20th Anniversary Event

20th Anniversary Global Event Arc



The Shattered Obelisk was scheduled to begin on August 16th, 2017 at approximately 11:00am ET. Due to a shard crash issue with Publish 98, the start was delayed to August 17th, 2017.[1]

Non-Storyline Changes

The Town Cryer

UO-Item-40884-0.png The Town Cryer has been resurrected to publish new fiction for the first time since 2000. Issues are now released using a in-game item that looks like a newspaper, rather than being posted out-of-game to uo.com.

UO Store

Three new Haochi's Pigments have been added to the UO Store: (8/16/2017)

The Hildebrandt Dragon Rug has been added to the added to the UO Store, at a cost of 700 sovereigns. (9/2/2017)


Part I – The Not-So-Ordinary World

This part started on August 16th, 2017.

  • On 8/17/2017, just after 3 PM EST, the new flaming trade quest ambushes were deactivated due to a bug. They were turned back on on 8/18/2017 after server maintenance for all shards except Oceania. [2] Oceania was turned back on after server maintenance on 8/19/2017.[3]

"It is just another day in Britannia, or is it? In an effort to stimulate trade and bolster city treasuries his Royal Highness has announced a reduction in tariffs, giving a large bonus to all city trade deliveries. With an increase in trade traffic, royal trade carts are finding themselves ambushed on Britannia’s roads. Who are these unknown attackers and what is their intent? Are they merely highway men looking to score some easy coin or are there more sinister forces at work…"[4]

Official fiction

2017-08-10: The Shattered Obelisk: The Oracle and the Bard
2017-08-16: The Shattered Obelisk: Enlightenment
2017-08-21: The Shattered Obelisk: Hickory Dickory Dock

The Town Cryer

2017-08-17: Feeling Pressure, Crown Announces Tariff Reduction to Spur Trade

Trade Quests

A proclamation from King Blackthorn has encouraged citizens to fill trade quests. However, trade quests are currently being ambushed.


'Curious' Items

New 'curious' items come as rare drops from doing trade quests:

Item Skill required Description
UO-Item-4232-0.png A Daemonic Amulet Magery The amulet bears a large pentagram hanging from a series of interlocking beads. Small bits of daemon flesh grind between the links as you manipulate them.
UO-Item-5357-0.png A Mysterious Rolled Map Cartography The map shows the location of several locations throughout Britannia, but none seem to stand out as noteworthy.
UO-Item-5139-0.png An Oddly Modified Gorget Blacksmithing The gorget appears to have been modified to fit the neck of a large creature. There are chafe marks scarring the interior showing signs of struggle against it by the wearer. Large rings stud the circumference of the gorget.
UO-Item-18054-0.png A Soul Trapped Within A Phylactery Necromancy A tool used by those wishing to entrap the souls of the undead and command them to do their bidding.
UO-Item-9925-0.png Boline Swordsmanship The crescent blade is crude but you surmise is formidable for performing intricate engraving work. The tip is stained with the shavings of wax and soft metal.
UO-Item-3138-0.png Dried Incense Alchemy The strong smell of sage and deadwood emanates from the bundle.
UO-Item-6420-0.png Folded Stole Tailoring Often used during official ceremonies and ritual this long flowing vestment is worn draped over the neck and is embroidered with pentagrams at either end.
UO-Item-2458-0.png Goblet Tinkering The goblet is relatively unassuming. The interior of the pewter cup is stained a deep ruby. An etching of a pentagram decorates the base.
UO-Item-3573-0.png Pentagram Adorned Wand Arms Lore The wand is pretty standard among other wands you may have seen. The twin shaft is made of cedar and is crested with an intricate pentagram made of etched rock, inlaid with blueish crystals.
UO-Item-7185-0.png Ritual Tome Spirit Speak The large tome is adorned with a pentagram, not uncommon to many arcane items found throughout Britannia. There appear to be pages upon pages of ritualistic instructions and incantations, none of which are in a familiar language.
UO-Item-5743-0.png Scourge Provocation Not unlike tools used to provoke a response from an intended victim, this whip is studded with beads of hard rock. The leather is stained deep red from repeated self use.
Unusually-hued items

Some unusually hued normal items have also been spotted as loot on brigand ambushers:

