Rares Collection: Rubble/Rocks

Rubble Rocks

Many different rock rubbles were created. Some came in 3 different hues, others already existed as differently hued but otherwise identical graphics with similar coloring to the rehued rocks. All types of rock are listed below - those which exist as different graphics, rather than rehues, have a different background color in this table.

Hue 0 Hue 350 Hue 351
Type 1 UO-Item-4967-0.png
Type 2 UO-Item-4962-0.png
Type 3 UO-Item-4969-0.png UO-Item-4969-350.png UO-Item-4969-351.png
Type 4 UO-Item-4965-0.png UO-Item-4965-350.png UO-Item-4965-351.png
Type 5 UO-Item-4963-0.png UO-Item-4963-350.png UO-Item-4963-351.png
Type 6 UO-Item-4961-0.png UO-Item-4961-350.png UO-Item-4961-351.png
Type 7 UO-Item-4964-0.png
Hue 0 Hue 0 Hue 0
Type 8 UO-Item-6007-0.png UO-Item-6011-0.png UO-Item-6003-0.png
Type 9 UO-Item-6008-0.png UO-Item-6012-0.png UO-Item-6004-0.png
Type 10

"Moonstone rocks"

UO-Item-6010-0.png UO-Item-6002-0.png

The hue 350 and 351 rocks all came from one of the rock blockades:


The "giant boulder" from the other rock blockade actually consisted of two pieces. The following two rocks can be combined to form this boulder: UO-Item-4961-0.png UO-Item-4962-0.png

Two of the rocks were also given as quest rubbles. These can be differentiated from Magicina event rubble only by their weight; quest rubbles will have a weight between 10 and 19 stones, whereas Magicina event rubbles will weigh 20 or more stones. (Any Magicina event rubble rocks between 10 and 19 stones cannot be distinguished, and are treated as if they were quest rubbles.) The two quest rubble rocks were UO-Item-6010-0.png and UO-Item-4962-0.png.