Publish Notes from 2007-09-25

Publish Notes from 2007-09-25

Publish 47

UO Team 24 Sep 2007 00:00:00 EST

  • A number of interesting and useful items will now drop in the anti-virtue dungeons of Britannia. The items will drop using the Treasures of Tokuno drop system (meaning the more you kill, the more likely it is that you will get one of these items as a drop.)
    • Katrina's Crook
    • Jaana's Staff
    • Dragon's End
    • Sentinel's Guard
    • Lord Blackthorn's Exemplar
    • Helm of Spirituality
    • Gorget of Honesty
    • Breastplate of Justice
    • Arms of Compassion
    • Gauntlets of Valor
    • Legs of Honor
    • Solaretes of Sacrifice
    • Ankh Pendant
    • UO Logo Sculpture
    • Map of Britannia
  • All characters more than 30 days old will recieve some anniversary goodies in their backpacks or bank boxes. (Should you not have room to accept the goodies, you'll get a warning when you log in, and the gifts will be deposited on a following login.)