UO-Item-5445-2683.png Bear Mask (hue 2683)
UO-Item-5397-1150.png Cloak (hue 1150)
UO-Item-5397-2406.png Cloak (hue 2406)
UO-Item-10127-2406.png Cloth Ninja Hood (hue 2406)
UO-Item-5112-1345.png Gnarled Staff (hue 1345)
UO-Item-3907-1345.png Hatchet (hue 1345)
AmbushRobe.png Hooded Robe (hue 1345)
UO-Item-10137-1745.png Kamishimo (hue 1745)
UO-Item-5431-1208.png Kilt (hue 1208)
UO-Item-5431-1227.png Kilt (hue 1227)
UO-Item-5431-1616.png Kilt (hue 1616)
UO-Item-5431-1802.png Kilt (hue 1802)
UO-Item-5431-1883.png Kilt (hue 1883)
UO-Item-5062-1345.png Leather Gloves (hue 1345)
UO-Item-10106-1345.png Leather Mempo (hue 1345)
UO-Item-10126-1748.png Leather Ninja Hood (hue 1748)
UO-Item-5061-1345.png Leather Sleeves (hue 1345)
UO-Item-7937-2404.png Plain Dress (hue 2404)
UO-Item-5100-1510.png Ringmail Tunic (hue 1510)
UO-Item-7939-1345.png Robe (hue 1345)
UO-Item-7939-2306.png Robe (hue 2306)
UO-Item-5399-1201.png Shirt (hue 1201)
UO-Item-5399-1224.png Shirt (hue 1224)
UO-Item-5399-1324.png Shirt (hue 1324)
UO-Item-5399-1416.png Shirt (hue 1416)
UO-Item-5399-1427.png Shirt (hue 1427)
UO-Item-5399-1512.png Shirt (hue 1512)
UO-Item-5399-1520.png Shirt (hue 1520)
UO-Item-5399-1536.png Shirt (hue 1536)
UO-Item-5399-1540.png Shirt (hue 1540)
UO-Item-5399-1547.png Shirt (hue 1547)
UO-Item-5399-1637.png Shirt (hue 1637)
UO-Item-5399-1650.png Shirt (hue 1650)
UO-Item-5399-1708.png Shirt (hue 1708)
UO-Item-5399-1714.png Shirt (hue 1714)
UO-Item-5399-1723.png Shirt (hue 1723)
UO-Item-5399-1729.png Shirt (hue 1729)
UO-Item-5399-1731.png Shirt (hue 1731)
UO-Item-5399-1746.png Shirt (hue 1746)
UO-Item-5399-1747.png Shirt (hue 1747)
UO-Item-5399-1809.png Shirt (hue 1809)
UO-Item-5399-1824.png Shirt (hue 1824)
UO-Item-5399-1884.png Shirt (hue 1884)
UO-Item-5422-1202.png Short Pants (hue 1202)
UO-Item-5422-1310.png Short Pants (hue 1310)
UO-Item-5422-1314.png Short Pants (hue 1314)
UO-Item-5422-1525.png Short Pants (hue 1525)
UO-Item-5422-1634.png Short Pants (hue 1634)
UO-Item-5422-1710.png Short Pants (hue 1710)
UO-Item-5422-1886.png Short Pants (hue 1886)
UO-Item-5398-1405.png Skirt (hue 1405)
UO-Item-5398-1431.png Skirt (hue 1431)
UO-Item-5398-1635.png Skirt (hue 1635)
UO-Item-5443-2406.png Skullcap (hue 2406)

Other colors of clothing have been found, but this listing excludes any dyable colors.

Part II – Exotic Treasures

This part started on August 23, 2017.

The treasuries of Britannia’s cities overflow with coin as brave citizens take to protecting the commerce of the realm, hoping to recover otherwise useless trinkets of unknown highwaymen. Clues from those trinkets have raised more questions then they have answered. As the questions continue to mount, exotic treasures are found buried deep in the otherwise quiet Britannian countryside…to what end are these treasures important and what role do they play – only time will tell…[5]

Official fiction

2017-08-23: The Shattered Obelisk: Talking Through Wisps

The Town Cryer

2017-08-23: Classifieds: Yearning for Adventure? HUGE Treasure Map Sale!

New Treasure Maps

To start this week's content, the Town Cryer's advertisement sends you to Needful Things in Jhelom, northeast of the central teleporters. There you meet an NPC named Al the Treasure Hunter:

Al the Treasure Hunter.png

Al the Treasure Hunter Dialog.jpg

Al the Treasure Hunter: Greetings Traveler! Is it fine provisions you seek? Then look no further!

Player: I saw your ad, can I buy some maps?

Al the Treasure Hunter: You and everyone else! Ever since running that ad we haven't been able to keep anything in stock, treasure maps especially! Look friend, don't take this the wrong way but you wouldn't want to get involved in treasure hunting. Dangerous business you know.

Player: I think I can handle it. I've got coin!

Al the Treasure Hunter: The coin is nay the problem! I merely do not have any more maps to sell!

Player: Perhaps I could find them for myself?

Al the Treasure Hunter: I suppose there is no harm in telling you...you will probably end up getting yourself eaten by something and my associates and I will scavenge that fancy gear of yours *chuckles*

Player: *eyes narrow* The location?

Al the Treasure Hunter: *nervous laugh* Fine, fine! Us Treasure Hunters get together every so often, and recently we have been coming across some strange stuff buried out there. Normally we find pirate treasure or the hidden stash of some highway bandits, but recently...I dunno. Instead of rusty chests there have been these...objects. I really dunno how to describe them. Kinda like a statue with weird carvings...and the flashes and thunder, really bizarre. Treasure's all there though, same creatures still protecting them, just now we been finding these statue things from maps recovered from Hythloth, Deceit, and Destard. Good luck getting your hands on one though!

Player: *nods* I'll have a look, farewell!

Al the Treasure Hunter: Well met, *mumbles* can't wait to come across your corpse in...I mean good luck with everything and thanks for stopping in!

The new treasure maps can be recovered from corpses while hunting in Trammel Hythloth, Deceit, and Destard.

What to Hunt

This lists all mobs from those 3 dungeons which are known to drop treasure maps:

The Treasure Hunt

They can be traded between characters, and must be decoded by a character with Cartography skill.

Level Cartography Skill Required
1: Plainly Drawn 27.0
2: Expertly Drawn 71.0
3: Adeptly Drawn 81.0
4: Cleverly Drawn 91.0
5: Deviously Drawn 100
6: Ingeniously Drawn 100
7: Diabolically Drawn 100

When decoded and opened, these maps will have an additional tag, "Recovered in Dungeon (dungeon name)", with the description "The map appears unlike other treasure maps common to this area. The map is much newer and includes detailed notations related to the treasure hoarde's proximity to major trade routes."

