Spell Plague

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1 stone
Mysticism Spell
Spell Spell Plague
Spell Circle 7th Circle
Mana Cost 40 mana
Duration immediate
Casting Delay 2 seconds
Skill (min) 70 Mysticism
Skill (99%) 107.5 Mysticism
Skill (Scribe) 60.7 Inscription
Daemon BoneDaemon Bone
Dragon's BloodDragon's Blood
Sulfurous AshSulfurous Ash
Craftable Scroll
Name Spell Plague
Category Spells of Mysticism
Skill(s) Required 60.7 Inscription
Mana Cost 40 mana
Can be exceptional No
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable No
Required Recipe None
Tool Required
Stackable Yes
1 Blank ScrollBlank Scroll
1 Daemon BoneDaemon Bone
1 Dragon's BloodDragon's Blood
1 NightshadeNightshade
1 Sulfurous AshSulfurous Ash

Spell Plague

Words of Power
Britannian vas rel jux ort




Attacks a target with chaos damage and inflicts them with a spell plague. Each time a plagued target is damaged they have a chance of receiving an additional explosion of chaos damage up to 3 additional time. The plague expires after 3 explosions or 8 seconds which ever comes first, but multiple spell plagues can be cast on a target and they will apply in sequence. The inital chance to trigger the curse’s explosion is 90% and reduced by 30% for each additional explosion. There is a 1 second gap between each curse effect explosion.

If (Eval + Mysticism)/2 of Caster = Resist Spells of target, there's a 50% chance for the curse to harm them.

Damage is equivalent to a 7th circle Mysticism/Magery spell.

Damage can be enhanced by the following (same as Magery):

  • Inscription Bonus
  • Intelligence Bonus
  • Spell Damage Increase (capped at 15% for PvP)
  • Slayer Spellbook
  • Evaluating Intelligence Bonus

Every time the Spell Plague harms someone, there is a 50% chance the plague will expire.

Spell Plague expires after 15 seconds assuming it wasn't removed.

There is a 30 second cooldown, meaning the Mystic can only cast a spell plague once every 30 seconds.