Publish Notes from 2002-02-07

Publish Notes from 2002-02-07

Publish 15 Update 3

On February 7, 2002, the following was published:

  • Updates to facilitate Week 3 of Scenario 3: Blackthorn’s Damnation

Changes To The New Player Experience

The “Directed Experiences” referred to below are the step-by-step instructions and quests available to new players who choose one of the character creation templates.

Directed Experience and Young Player Changes:

  • New players in the directed experience will be given an “enchanted sextant”, which will give the cardinal direction to the nearest moongate, as well as the cardinal direction to the nearest city bank (except in the case of Cove, which has no bank – in this case the player is pointed to the city gates).
  • Young players can no longer enter the tutorial during the First Login mongbat quest.
  • The exit location of the tutorial has been changed to place the young player in Uzeraan’s mansion.
  • Several tweaks have been made to the Mage, Blacksmith and Warrior directed experience quests, including the addition of paths on the map to more easily show destinations.
  • Altered the land and map for Haven
  • Renamed the buildings in Haven so that each building or shop’s function is clear.
  • A reminder has been added to remind New Players in the directed experience quests to leave war mode.
  • Starting equipment has been adjusted for new Mages, Warriors, Blacksmiths and Tailors.
  • Young players can sell non-stackable goods they’ve purchased from shopkeepers for 100% of their purchase price
  • Young players will receive a gump explaining death to them when they die for the first time.
  • Context-help has been activated, which will cause the in-game help menu to be triggered by certain events that occur in the game
  • A young player will not get their karma locked. If they wish to lock their karma to gain only negative karma, they will have to wait until they are no longer young or else renounce their young player status.

General Changes

  • Veteran players are now allowed in certain areas of Haven.
  • NPC potions will no longer display the color of the potions, but will instead describe the potions’ effect.
  • You can no longer receive criminal flagging (be flagged grey) in consensual PvP rule set areas (Trammel and Ilshenar on regular shards).
  • Stealing now gives double the normal karma loss in consensual PvP rule set areas.