At the location given by the treasure map, once you dig, "A Mysterious Obelisk" will appear. As with all treasure chests, skill in Mining will be a great help.

Mysterious Obelisk.png

A group of guardians will spawn, which must be killed. Then the obelisk must be destroyed before the treasure can be unlocked - target the green crystal at the top. A "Stone Base" will be left behind.


The Stone Base looks different, but functions exactly like a normal treasure chest. To unlock, use either Lockpicking or the spell Unlock on the top of the obelisk, not the base (the "Obelisk Tip" part). The stone base will then be trapped; the Remove Trap skill or the Telekinesis spell can be used to remove the traps.


While looting the stone base, additional mobs will spawn, until the stone base is empty.

New items found in the treasure obelisks


Double clicking on these scrolls gives the message, "*The scroll seems unwilling to unfurl. Perhaps it belongs in a spellbook of otherworldly origin...*".

Item Skill required Description
UO-Item-5171-2051.png Candle (black) Magery A rather unassuming candle, from what you understand it has some ritualistic use.
UO-Item-5171-33.png Candle (red) Magery A rather unassuming candle, from what you understand it has some ritualistic use.
UO-Item-3961-0.png Blackmoor
UO-Item-3971-0.png Executioner's Cap
UO-Item-40937-0.png Obsidian
UO-Item-3979-0.png Pumice

Note: This new Obsidian is NOT the same graphic as the old rare Obsidian.

Old version: UO-Item-3977-0.png
New version: UO-Item-40937-0.png

However, the other reagents are identical in all respects to the old items.

Part III – An Ethereal Journey

This part started on August 30, 2017:

  • 2017-08-30: "This part is now active on Origin & Europa, and as we monitor the event it will become active on additional shards. Siege will be active following its next scheduled maintenance."[6]
  • Update as of 4:45pm ET: Part III is now active on Atlantic. If the monitoring period goes well, we will activate all shards at 8pm ET. Thank you for your patience while we roll out the next phase of the arc.
  • Not posted, but all other shards except Seige started seeing the rollout around 8pm ET as expected.
  • Update 8/31/2017: Due to an unforeseen issue on Siege Perilous, Part III of the Shattered Obelisk will be available after Siege Perilous’ next maintenance on 9/1/2017. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Skara Brae reels from the devastation of a recent earthquake, Britain’s farms are engulfed in an inferno, and Vesper is drowned in catastrophic floods – despite these events, the whole of Britannia seems mostly unfazed. Perhaps a testament to the resolve of the Britannian people, or are there riches drawing the attention of would be treasure seekers – to what end are these events connected? Will it be too late before that question is answered…[7]

Official fiction

2017-08-30: The Shattered Obelisk: The House Between There and Here
2017-09-01: The Shattered Obelisk: Lurker
2017-09-01: The Shattered Obelisk: The Mountain King

The Town Cryer

2017-08-30: Murder in Moonglow! Lycaeum Ransacked - Again!

Map Changes

  • Houses in the Britain farms are on fire
  • Part of eastern Vesper is under water (you can still walk on the new water areas)
  • There is a new crack in the ground, and mountain ridge off-shore, in the northern part of Skara Brae. (This change actually went in with Publish 98's client patch, but now the storyline has caught up with the map change.)
  • The Minoc mines are blocked by a rockfall.


Double click on the city herald to get the first quest. (It is not in his popup menu; you have to double click). You'll get the first quest, which is just to buy a newspaper from him, and to read it.


Upon doing so, you'll be offerred the next quest, which sends you to Vesper's Marsh Hall.



Marsh Hall


In Marsh Hall you'll find 3 NPCs wearing cloaks. Speak to each of them.

The Baroness
Baroness *She looks at you with disinterest and a furled lip*
Player: Begging thy pardon, may I sit?
Baroness If you must.
Player: Fine day? Care for some wine?
Baroness Oh? *she smiles a bit and extends her cup as if she expected it*
Player: Read the Town Cryer much?
Baroness I have one of my servants read it to me. I think they make up stories to sell issues.
Player: What of the ambushes?
Baroness People ought not to go on the roads anyway, dangerous places! Wouldn't catch me out there without my personal militia.
Player: What of the treasures?
Baroness I've got plenty of treasure, you could probably use some of it though *smiles slightly and shuffles away some*
Player: What of the Lycaeum?
Baroness Moonglow is too hot anyway! The climate here in Vesper is much more appealing.
The Guard
Guard What do you want? I'm off duty!
Player: Buy you a drink?
Guard Guards aren't allowed to accept gifts. But if you buy an extra mug of cider and I happen to drink it, no calling the guards! *winks*
Player: So you're a guard?
Guard No, I wear platemail because I like the way it tones the muscles in my legs during kilt season. Of course I'm a guard!
Player: Town Cryer has been troubling...
Guard Has it? If you citizens only knew the half of what we dealt with on a regular basis, you'd never leave your homes! Lucky for you there's guys like me who stand up to the scum of our society and make sure you are safe!
Player: What of the ambushes?
Guard Roads are dangerous places, always best to check in with guard outposts when going on long journeys. And carry a blade or bow.
Player: What of the treasures?
Guard Did they find the treasure inside city limits? No? Then I'll concentrate on this cider. *glug* *glug* *glug*
Player: What of the Lycaeum?
Guard We don't comment on investigations that are ongoing.
The Merchant
Merchant I'll have another mug of ale, and send over some bacon! All this ale has given me a King's hunger!
Player: I'm no wench, but could I buy you a drink?
Merchant Well met...and of course! I'm never one to turn down a free drink!
Player: What business are you in, mate?
Merchant I'm a dealer of this and that, a merchant of sorts. If it's *hic* something I can move off the shelves, I'm willing to buy and sell it!
Player: Have you read the latest Town Cryer?
Merchant That old rag? Don't know why we even need that paper - bunch of sensationalist stories if you ask me!
Player: What of the ambushes?
Merchant That sort of thing happens all the time, and that's what we've got the guards for! No matter, hasn't hurt my business - so nothing to be concerned about as far as I care.
Player: What of the treasures?
Merchant Who am I to begrudge some treasure hunters trying to make some honest coin? So they dug up some weird stuff, people do that all the time! Once I caught a pillow fishing - the strangest thing!
Player: What of the Lycaeum?
Merchant They need to up the security at the Lycaeum, less this sort of thing is going to keep happening - ah no bother. Hopefully whatever they stole ends up on the market and it'll fetch me some coin!
Sherry The Mouse

