Publish Notes from 2002-01-09

Publish Notes from 2002-01-09

Publish 15 Updates and Bug Fixes

Jan 10 2002 10:56AM CST

Housing and Lockdown Updates

  • Selecting YES on the gump to clear you as a co-owner of a house will now remove your co-owner status, allowing proper house transfers.
  • Fixed an issue concerning flawed tile art while placing a house.
  • Trading a house to a player who is co-owned to a house will be a two-step process. The receiver will first have to select YES to remove his co-owner status and then the other party will need to initiate the trade again, at which time it will complete normally.
  • The house co-owner clear confirm gump spacing has been fixed.
  • An issue allowing house add-ons to be chopped through an exploit has been fixed.
  • Locked-down eggs and Easter eggs are no longer able to be used.
  • You will now be able to use runebooks within bookcases or locked down containers.
  • Co-owners of player houses are now able to dye locked-down furniture within the house they co-own.
  • Issues involving certain characters being unable to release, secure, or lock-down items within their own houses has been addressed.
  • The text on the house sign gump when using the 3D client has been changed to black text, instead of yellow, for easier reading.
  • All houses will continue to be automatically refreshed — except condemned houses. Condemned houses will begin to decay.

Guild System Updates

  • An issue involving canceling choosing new fealty in the guild menu has been addressed.
  • Guildmasters that resign from their guild using the statement “I resign from my guild” will now receive a resignation confirmation. Also, the player who becomes guildmaster, as well as all online guild members, will now receive a statement announcing the new guildmaster.
  • Several spelling errors in guild messaging have been fixed.
  • A typo in the declare war function on guildstones has been corrected.

Map-Specific Updates

  • Liches now spawn properly at (757, 1400, 0).
  • Numerous bad ocean tiles have been cleaned up.
  • NPC Waiters will no longer spawn on the roof of the Great Horns Tavern in Magincia.
  • When you single-click the teleporter in the Moonglow mage shop for a newbie quest you will now see “a magical teleporter” instead of “lookAtText: a magical teleporter.”
  • Players will be able to insta-log from the first floor of the Sweet Dreams Inn in Britain while using the 3D client.

NPC and Shopkeepers Updates

  • All methods of killing shopkeepers in Felucca will now give a murder count (ie using pets, provoking).
  • The vendor info and status is now on a gump instead of a bark.
  • Shopkeepers will now buy up to 250 individual items or up to 500 items total, whichever comes first.
  • The barkeeps now work through context menus.
  • An issue involving the displaying of the barkeep tip message on the barkeep menu has been fixed.
  • ‘Buy’ is now part of context menus on faction horse breeders and hairstylists.
  • The cancel button on the hairstylist gump will now cancel the selection and not charge you 50k.
  • Guards no longer have training menus.
  • Real estate brokers will be the only NPC interested in house deeds — all others will return them to the person who owns it.
  • NPC Bankers and NPC Minters are the only NPCs which will accept checks.

Pet and Hireling Updates

  • A loophole allowing transferring of pets while flagged grey has been fixed.
  • It will no longer be possible to stable a pet using the last object macro.
  • Fixed the message when you try to stable an object in your backpack — it now says “you can’t stable that” instead of “please dismount first.”
  • Animal lore now correctly reports how many owners an animal has had.
  • The message involving feathers in animal lore has been corrected.
  • If you used your animal lore skill on a tamed eagle, eventually you’d get a random bark saying: “you lock it.” You should no longer be receiving that erroneous message.
  • Healing a frost spider will now raise vet skill instead of anatomy.
  • You will no longer be able to tame dynamically spawned monsters — such as Unicorns in an evil in the can region. You will still be able to tame the normally spawned Unicorns.
  • You will no longer have to pay upkeep to keep your pet refreshed while stabled.
  • Non faction players will no longer be able to tame faction war horses.
  • Pack animals are now tamable via context menus.
  • Players that command their pets using context menus will appear as if they had spoken the command phrase(s).
  • All pets store bought or tamed and released will now properly be re-tamable.
  • It’s no longer possible to transfer a pet to a ghost.
  • Players who mount an ethereal horse will no longer be spammed three times with “You get on your horse.”
  • An issue causing pets & hirelings to visually disappear (although only visually — they actually remained in the game at the place last seen) when approaching a server boundary has been addressed.
  • You will no longer be able to hire NPC hirelings and have them guard other NPCs.
  • An issue involving hirelings performing “grey” activities without their “owner” going grey has been fixed.

