Publish Notes from 2010-10-28

Publish Notes from 2010-10-28

Publish 68.3

4 Nov, 2010

Halloween Event

A mysterious merchant has appeared near the Umbra moongate selling treats for hellhounds. Little is known of his motive, but know that giving treats to hellhounds this time of year is not for the faint of heart!

Enjoy trick or treating with the town NPCs! There are 4 new items that you may get. Be sure your begging skills are up to the challenge!

Live Event

There is a new quest giver in Trammel Britain by the moongate. Visit him to find out how you can get a replica of the Book of Truth.

Those who are loyal to the Bane Chosen can visit Trammel Magincia and seek out Miegen for a quest. You will need 7500 loyalty with the Bane Chosen to get his quest.Loyalty cap for the Bane Chosen, the Meer, and the Ophidians has been raised to 10,000.

13th Year Anniversary Rewards

This year there are various items to pick :

  • White Leather Dye Tub
  • Railed Display Cases (dbl click the case to remove it and replace it)
  • 3 Styles of Grandfather Clocks (chime on the hour)
  • 4 New Cermanic Pots

Message in a Bottle Revamp

New Items to Fish Up

  • Fish Heads
  • Oars
  • Unfinished table legs
  • Unfinished Chest of Drawers

New Message in a Bottle Chest items

Small chance to pull up a ship StrongBox instead of a MIB Chest

  • Strong Box Contains:
    • 10,000 gold per difficulty level
    • Regular Gems 20 per level
    • Big Gems (Difficulty *5 + random 0-4)
    • Gold or Copper Ingots

Saltpeter is now a mineable resource – Need High Seas Entitlement

  • Can be mined in dungeons and on a boat
  • Players will occasionally uncover niter deposits when mining for ore
  • Frequency of discovery and size of deposits depends on mining skill and Luck
  • Mine the niter deposit to obtain saltpeter
  • Niter deposits will decay over time if not mined

New Rare Crab and Lobster Trophy's

  • Enchanted and Legendary Crabs and Lobsters can now be turned into trophy's via the Taxidermy Kit.

Bug Fixes

  • Made a channel in the sea market so boats can get in and out a little easier. This will be marked by bouys.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to access cargo holds while the boat is moving
  • You will no longer be able to cast field spells on stairs
  • Players will no longer be able to scuttle a ship in Trammel
  • If you are a ghost on a scuttled ship you can now debark your ship to your last valid terrain location by using the mooring lines.
  • Cannon ammunitition will no longer lose its price or reset the price of a container on server maintenance on your vendor.
  • Players now have a 100% chance to get sand when mining for this resource.
  • Purchasing items while from vendors using funds in a player's bank will now be taken from check form if gold coins are not present in a players bank.
  • Pirate boats will no longer continue to fire their cannons after the captain and crew are dead
  • Players will no longer be able to kill captured Pirates from other players boats
  • All fishing will now act like every other resource gathering in the game. If an area is fished out you will get a message stating so with an exception to Lobsters. Lobster and Crabs are considered as different resources and are taken from a different resource table.
  • Swing speed for Throwing weapons has been corrected you will now be able to reach 1.25s.
  • Saltpeter is now traded as a commodity, with unlimited availability but subject to price adjustment
  • Shopkeepers will now buy back commodities at 75% of their asking price, instead of never offering more than the base price
  • Commodity deeds may now be filled from a boat hold
  • Commodity deeds may be redeemed in a boat hold, if the contents of the deed will fit in the hold
  • Guards can no longer be called on Pirates
  • Players will now insta log at the Winds Tavern at the sea market
  • An issue was fixed that caused the lobster traps to be destroyed faster than they should have been.
  • Fixed an issue with guild/non-guild ship access
  • Sails will no longer cause ownership issues with your ships
  • Fishmonger quests require the exactly amount being asked for put in the crates. You can no longer remove the crate from the hold, if you quit the quest the fish will automatically be placed in your pack or in your hold.