After you speak with all three NPCs, Sherry the Mouse, hiding over in the corner behind the bar, will pop up some text of her own.


Sherry the Mouse *squeak! squeak!* I hope you'll pardon the intrusion, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversations with some of the tavern goers *mousey-grin* Perhaps you could see fit to lend me your attention so that I may perhaps give you a different perspective of things? *the mouse scurries off to a corner of the tavern*

Double click on her to continue the conversation. She will offer you the quest "A Squeaky Request".

Sherry the Mouse *squeak squeak* Thank you for taking the time to speak to me! *mousey grin* What if I told you the recent events you've read about in the Town Cryer were the beginning of a terrible evil? I know...I know...you've heard it before and I'm sure you'll want to know what's in it for you. I can only tell you what I've seen and heard, and heroes like you will need to stand and defend Britannia against the coming evil. There are powerful forces at work in the ethereal void! I may be just a mouse but you don't have to take my word for it! Take this spell scroll and use it to travel to the Ethereal Void. There you will meet a mage called Mythran, please give him this note. Learn from him all you can, and together we may stand a chance!

Once you accept the quest, Sherry will give you 2 quest items.

# A Note From Sherry The Mouse To Mythran
# Ethereal Travel

UO20thETScroll.png UO20thSherryNote.png

Mythran The Thaumaturgist

Once you cast the Ethereal Travel spell (click on the icon in the scroll), you are transported to the home of Mythran The Thaumaturgist in the Ethereal Void.

First Level
Second Level

Note, you cannot mark in Mythran's home, but you can recall out.

Mythran The Thaumaturgist

Mythran The Thaumaturgist Given you haven't jumped into the void I'll assume your intentions are genuine, what's this? *You hand him the note* Sherry is persistent isn't she. She is right you know, even though I doubt Britannians will listen. The ambushes you've read about, the strange objects recovered from the maps? And now the incident at your Lycaeum? They are all related you know - and I'm afraid the situation is not good. If you'd like to read more of my research feel free to explore my home, the jist of it, however, is your world and my...former..world are on a collision course with an ancient and powerful evil. I know, I know, its something you've heard before - but you must understand. This is different. My colleague Heigel was researching at the Lycaeum. I haven't been able to reach him since the article in the Town Cryer about the break-in there. Would you check on him, it would mean the world to me.
Mythran's research

On the right side of the hall, a small table is brought to your attention with, "*You notice the drawer of the small table slightly open...* # This is the research Mythran mentioned. It has multiple books inside:

# An Updated History of Pagan, Volume I
# An Updated History of Pagan, Volume II
# An Updated History of Pagan, Volume III
# An Updated History of Pagan, Volume IV
# An Updated History of Pagan, Volume V
# An Updated History of Pagan, Volume VI
# Letter I - Mythran’s Plea
# Letter II - Heigel’s Introduction
# Letter III - Mythran’s Warning
# Letter IV - Heigel’s Research
# Letter V - Mythran’s Plan
# The Reagents of Thaumaturgy
# Spell of Ethereal Travel - Ort Grav Por

Additionally, there are 4 different books on the nearby counters, each also named "Research Notes".

# Research Notes
# Research Notes
# Research Notes
# Research Notes

However, attempting to read any of these books at this point will result only in "*You don't make anything of it.*"

Heigel The Scholar

You can find Heigel sitting in the back left of the Lycaeum.


(emoted): *Heigel is moaning in pain. His robe is soaked through with blood from a large wound on his abdomen*

Player: Heigel! Mythran sent me...let me help!

(emoted): *They are unresponsive*

(server message): You've found Heigel, however he is badly injured. The article in the Town Cryer didn't seem like the crimes here were as bad as they are before you...

(server message): Heigel's lifeforce has expired, perhaps you should examine him closely to glean additional information for your quest...

Double click on Heigel, and:

Heigel The Scholar *Cough...Cough* Heigel looks into your eyes and before shuffling off into the eternal void, he slips you a rolled piece of parchment. Looking into your eyes his dyeing words are, "Go to Mythran...Become the Warrior of Ether"

This will now get you started on the "A Dying Wish" quest, and place a # Blood Soaked Parchment into your pack. Now go back to Mythran.