Skill Changes and Updates

  • An issue disallowing the use of leather which was cut up from leather items has been addressed.
  • The text displayed when selecting the type of metal on the crafting gump will no longer be garbled.
  • When crafting items a check of the backpack is made — if it’s full (either item or weight-wise), you will not be able to craft the item.
  • Both the crafting tools and the crafting resources must now be in one's backpack when crafting a given item. (You will no longer be able to use crafting tools in the bank box.)
  • Crafting now breaks the necessary concentration for meditation.
  • All crafting menus have the make last button.
  • Oilcloths will now be created with the correct variables, and the bug to convert them back into yellow pieces of cloth has been fixed.
  • Female plate is now properly identified on the crafting gump.
  • Your backpack no longer closes if you use the materials menu.
  • Tinkers will no longer be able to make bugged lanterns. Graphics issue were preventing them from lighting correctly.
  • The “I honor thee” command will no longer disrupt peacemaking.
  • Maker's Mark for instruments should now go back to being based on your Carpentry skill instead of your Musicianship skill.
  • The Carpentry menu now has the correct spelling for “Trinsic-style chair.”
  • An issue with incorrect messages when using Anatomy on targets with low STR and DEX has been fixed.
  • Players who successfully use their hiding skill while under the effects of an invisibility spell will no longer be revealed when the invisibility timer expires.
  • Players will no longer lose mana when attempting to inscribe a scroll they don’t have the proper materials for.
  • Fixed an issue where the Inscription menu remained “active” after clicking “OK,” disallowing further use of that skill for a time.
  • Characters will no longer lose mana when they fail to make a scroll.
  • Fixed an issue with the phrase that appears when a cooking tool breaks.
  • You will now get the correct amount of dough from mixing flour and water.
  • When starting a tailor character you will begin with a pair of scissors.
  • The cap and tall straw hat are now included in the tailor items menu for tailors.
  • You will now be able to make potions directly into a potion keg.
  • Potion kegs will now display the correct contents when single-clicked (ex. the keg will say “a keg of greater poison” versus “a keg of green potions”).
  • Blacksmith repair difficulty has been fixed — the more damaged a weapon is, the more difficult it will be to repair it.
  • If you have a blacksmith tool equipped, you must use that tool while smithing. Otherwise, you can use the tools from your pack as normal.
  • An issue involving mining at inappropriate distances from the target has been fixed.
  • An issue involving the ability to smith items without the proper tools has been addressed.
  • Gargoyle shopkeepers will now give and accept bulk orders.
  • Added small platemail bulk order deeds.
  • Male plate tunics are now being given as a Bulk Order Deed (whereas before it was only female plate armor).
  • Blacksmith repair contracts will now work in the gargoyle city region.
  • Resmelting metal items now checks for an anvil and forge in the proximity.
  • It will now be possible to repair and resmelt all metal shields, arms, and armor.
  • The word “Dull” has been changed to “Dull Copper” on the blacksmith menu.

Faction Updates

  • Faction scrolls now stack properly.
  • Faction shopkeepers and guards will now correctly be dismissible by a targeting cursor.
  • Faction vendors should no longer block players movement.
  • Faction stones will no longer open up the “join this faction” gump window for anyone who has already joined that faction.
  • Several issues with faction voting windows have been fixed. They will now come up & display appropriately.
  • A faction town income price modifier issue has been corrected.
  • An issue involving faction town stones not always recognizing their faction ownership has been fixed.
  • Factioneers who leave their faction while on the leadership candidate list will be properly removed from the respective candidate list at that time, and the election system timetable will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Factioneers of rank 5 or lower will not be able to campaign for faction leadership.
  • Faction titles will no longer display while in Trammel.
  • An issue involving faction characters getting stuck if they quit their faction while in their stronghold has been fixed.
  • An issue allowing characters to Gate Travel while holding a faction sigil has been fixed.

Spell Updates

  • Fixed an issue where you’d get a message saying that you were disturbed while casting the Incognito spell, but you’d still be able to cast the spell if your skill was high enough.
  • Fixed an issue where an avatar would turn north when casting certain spells.
  • Telekinesis no longer works on boat decks.
  • The Firefield spell will no longer be precastable outside of town and targetable in town.

Miscellaneous Localization/Text Changes

  • An issue where certain containers were not displaying their weight properly has been fixed.
  • The listed values when a character is overloaded were reversed-they now display as “Carrying stones/Max stones.”
  • Legacy naval chests and shipwreck chests now display the correct text.
  • Pitchers of liquid will no longer just say: “Container. It is full.” Single-clicking the pitcher will now display the contents.
  • Links will now show up and work correctly in the help gump.
  • Special drinks will now correctly display their look at text — mostly covers holiday items.
  • The mongbat tutorial text will no longer mysteriously disappear.
  • An issue with overlapping text boxes in the new player tutorial has been fixed.
  • The gump that pops up when you are leaving the tutorial to go to Haven will now remain on the screen until closed.
  • The proper localized look at text will now appear over magic teleporters.
  • When canceling a help request the word request is now spelled correctly.
  • The wording when locking and unlocking a door has been made consistent.
  • Kite shields will now display if they are dyeable or not.
  • A text display issue with trapped chests has been corrected.
  • Female plate is now correctly identified if it is exceptional.
  • Text will now display correctly on magical items that are blessed using the Item Bless deed.


  • Runebooks now only require 8 blank scrolls to make instead of the previous 10.
  • Double-clicking a bank check in your bankbox will now cash it in.
  • Camping now is on a 10 second timer — if a player camps and waits more than ten seconds, the gump will close and the player remains in the world. (This is to prevent insta-logging in combat.)
  • You can now use a furniture dye tub if you are the owner and the tub is in your backpack.
  • Recall scrolls will now stack properly.
  • The woodsman house has been removed from the list of possible escort destinations because it was confusing — there aren’t any woodsman in the game.
  • Players on Siege shards who aren’t part of the new good/evil system will no longer be able to hue items.
  • Special case doors now play the correct sounds when opened and closed.
  • Candles will no longer disappear when used in your hand.
  • Ghosts will no longer be able to open their backpacks using context menus.
  • The mongbat tutorial gump will no longer close when entering combat, as well the death gump will not vanish if the player leaves the area toward the exit moongate and comes back.
  • If a character has his Karma locked it will no longer be possible for others to “honor” them.
  • None of the decorative bolts of cloth in tailor shops will disappear or give odd messages when double-clicked.
  • An issue regarding making & collecting bounties has been addressed.
  • All magical items should now be able to be repaired as normal.
  • If you choose a Vet Reward from the menu and then cancel your choice, you will be put directly into the game instead of being presented with the Vet Rewards menu again.
  • An issue involving grey thieves being able to steal and use moongates has been fixed. (Such thieves must wait until they return to blue before using a moongate.)
  • An issue involving incorrect altering of stats through the used of certain Blessed items and spell combinations has been fixed.
  • Oil cloths should no longer disappear once you use them on your weapon.
  • You are no longer able to get more than one stone table from one deed.