Ice Slayer

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Ice Slayer Item Property

This is a super slayer item property. It does not have an opposing slayer type.

This super slayer type was one of nine new super slayer types added with Mondain's Legacy (Bat, Bear, Beetle, Bird, Bovine, Flame, Ice, Mage, and Vermin). Originally, these slayer types were only found on talismans, but they have since also become available on spellbooks and on certain Artifacts. These nine super slayer types cannot be imbued.

Ice Slayer Items

Common Items


Artifact Items


Rare Items


Mobs vulnerable to Ice Slayer

These mobs will take double damage while you have the Ice slayer equipped. If the slayer property is on a talisman, it will not have an effect on the damage caused by spells. For bards, success chance is increased by 20% when an Ice slayer instrument is used (at least theoretically; none currently exist).