(server message): You found Heigel, however he was badly injured. Despite your best efforts to offer first aid, his lifeforce slipped away as you comforted him in your arms. You deliver the news and the parchment to Mythran.

Mythran The Thaumaturgist Heigel's death only underscores the seriousness of what must be done. Fortunately Heigel was able to isolate incidents across Britannia that are directly related to the recovery of the components of the obelisk. We must continue Heigel's research, with it we can recover the artifacts and you can become a Warrior of Ether! Only then will you be powerful enough to fight the coming threats from Pagan...

This will now get you started on the "Warrior of Ether" quest, and place a # Pagan Spellbook into your pack. You also now can open and read the books in Mythran's house.

Pagan Spellbook

Now that you have the # Pagan Spellbook , you can place the following three scrolls into it:

The # Ethereal Travel scroll, however, cannot be placed into the spellbook.

Caution! If you drag a stack of any of those three scrolls onto the Pagan Spellbook, it will eat all of the scrolls. Make sure that you are only dropping a single scroll!

Warrior of Ether Quest


Heart of Earth

This quest represents the Pagan Necromancy branch of Pagan Magic.


You will need to travel to Iver's Rounding. That's the small island just off the northeast coast of Skara Brae. Using a boat is recommended, rather than just using a preexisting rune, as the island is swarming with undead, including Liches, Lich Lords, and Skeletal Dragons... and there are no healers on the island. If you die, you will either need to be able to get onto a boat, or use the "stuck" option to leave the island.


Just keep killing undead on the island. Eventually a Key Of The Caretaker will drop into your pack, and you'll get a message that "*You recover an unusual wand from the corpse...*".

Item Skill required Description
UO-Item-9916-2967.png Key Of The Caretaker Necromancy This wand is similar to the one described in Heigel's research. The shaft is made of etched white metal, with jade adornments. A skull sits on top. It doesn't feel real. Not that you've had the pleasure of handling many skulls...

The Spell
Gump 40149.png

Grant Peace

In Vas Corp

1 Key Of The Caretaker
1 Small Pouch
1 Executioner's Cap
1 Blackmoore
“Necromancy is the magic of earth, and from the life giving rock Lithos so too comes death. The magics of Necromancy harness that power to cast spells that manipulate the undead and the ground from whence they came. Grant Peace allows the necromancer to give peace to an undead creature, destroying them should the caster so desire. The casting of necromantic spells requires the Key of the Caretaker, a wand given to initiate Necromants. The necromancer is able to use the wand on a small pouch with the necessary reagents inside to achieve the desired result.”

Presumably this is a very old spell, with archaic spellings, as the reagent is today properly spelled 'Blackmoor', rather than 'Blackmoore'.

Casting the Spell
Now, get a #
Pouch from any NPC provisioner. Place 1Blackmoor
Blackmoor and 1Executioner's Cap
Executioner's Cap inside.

Now return to Iver's Rounding. Double-click on the Key Of The Caretaker, and target the pouch. The screen will flash, then a gump will appear:


“As you touch the Key of the Caretaker to the pouch magic surges through the wand and a portal opens above your head in a crash of thunder! Immediately the undead around you are overcome with peace as they are physical presence is rekindled to the earth from whence they came. As the smoke clears you see the small magical pouch is a bit more burdensome...you open it to find the Heart of Earth!”

You will now find the reagents in the pouch have vanished, and a # Heart of Earth has appeared!

Note, you can repeat this spell, but it may only be cast once per day.

Tongue of Flames

This quest represents the Sorcery branch of Pagan Magic.

This part will likely take the longest to prepare for, to collect all of the required reagents to cast the spell.

The Spell
Gump 40142.png

Summon Perihelion

Kal Flam Corp Xen

1 Daemon Bone
4 Red Candle
1 Black Candle
1 Pumice
2 Obsidian
1 Sulpherous Ash
“Sorcery is a powerful school of magic that harnesses the power of Pyros to cast destructive spells. Like other magics of Pagan, Sorcery utilizes the creation of a focus to embody the power of a spell into a small object that can then be activated to result in the desired outcome.
Creating a Sorcery focus requires red and black candles, reagents, and a pentagram. Knowing the positions of the pentagram is equally as important as the necessary candles and reagents, as their correct placement on the pentagram is required to create the focus. The center of the pentagram is called the locus. Directly atop the locus is the aphelion. Directly left and right of the locus are the mesostel pa and mesosteal ze. The left and right legs of the pentagram are known as the perivolcan pa and perivolcan ze.
Placing the candles and reagents at the correct locations speak the words of power to cast the spell and create the focus. The caster should take caution when summoning the Perihelion, for it is a destructive and unpredictable beast!”

Presumably this is a very old spell, with archaic spellings, as the reagent is today properly spelled 'Sulfurous Ash', rather than 'Sulpherous Ash'.

The Pentagram

For the first part, any pentagram, including one in a player house, can be used. The candles can be locked down, and are not consumed by casting the spell. Only the Daemon BoneDaemon Bone, PumicePumice, and Pagan Obsidian Obsidian will be consumed by the casting of the spell.

