Publish Notes from 2010-08-04

Publish Notes from 2010-08-04

Publish 67

04 Aug 2010 15:12:45 EST

Treasure Map

We have put HUNTING back into treasure maps! treasure map locations are now have randomized locations. All maps that have been decoded before publish will be valid for only 30 days, after that period you will have to decode them again. We have added maps for all facets, redone the loot for the treasure chests, and added Guardian Mobs.

Treasure Chests and Loot

  • 5000 gold per level of treasure chest (level 1-6)
  • Removed random scrolls and reagents
  • Added some Imbuing Ingredients (On level 2+ maps)
  • Added a small chance for high property count items
  • There is a small chance to destroy items if lockpicking fails
  • Chance for Alacrity Scrolls
  • Chance for Decoration Vines (that players can not grow)
  • Chance for Tasty Treats for your pets
  • Chance for Recipes
  • Chance the chest will contain a Treasure chest map one level higher
  • Chance for a Skeleton Key (+ lockpicking skill)
  • Chance for treasure map Specific Artifacts (level 5+)

New Item Descriptions

  • New Property : Brittle. These items cannot be fortified.
  • Skeleton Key: Bonus to lockpicking skill for the next lockpick attempt. (Limited Charges)
  • Mana Phasing Orb (Talisman): Your next 2 mana checks are free, until you do damage or attempt to use mana. (Whichever comes first) (Limited Charges, Brittle) On use.
  • Surge Shield: Increases one of your regeneration stats by 10 for 20 seconds. (Limited Charges, Brittle, Enhanceable, Imbuable) On Use
  • Runed Sash of Warding: Decreases incoming damage from spells OR weapons, by 10 % for 10 seconds. (Limited Charges, Brittle) On Use
  • Forged Pardon: Reduces the users murder counts by 1. (Single Use)

Lockpicking Changes

  • Lockpicking has been slightly reworked. Success chances at high skill level have been improved, as well as allowing some small success chance for lower skill levels.

Bard Changes

  • Bard spell songs are no longer interrupted by spellcasting.
  • Bards with either provocation or peacemaking mastery can have both their mastery spell songs active at the same time.
  • Bards with secondary bard skills above GM (Real Skill) will receive a slightly reduced mana cost for spell song upkeep.
  • Bards with a mastery get a 5% bonus to their success chance at using any bard skills, and a 10% bonus to using the skill of their mastery focus.
  • All bard songs receive a slight bonus to their effects if the bard has additional bard skills over GM(Real Skill).
  • Discordance spell songs are now affected by the target's magic resistance. (PvP and specific Mobs only)
  • Despair Damage Tweaked: 1.5x vs Non Player, 3x Damage with Slayer Instruments
  • Tribulation: Damage bonus modified by 1.5 with Instruments
  • Bard Skill Timeout reduced to 8 Seconds.
  • Having a bard mastery reduces all Bard Skill Timeouts by 1 second, and an additional second for the Skill of the mastery focus.

Bug Fixes

  • Resilience will now add poison resistance/immunity correctly
  • Issue fixed with being able to polymorph while wearing the majik flippers
  • Statue of Finnigan's name should return to original state.
  • Blinking Green Nose Reindeer were fixed in SA client
  • The Endless Decanter of Water will now auto-refill when Cooking .
  • Only Owners and Co Owners can set the music order of Dawns's Music box
  • Pink Champagne and Egg Nog bottles should show the correct names
  • Pitchers of Mile and Liquor can be used to refill pots of eggnog
  • Invisibility potions can now be stored and removed properly from potion kegs
  • Players should be able to leave a party without issues now
  • Players should no longer lose gold when selling above 65,536, the bank check will be placed in your bank for the full amount
  • Players can no longer have an unlimited amount of Spell Stones in their packs
  • Healing stones can no longer be transferred via bag of sending to the bank
  • The Community Collection Treasure Hunter and Thief NPC's gumps should open properly when you have an item in your inventory that can be turned in
  • The Bardiche and Battle Axe are no longer invisible when equipped and standing in war mode on both male and female gargoyles in the legacy client only
  • The Evidence quest given by Sarakki can not be completed and you should be able to receive your reward
  • Targetted pet windows will disappear as soon as the pet is mounted
  • You will now get a “Your Spell Song has been Interrupted” system message associated with interrupting the Invigorate bard mastery ability
  • The strength of the Bane Dragon's poison attack varies depending upon Range
    • In the adjacent tile, the poison can be level 4 or 5
    • With 1 or 2 tiles separation, poison can be 3 or 4
    • With 3 or 4 tiles separation, poison can be 2 or 3
  • Fixed an issue with the Silver Sapling Resurrection gump, it should no longer appear outside of the Abyss
  • The rockfall in Navery's lair should be working properly
  • Stygian Abyss mobiles will no longer drop Peerless encounter keys
  • Enchanted Apples can no longer be exceptional or have a maker's mark; existing exceptional or marked apples will lose this status
  • Fixed issues with removing Exploding Tar Potions and Silver Sapling Seeds from stacks
  • Players can no longer place items inside of Inspected Potion Kegs (quest items)
  • Fixed an issue with the identification of Parasitic Poison potions stored in kegs
  • When a creature is tamed, it will no longer block the respawn of another creature of the same type
  • Fixed issues with re-stacking of items that have been removed from mailboxes and were still showing their sender information
  • Adding SOT's to Felucca Treasure chests
  • Added updated properties to the Mana Phase Orb
  • Can no longer imbue Durability onto a Brittle item
  • Pre Existing Ilshenar Maps will now be tagged with a Artifact Rarity 0 tag
  • Item counts have been adjusted for all treasure chests
  • Added Reagents back to the chests
  • Forged Pardons drop chance has been reduced