Publish Notes from 2004-03-25

Publish Notes from 2004-03-25

Publish 23 Updates & Bug Fixes

Mar 25 2004 2:07PM CST Many people have begun considering Publish 23 the “Character Transfer publish,” but there’s a bit more to this server publish than that. Read on to learn about the changes and updates coming into the game along with the Character Transfer system.

Character Transfer System

  • This system is currently in a live testing period. For more information about this new pay service, please visit [].

Holiday Gifts Deactivated

  • Any trees still placed in houses will be automatically turned back into deeds with the release of Publish 23, the “Character Transfer publish.”
    • These deeds will be stuck to the floor where your original holiday tree once stood, and only the characters that placed them will be able to pick them up.
    • These deeds will not take up any storage lockdowns.
    • Although they will not decay as quickly as normal, these deeds will decay within 7 days unless you store them someplace safe! Please make sure to store your deeds in your backpack or bank box, or secure them in your house, within that time.
  • Players will also not be able to place holiday trees (until next holiday season).
  • No new 2003 Holiday Gifts will be given out.


  • Mahjong boards should now continue to work correctly after maintenance or crossing a server boundary.
  • An issue with item properties not being sent under some circumstances was fixed.


  • Golems no longer get weaker after maintenance or crossing a server boundary
  • Summoned creatures will no longer move slowly after maintenance or crossing a server boundary


  • Players will now receive a warning message two minutes before a shard begins “gracefully” shutting down, such as before morning maintenance periods (but not before unscheduled shard downtime)