Hue 1109

Hue 1109

Hue # 1109
Color Code 0x0455
Official Name(s) Shadow Dancer Black
Unofficial Name(s) Coal
Minax Faction Grey
Shadowlord Faction Grey
Thrasher Grey
True Evil Mage
Internal Name HairHue #8

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno ToT1 (neon): Shadow Dancer Black
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1109.png UO-Item-9002-1109.png UO-Item-4011-1109.png UO-Item-3839-1109.png UO-Item-9003-1109.png UO-Item-7939-1109.png

Example items hued using hue 1109.

Items hued with hue 1109

UO-Item-5445-1109.png A Bear Mask [blessed] 
UO-Item-7944-1109.png A Necklace Adorned With A Large Middle Stone Adorned By An Obsidian Wisp
UO-Item-8480-1109.png A Perfect Rendition Of A Wild Nightmare
UO-Item-3649-1109.png Metal Chest 
UO-Item-5199-1109.png A Blackrock Infused Chest Bearing The Crest Of Armageddon 
UO-Item-5201-1109.png A Blackrock Infused Helm Bearing The Crest Of Armageddon 
UO-Item-12629-1109.png A Broken Summoning Crystal - ANIN 
UO-Item-12629-1109.png A Broken Summoning Crystal - ARI 
UO-Item-12629-1109.png A Broken Summoning Crystal - BEH 
UO-Item-12629-1109.png A Broken Summoning Crystal - JUKS 
UO-Item-12629-1109.png A Broken Summoning Crystal - KAH 
UO-Item-3937-1109.png A Dark Elf Longsword 
UO-Item-3203-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3206-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3208-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3211-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3220-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3223-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3228-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3231-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3237-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3238-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3239-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3241-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3332-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3366-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3367-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3372-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-3377-1109.png A Decorative Black Plant 
UO-Item-7940-1109.png A Faction Robe 
UO-Item-7814-1109.png A Feather From A Mutated Turkey I Slayed At Thanksgiving 
UO-Item-7955-1109.png A Piece of Black Rock 
UO-Item-3938-1109.png A Sharpened Stick 
UO-Item-15122-1109.png A Shell From The Deep Depths Housing The Discordant Sound Of Madness 
UO-Item-12687-1109.png A Wilted Piece Of Bark Fragment 
UO-Item-5912-1109.png A Wizard's Hat Recovered During The Rescue Of Giri Ui. 
UO-Item-5901-1109.png Big Majik Flippers 
UO-Item-7955-1109.png Blackrock 
UO-Item-5198-1109.png Blackrock Infused Arms Bearing The Crest Of Armageddon 
UO-Item-5200-1109.png Blackrock Infused Gloves Bearing The Crest Of Armageddon 
UO-Item-5202-1109.png Blackrock Infused Leggings Bearing The Crest Of Armageddon 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Balron Baffler 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Cat Keeper 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Demon Breaker 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Dragon Finder 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - King Listener 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Lich Dodger 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Orc Ambusher 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Pigeon Watcher 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Serpent Shadower 
UO-Item-5397-1109.png Britannian Royal Spy - Wyrm Fixer 
UO-Item-6584-1109.png Christmas Rocks For The Naughty List (Catskills 2010) 
UO-Item-6585-1109.png Coal 
UO-Item-12696-1109.png Crystalline Blackrock 
UO-Item-7955-1109.png Crystalline Blackrock 
UO-Item-5198-1109.png Death Splints 
UO-Item-7937-1109.png Dress From A Minion of Mesanna 
UO-Item-7937-1109.png Dress From Mesanna's Minion 
UO-Item-7937-1109.png Dress Of Mesanna's Minion 
UO-Item-7121-1109.png Feather 
UO-Item-39297-1109.png Forskis Encrypted Fellowship Codes 
UO-Item-5139-1109.png Gorget of Valhalla 
UO-Item-5441-1109.png Greetings From EM Nestor - Atlantic 2010 
UO-Item-7783-1109.png Head Mount Of A Dire Bear Known As Adrelstaer The Bloody 
UO-Item-5138-1109.png Helm of the Trickster 
UO-Item-9859-1109.png Hooded Shroud Of Shadows 
UO-Item-4161-1109.png Humble Pie 
UO-Item-7154-1109.png Ingots 
UO-Item-9935-1109.png Juka Black Duel Sword Wrapped In Finest Silk 
UO-Item-7939-1109.png Midnight's Wrap 
UO-Item-4232-1109.png Necklace Of The Ages 
UO-Item-4967-1109.png Piece of an Evil Idol 
UO-Item-5138-1109.png Plate Helm 
UO-Item-5136-1109.png Platemail Arms 
UO-Item-5140-1109.png Platemail Gloves 
UO-Item-5139-1109.png Platemail Gorget 
UO-Item-5137-1109.png Platemail Legs 
UO-Item-5141-1109.png Platemail Tunic 
UO-Item-9793-1109.png Royal Guard - Curator Of Honesty 
UO-Item-5139-1109.png Royal Guard - Curator Of The Purloined 
UO-Item-7030-1109.png Royal Guard - Defender Of Vesper 
UO-Item-9793-1109.png Royal Guard - Defender Of Yew 
UO-Item-9797-1109.png Royal Guard - Destroyer Of The Skilfden Ronin 
UO-Item-9795-1109.png Royal Guard - Liberator Of Nujel'm 
UO-Item-10127-1109.png Royal Guard - Nujel'm's Dissident 
UO-Item-9799-1109.png Royal Guard - Shadow Walker 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Agent 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Consultant 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Fixer 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Ghost 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Investigator 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Operative 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Runner 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Scout 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Snitch 
UO-Item-10128-1109.png Royal Spy Utility Belt - Watcher 
UO-Item-3920-1109.png Shadow Artillery 
UO-Item-4161-1109.png Shepherd's Pie 
UO-Item-5444-1109.png Skin Of The Demon 
UO-Item-4311-1109.png Small Web 
UO-Item-6231-1109.png Small Writing Reveals The Words: Ebon Flask 
UO-Item-5183-1109.png Soul Reaper 
UO-Item-5928-1109.png The Easter Bunny Laid This Egg Especially For You :) Dont Want To Know Technical Details 
UO-Item-9924-1109.png The Grim Reaper's Scythe 
UO-Item-3834-1109.png The Lieber Demonicum 
UO-Item-3748-1109.png Wanted Poster Of Casca And His Enforcers 
UO-Item-4796-1109.png Yew Tree