Air Elemental

Air Elemental

UO-CC-Bodytype-13-1.gif UO-Air Elemental-kr.png UO-EC-bodytype-13.png
Classic client Kingdom Reborn client
Enhanced client
Basic Stats
Alignment Neutral (grey)
Magic Level journeyman
Poison Level unknown
Loyalty Points unknown
Fame 4500 ᵇ
Fame (Felucca) ≈ 5850 ᵇ
Karma -4500 ᵇ
Karma (Felucca) ≈ -5850 ᵇ
+40% if paragon.
When was this mobile added to the game?First Seen? 1997: Day One
Is this mobile still spawning somewhere in the game?Spawning? Yes
Found Where? (old) Burned Forest
Central Ilshenar Desert
Kirin Passage
Montor Desert
Valor Jungle
Found Where? (new) Anordkor Tereg
Central Ilshenar
Elemental Canyon
Ki-rin Passage
Nox Tereg
Teper Tervasarb
The Glacier
Can this mobile be tamed?Tameable? No
Bodytype #(s) 13
Hue #(s) 1
Can this mobile be mounted?Mountable? No
Can you 'summon' this mobile in some way (other than from your stable)?Summonable? No
Can you polymorph into this body form in some wayPolymorphable? No
Is this mobile only seen while on a quest? If so, which quest?Quest only? No
Does a statue version of this mobile exist?Statue form? No
Gold 175-225 gp
Base Loot 2 Low/Medium Level Scrolls
Special Loot Level 1 Treasure Map
Stealing unknown
These incorporeal beings are the natural inhabitants of a formless world of elemental air. Betimes, they are summoned to the material world at the behest of mighty sorcerers. It is within their power to rend and buffet material creatures with the winds they call and command. Left to their own devices, they tend to seek refuge among the tallest mountains.


Base Damage 8-10
Ranged Attack none
Slayer Air elemental
Anti-Slayer Abyss
Speed fast
Does this mobile auto-dispel summons?Auto-Dispel? No
Special Moves & Abilities Magery
5 points higher if paragon.

Data is based on 9 reports.

Damage and Resistances

Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Damage 20% 0% 40% 0% 40%
Resist (min) 35% 15% 10% 10% 25%
Resist (avg) 40% 20% 15% 15% 30%
Resist (max) 45% 25% 20% 20% 35%

HP Stamina Mana Strength Dexterity Intelligence
min 72 142 92 126 166 101
avg 84 168.5 112.5 141 166 101
max 96 195 133 156 166 101
paragon 360 - 480   170.4 - 234   121.2 - 121.2   132.3 - 163.8   199.2 - 199.2   121.2 - 121.2  
Hit Point Regeneration Stamina Regeneration Mana Regeneration
min unknown unknown unknown
avg unknown unknown unknown
max unknown unknown unknown


Barding Difficulty: 30 - 79.4

Barding Notes: No notes have yet been added.


Tameable?: No

Pack Instincts:  unknown



Anatomy Detecting Hidden Healing Hiding Magic Resist Parrying Poisoning Tactics Wrestling
min 10 unknown unknown unknown 10 unknown 25 15 35
avg 15 unknown unknown unknown 15 unknown 30 47.4 57.3
max 20 unknown unknown unknown 20 unknown 35 79.8 79.6

Lore & Knowledge:

Bushido Chivalry Discordance Eval Int Focus Magery Meditation Mysticism Necromancy Ninjitsu Spellweaving Spirit Speak
min unknown unknown unknown 61.2 1 60.3 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
avg unknown unknown unknown 67.9 16.1 66.6 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
max unknown unknown unknown 74.6 31.2 72.9 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown

Data is based on 9 reports.