
  • You will be able to determine whether you will receive stat loss on resurrection. If you say "I must consider my sins" you will receive a message about your murders.
    • If you have no murder count, and you are not currently red, you will get "Fear not, thou hast not slain the innocent."
    • If you have been reported, but currently have no murder count, you will get "Fear not, thou hast not slain the innocent in some time." (even if you are red)
    • If you have murder count, but it is not enough to result in stat loss, you will get "Although thou hast slain the innocent, thy deeds shall not bring retribution upon thy return to the living." (even if you are red)
    • If you are liable for stat loss, you will get "If thou should return to the land of the living, the innocent shall wreak havoc upon thy soul."

Note: House Deeds

    • Although house deeds were going to be an item which were not able to be stolen, they will still able to be stolen after this update. We recommend keeping your deeds in a secure location.

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