From Ultima lore:
The Pentacle: This is the first instrument we of the Cabal found to use in dealing with the Lord of Flame. It can contain and bind him if properly prepared and administered. Fire flows first through the medium of the pentacle, before being shaped by the Sorcerer. The lines of the pentacle serve different purposes in the web of an enchantment. The outer ring, called the periferon, is a barrier, or ward if you will, that allows a Sorcerer to conjure with safety. The lines of the interior are divided into two groups: the conducia that touch points on the periferon, and the inner pentagon, called the locus. The points where the conducia touch periferon each have a designation that relates to their distance from the volcano. The farthest point is called the aphelion, the middle two are mesostelae. Mesostel pa sits to the right of the aphelion, while mesostel ze is to the left. The final points, closest to the volcano are appropriately named perivolcanae. Perivolcan pa is on the right and perivolcan ze is on the left.
- by Corodin of Argentrock in On Sorcerous Ways... (Ultima VIII: Pagan)

Note that Pentacles in Ultima VIII: Pagan pointed down, while Ultima Online Pentagrams point up, so all directions above are off by 180 degrees.


Aphelion Locus Mesostel Pa Mesosteal Ze Perivolcan Pa Perivolcan Ze

Additionally, from Ultima VIII lore, the lines of the pentagram itself are the Conducia.

The circle that touches each of the 5 points of the pentagram is the Periferon.

Everything outside of the Periferon is just decorative.

Sorcery spells combine the placement of reagents at the 5 points with the placement of red or black candles at the 5 points, and the addition of words of power.

Placing the candles

For this spell, red candles should be placed at all points except Mesosteal Ze. A black candle should be placed at Mesosteal Ze.

Note: If anyone wants to set up a public or guild pentagram for others to use to create their own Focui, it is safe to do so, as the candles are not consumed by the spell. Simply lock down the 5 candles and let the users provide their own reagents.

Placing the reagents

For this spell:

Creating the focus
Tina Small creates a Focus

Once you have all the candles and other reagents placed, stand to the side of the pentagram, and say the words "Kal Flam Corp Xen".

The screen will flash, the reagents (but not the candles!) will disappear, and a # Focus will appear in your pack.


“Just as the words of power leave your lips, the candles begin to flicker as a gentle wind is pulled towards the locus. A portal opens above the pentagram and in a flash of light a small daemon shaped figure now sits in the middle!”

Note: There is no limit to how many Focui you can create, and they do not expire. However, you can only cast the spell once per day.

Using the Focus

Take the # Focus to the Daemon Temple on Trammel Fire Island. Stand in the middle of the pentagram on the top of the temple and speak the words "Kal Flam Corp Xen". Perihelion will appear and immediately attack.

Once he is killed, the # Tongue Of Flames will pop into your pack, and you will see:

“With a might howl from your final attack, the Perihelion shrieks in agony as you drain its final bit of life. As the great flaming creature falls to its knees a stone object emerges from the embers of the corpse - you have recovered the Tongue of Flames!”


Note: Anyone in your party who gets looting rights will also get a Tongue Of Flames.


This spell is nearly identical to the Summon Daemon spell in Ultima VIII. The only differences are the spelling of the power words ("Kal Flam Corp Xen" instead of "Cal Flam Corp Xen") and the use of Sulpherous Ash instead of Volcanic Ash. Volcanic AshVolcanic Ash did once exist in Ultima Online, when it spawned back in 1999 along with the other Pagan reagents, but all Volcanic Ash was changed into Grave DustGrave Dust when Age of Shadows went live.

Breath of Air

This quest represents the Theurgy branch of Pagan Magic.

In order to gain the Breath of Air, you will first need a Focus of Theurgy.

Focus Of Theurgy
Quicksilver Elementals in Minoc

You will need 20 QuicksilverQuicksilver to craft the focus, which can be farmed as a semi-rare drop from the Quicksilver Elementals spawning outside of the Minoc caves. The chance for a Quicksilver Elemental to drop Quicksilver seems to be around 15%.

Caution, Quicksilver Elementals are not too difficult by themselves, but the area is now swarming with them, and the respawn rate is high.

Once you have the Quicksilver, you will need 100.0 Magery and 100.0 Tinkering to craft the Focus Of TheurgyFocus Of Theurgy. A # Master Craftsman Talisman with Crafting Failure Protection is highly advised. The cost in materials to get one is relatively minimal, considering that you can lose 5 to 10 Quicksilver with each failure, and the success chance is only 21%. The talisman will not guarantee you success, but it will prevent you from losing any Quicksilver when you fail.

Before and After:


If you do not have a # Master Craftsman Talisman with Crafting Failure Protection handy, you'll need to fill a #Tinkering Bulk Order Deed. Look for any small which requires colored ingots. Bribe it up until it is worth at least 550 points:

Fill that deed and turn it in. Make sure not to bank the points, and select the talisman for 550 points.

The Spell
Gump 40148.png


In Sanct An Jux

1 Focus of Theurgy
“Theurgy, the magic of air, is derived from the power of Stratos and focuses on the magics of change. Like other magics of Pagan, Theurgy utilizes the creation of a focus to embody the power of a spell into a small object that can then be activated to result in the desired outcome.
Unlike other schools of Pagan magic which utilize reagents, however, Theurgy foci can be crafted by tinkers learned in magic. With enough quicksilver, the focus of theurgy can be crafted to cast "Intervention", harnessing the powers of wind to propel the caster through immovable objects. Theurgy draws its power from the Breath of Air, and the foci are only functional in the proximity to the artifact.”
Casting the Spell

Once you have the Focus of Theurgy, make sure it is in your pack - not equipped! - and stand in front of the pile of boulders blocking the cave entrance. Speak the words "In Sanct An Jux".

