Wraith Form

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1 stone
Necromancy Spell
Spell Wraith Form
Mana Cost 17 mana
Duration until recast or death
Casting Delay 4 seconds
Skill (min) 20 Necromancy
Skill (99%) 60 Necromancy
Skill (Scribe) 19.6 Inscription
Nox CrystalNox Crystal
Pig IronPig Iron
Craftable Scroll
Name Wraith Form
Category Spells of Necromancy
Skill(s) Required 19.6 Inscription
Mana Cost 17 mana
Can be exceptional No
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable No
Required Recipe None
Tool Required
Stackable Yes
1 Blank ScrollBlank Scroll
1 Nox CrystalNox Crystal
1 Pig IronPig Iron

Wraith Form

Words of Power
Britannian rel xen um



Transforms the caster into an ethereal Wraith, lowering some Elemental Resists, while increasing their Physical Resist.

  • Caster receives ability to walk through people in Felucca without losing stamina/being revealed.
  • Caster receives the ability to cast the magery spell “Recall” 100% of the time if he has reagents.
  • Caster takes +25% damage from “Undead Slayers”.
  • Caster receives immunity to bleed attacks due to being undead.
  • Caster receives +15 physical resist.
  • Caster receives -5 fire and energy resist.
  • Duration is permanent until death or a transformation spell is cast.
  • Caster receives the ability to truely leech mana from a target’s mana pool (If the targets mana pool is empty then you leech nothing.)
  • The amount leeched is based upon your Spirit Speak skill and the damage you do to the target. It works with Magery and Weapon damage. Formula – Spirit Speak / 5
  • 20% at GM Spirit Speak
  • 24% at 120 Spirit Speak