Publish Notes from 2011-06-01

Publish Notes from 2011-06-01

Publish 70.0.4 Update 3

Bug Fixes

  • Players are no longer able to steal from EM's in Felucca.
  • Felucca players now have access to the stairs of the building in the hedge maze.
  • Corroded boxes will now properly highlight and show tooltips when locked down in your house and you customize it.
  • Ingots will no longer disappear when the player's backpack is overweight when smelting.
  • Hell Hounds can no longer be turned into Ancient Hellhounds.
  • Increased the chance to receive Copper Wire from thieving and a random chance to get it from Pirate Ships.
  • Pets owned by Faction members will now obey verbal commands given by the pet's name.