The screen will flash, then you will move into the cavern and a gump will appear:



“As you clutch the quicksilver focus in your hand and declare the words of power you are overcome with an intense flash and your body feels cool as you pass through a barrier of wind where the rock slide once stood. You have harnessed the Pagan power of Theurgy to move through the rock slide and deliver a much needed means of escape to the trapped miners. Thankful for your intervention, they present you with a peculiar artifact they found while mining. You have recovered the Breath of Air!”

You now have the # Breath of Air in your pack! (...and the Focus of Theurgy has been destroyed.)

Tear of Seas

This quest represents the Tempestry branch of Pagan Magic.

Kalen the Necromancer
Kalen the Necromancer

For this quest, you need to seek out Kalen the Necromancer in eastern flooded Vesper:

Kalen will offer you the "Kalen's Lament" quest:

Kalen The Necromancer Many generations ago I became a hero to my people. I fell in love with my Apprentice, and we were to undergo the Ceremony of Bonding...but...tragedy befell us as Hydros let his displeasure be known, sending a great wave that washed away my beloved into the sea...I have nothing left of my beloved. If only I had a memento to remember her...

The Staff Of Kalen's Apprentice

Your goal is to go seek out the # The Staff Of Kalen's Apprentice. You'll need to start fishing up SOSes until you find one. Any SOSes will work; they do not need to be freshly fished up. Ancient SOSes will also work. The character with the quest has to do the fishing, you can't just use your fisherman.

You may have to do several dozen before you get lucky, but it'll be hard to miss once you do finally find it, as a special gump will pop up a message:

Fishing up the staff
“As you lift the heavy chest from the depths the sea snarls as it breaks the surface! You open the rusted lock and inside the chest is a long, oak staff. Despite a lengthy stay on the ocean floor the staff seems to be in fair shape. As you wrap your fingers around it and begin to lift your boat is lurched! Immediately you are overcome with a sense of despair as you share the feelings of loss Kalen's apprentice experienced as Hydros pulled her beneath the waves. Just as quickly these feelings fade. The seas calm and your boat steadies. Your intentions must be true.”

Toggle the staff as a quest item and return to Kalen to receive the # Tear Of Seas.

Note: You can fish up more than one staff if you keep fishing before you complete the quest.

Becoming the Warrior of Ether

Mark all 4 items as quest items and return to Mythran.

He will tell you:

"You have truly learned the way of Pagan magics and the origins of Britannian magery. With this knowledge you have become a Warrior of Ether! You feel equipped to handle the coming threats to the realm!"

As a quest reward, he will return the 4 quest items and give you a # Stone Cache and the # Obelisk Tip.

If you reassemble the obelisk at your house - don't forget to lock all the parts down! - and then double click on the obelisk tip, you will gain a temporary "Pagan Titan Slayer" property on your weapon. Note, you do not need to include the Stone Cache, though the obelisk does look better when it is included:


Pagan Titan Slayer is presumably effective against the 4 Pagan Titans: Hydros, Lithos, Pyros, and Stratos

Part IV: The Evil From Afar

This part started on September 6, 2017:

  • 2017-09-06: In preparation for the next stage of the Shattered Obelisk, Part IV will be activated today on Origin, with other shards being activated tomorrow.
  • Due to problems with the content on Origin, Part IV was turned off on Origin.
  • 2017-09-07: All shards are now active.

As the full picture of recent events in Britannia come into focus it all begins to make sense. Cultists influenced by zealots from the far away world known as Pagan have used ancient magics to open a gateway to this dead and vile world. Using that gateway the armies of the Elemental Titans have leeched into Britannia, bringing with them catastrophe and chaos. At the behest of Sherry the Mouse and with the aide of Mythran, Britannia stands a chance to fend off this coming disaster – but to the victors go the spoils, can Britannia and her people’s emerge victorious?[8]

Official fiction

2017-09-07: The Shattered Obelisk: Daemon’s Crag
2017-09-12: The Shattered Obelisk: The Zealot

The Town Cryer


Eligibility For Part V

Special note: Part IV includes invasions throughout Britannia. While creatures killed have a chance to drop special equipment, in order to be eligible for non-equipment & decorative rewards in Part V a character must battle the elemental titans of Part IV. Eligibility is determined by damage taken, damage dealt, and damage healed from elemental titans.[9]

"It is determined by placement on the "top attacker" list, even though that's a bit of a misnomer since it's a combination of the different factors mentioned in the post. You need to get on that list only once, in any position, and you get one reward per character."
- Kyronix September 7, 2017 5:14 AM

"Doesn't matter which titan you get on the list, each character just has to get on the list. You get 1 reward per character, regardless of how many titans you kill. Of course you are encouraged to kill as many titans as possible, otherwise the destruction and fall of Britannian society as we know it at the hands of these elemental invaders will of course be on your hands."
- Kyronix September 7, 2017 9:57 AM

The Invasion

Invasion mobs are faster than normal mobs, and have 2 to 3 times the normal HP. Otherwise, their stats seem to be the same as their non-invasion counterparts.


The Military Group will always be present, as well as one of the other groups.

Once all invaders have been killed, then a titan will spawn somewhere in the city.

Invasion Groups
Humanoid Monstrosities Group - Yew

"Yew is occupied by humanoid monstrosities! Creatures of towering terror torment the countryside!"

Air Group - Minoc

"Minoc ransacked! Horrors have decended on the city from the skies above!"

