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1 stone
Necromancy Spell
Spell Strangle
Mana Cost 29 mana
Duration 20 seconds
Casting Delay 2.5 seconds
Skill (min) 65 Necromancy
Skill (99%) 105 Necromancy
Skill (Scribe) 64.6 Inscription
Daemon BloodDaemon Blood
Nox CrystalNox Crystal
Craftable Scroll
Name Strangle
Category Spells of Necromancy
Skill(s) Required 64.6 Inscription
Mana Cost 29 mana
Can be exceptional No
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable No
Required Recipe None
Tool Required
Stackable Yes
1 Blank ScrollBlank Scroll
1 Daemon BloodDaemon Blood
1 Nox CrystalNox Crystal


Words of Power
Britannian in bal nox



Temporarily chokes off the air supply of the target with poisonous fumes, doing more damage as their Stamina drops. The power of the effect is equal to the Caster’s Spirit Speak skill ÷ 10. The minimum power is 4. The power number determines the duration and base damage of the Strangle effect.

Each point of power causes the Strangle effect to damage the target one time. The first round of damage is done after five seconds. Four seconds later, the second round hits. Each round after that comes one second more quickly than the last, until there is only 1 second between hits.

Damage is calculated as follows: The range of damage is between power – 2 and power + 1. Then the damage is multiplied based on the victim’s current and maximum Stamina values. The more the victim is fatigued, the more damage this spell deals. The damage is multiplied by the result of this formula: 3 – (Cur Stamina ÷ Max Stamina x 2.