Focus Of Theurgy

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1 stone

Focus Of Theurgy

Craftable Item
Name Focus Of Theurgy
Category Tools
Skill(s) Required 100 Magery
100 Tinkering
Can be exceptional No
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable Yes
Required Recipe None
Tool Required Any of:
Stackable No
20 QuicksilverQuicksilver

A # Master Craftsman Talisman with Crafting Failure Protection is highly advised. The cost in materials to get one is relatively minimal, considering that you can lose 5 to 10 Quicksilver with each failure, and the success chance is only 5%. The talisman will not guarantee you success, but it will prevent you from losing any Quicksilver when you fail.

If you do not have a # Master Craftsman Talisman with Crafting Failure Protection handy, you'll need to fill a #Tinkering Bulk Order Deed. Look for any small which requires colored ingots. Bribe it up until it is worth at least 550 points:

Fill that deed and turn it in. Make sure not to bank the points, and select the talisman for 550 points.