Draconic Group - Britain

"Britain is under attack! There be Dragons in the eastern side of the city! Proceed with caution!"

Swamp Group - Trinsic

"Creatures from the swamp infest the city!"

Fiery Beasts Group - Moonglow

"Moonglow has been thrown into the fires of despair! Horrific fiery beasts invade!"

Undead Group - Skara Brae

"Horrific undead are rising from the ground!"

Water Group - Vesper

"Vesper is flooded with invaders! Creatures of ice and cold chill the streets!"

Military Group - all cities
Thieves stealing bandages and reagents

Invasion Armor

The cities of Trammel are being invaded. The invaders drop their armor, which is special colored.

Hue 2671 2672 2673 2683 2684 2685 2695 2696 2697 2698 2699 2700
Boots UO-Item-5899-2695.png UO-Item-5899-2696.png UO-Item-5899-2697.png
Chainmail Coif UO-Item-5051-2695.png UO-Item-5051-2696.png UO-Item-5051-2697.png
Chainmail Leggings UO-Item-5054-2695.png UO-Item-5054-2696.png UO-Item-5054-2697.png
Chainmail Tunic UO-Item-5055-2695.png UO-Item-5055-2696.png UO-Item-5055-2697.png
Circlet UO-Item-11118-2698.png UO-Item-11118-2699.png UO-Item-11118-2700.png
Cloak UO-Item-5397-2671.png UO-Item-5397-2672.png UO-Item-5397-2673.png UO-Item-5397-2695.png UO-Item-5397-2696.png UO-Item-5397-2697.png
Female Leather Armor UO-Item-7174-2698.png UO-Item-7174-2699.png UO-Item-7174-2700.png
Leather Skirt UO-Item-7176-2698.png UO-Item-7176-2699.png UO-Item-7176-2700.png
Metal Kite Shield UO-Item-7028-2671.png UO-Item-7028-2672.png UO-Item-7028-2673.png
Platemail Arms UO-Item-5136-2671.png UO-Item-5136-2672.png UO-Item-5136-2673.png UO-Item-5136-2683.png UO-Item-5136-2684.png UO-Item-5136-2685.png
Platemail Gorget UO-Item-5139-2671.png UO-Item-5139-2672.png UO-Item-5139-2673.png
Platemail Legs UO-Item-5137-2671.png UO-Item-5137-2672.png UO-Item-5137-2673.png UO-Item-5137-2683.png UO-Item-5137-2684.png UO-Item-5137-2685.png
Platemail Tunic UO-Item-5141-2671.png UO-Item-5141-2672.png UO-Item-5141-2673.png UO-Item-5141-2683.png UO-Item-5141-2684.png UO-Item-5141-2685.png
Ringmail Sleeves UO-Item-5103-2695.png UO-Item-5103-2696.png UO-Item-5103-2697.png
Sandles UO-Item-5901-2698.png UO-Item-5901-2699.png UO-Item-5901-2700.png
Studded Leggings UO-Item-5082-2698.png UO-Item-5082-2699.png UO-Item-5082-2700.png
Studded Tunic UO-Item-5083-2698.png UO-Item-5083-2699.png UO-Item-5083-2700.png

Lithos arrives in Minoc

Additionally, the blue paladins in the Trinsic Training Hall occasionally get killed by the spawn. They carry a uniquely colored Metal Kite Shield with hue 1158: #

Invasion Weapons

When Captains and Generals are killed, you get a pack drop of either a weapon or a spellbook. The properties on these are well over the property caps.

Best possible 2008 War of Shadows spellbook

For the 2008 War of Shadows city invasions, the best possible spellbooks had either:

Defense Chance Increase 10%
Spell Damage Increase 30%
Faster Cast Recovery 2
Lower Mana Cost 5%


Spell Damage Increase 30%
Mana Regeneration 3
Lower Reagent Cost 10%

This time around, there are two different limits. For spellbooks without a slayer property, extremely high Spell Damage Increase books are dropping, now capped at 50%. These are dropped by healers from the Military group.


Spell Damage Increase 50%
Mana Regeneration 3
Faster Casting 1
Lower Reagent Cost 10%

For spellbooks with a slayer property, the limit seems to be the same as 2008. These are dropped by mages from the Military group.


(slayer type) Slayer
Defense Chance Increase 0% to 10%
Spell Damage Increase 15% to 30%
Faster Cast Recovery 1 to 2
Lower Mana Cost 2% to 5%

The slayer types seen include almost all of them, including all talisman, slayer, and super-slayer types, though none of the Eodon slayers (Dinosaur, Myrmidex, Eodon, Eodon tribe):

(Drop rate percentage statistics courtesy of veterinary meister, based on 471 drops.)

Bladed Weapons

Weapons with overcapped properties are being dropped as pack drops from Captains and Generals. Weapons with the Damage Eater property have also been seen.

The best type of weapon is debatable, but a perfect one dropping from a General would have:

Damage Eater 18%
Hit Mana Leech 100%
Damage Increase 100%
Physical Damage 100%
Hit Fireball 80%


Bows with overcapped properties are being dropped as pack drops from Captains and Generals. So far, Bow, Heavy Crossbow, Crossbow, and Cyclone have been seen.

A perfect bow dropping from a General would have:

Hit Lower Defense 30%
Hit Mana Leech 50%
Damage Increase 100%

Overcapped Luck Items

Weapons and armor with luck as high as 150 are dropping on corpses of Titans.

Part V – September 28, 2017