Start Date 1998-10-31

Governance Last Updated: 2016-08-21
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain none +5% SDI
Jhelom Teclo +1 FC
Minoc Escaflowne +5% SSI
Moonglow none +5% SDI
New Magincia Princess Caoimbe +1 FC
Skara Brae none +5% SSI
Trinsic Aryala +5% HCI
Vesper Anna Goodward None
Yew Vincent Lecava None

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2000-04-25: Danger From The Shadows
2000-05-10: The Streets Are Safe Again!
2000-06-26: Gypsy Fortunes Or Misfortune?
2000-07-17: Strange Clientele In The Vesper Magic Shop
2000-07-26: Mysteries Of The Clayns
2000-08-01: Strange Cemetary Attacks Cease
2000-08-29: Rilla’s Prophecy
2000-09-24: Riddle Of The Ancient Dragon
2000-10-10: Gypsy Fortune, And A Rare Opportunity!
2000-10-29: The Lair Awaits: Al'Cedra’s Challenge
2000-11-05: Kazari’s Brother Arrested
2000-11-26: Al’Cedra And The Ides Of November
2000-11-26: Reynaud Wyndyar Banished!
2000-11-27: Winner Of Design Contest And Next Room To Be Designed Announced!
2001-01-02: Trammel Dragon Take 5 - Dragons Of The New Year
2001-01-18: Al’Cedra’s Challenge: Trammel For Lovers
2001-01-30: Vile Sorcery Corrupts The Land’s Cemeteries!
2001-02-11: Dark Alliance Forms!
2001-02-20: Al’Cedra’s Challenge: The Gauntlet
2001-03-22: Al'Cedra’s Challenge: On The Trail Of The Jest
2002: Boroni`s Challenge
2002: Cove
2002: Dark Tides
2002: Dark Tides II
2002: Dark Tides III
2002: Dark Tides IV
2002: Dark Tides V
2002: Dran Fenala I
2002: Dran Fenala II
2002: Dran Fenala III
2002: Gossip Archive I
2002: Guardian of the Sanctum
2002: Magincia
2002: Rothermere`s Travels
2002: Rumors and Lies
2002: Seth Bluepyre I
2002: Seth Bluepyre II
2002: Templewood
2002: The Coming of Nocsaal
2002: The Royal Lute

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