Start Date 1997-09-19

Governance Last Updated: 2016-08-22
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain llvania +5% SSI
Jhelom Jordan Thyme +2 HPR
Minoc Lunk +1 FC
Moonglow Shin +1 FC
New Magincia Elam +5% SDI
Skara Brae Seathur +3 Int
Trinsic Tinkerbell +5% SDI
Vesper Capricorn +2 MR
Yew Pink Ninja Gecko +5% HCI

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator EM Ashmedai
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News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1998-03-03: Ben Kahns, More Than Just A Great Chef
1998-03-04: New Acquisition For The Royal Zoo In Moonglow
1998-03-05: Vesper Tradition Revived
1998-03-13: Organized Monster Attacks
1998-03-14: Pizza Delivery Comes To Britain
1998-03-15: Creatures Target Warrior Congregation Spots
1998-03-23: Organised Monster Attacks Have Returned
1998-03-26: Britain Farmer Hires Town Folk For Bountiful Harvest
1998-04-11: Virtue Shrine Trips Made Available To All Britannians
1998-04-14: Shipwreck Found South Of Cove
1998-04-19: H.M.S. Opal Sunk Off Western Coast Of Nujel'm By The Ivory Serpent
1998-05-04: The Ivory Serpent Defeated
1998-05-18: Treasure Hunt
1998-06-17: The Festival Of Masks In Nujel'm This Thursday
1998-06-19: The Eye Of Dahsk Stolen, Festival Of Masks Delayed
1998-06-29: Nightshade Found In Spiritwood
1998-06-29: The Eye Of Dahsk Recovered
1998-06-29: The Festival Of Masks A Chaotic Success
1998-07-10: Mandrake Root Found Amid Strange Circumstances
1998-08-04: The Mandrake Root Disappears From The Swamp
1999-01-08: Nissa Taken Captive
1999-01-22: Great Horns Being Renovated
1999-01-22: Talking Parrot In Skara Brae!
1999-03-12: The Curtains Rise! Theatre Open In Magincia
1999-04-17: Orcs At Bucs
1999-04-18: Skara Brae Spring Bazaar
1999-04-28: Paws: Player Tavern
1999-04-29: Excuse Me? Headless?
1999-05-05: A Pilgrimage Is Made!
1999-05-20: Darkness Crossed The Britain Crossroads
1999-06-22: Festival Of Masks Approaching
1999-07-05: Festival’s Good Times Tainted With Conspiracy And Murder
1999-09-27: Ben Khans Elopes

Britannia News Network Reports

2000-06-20: Pacific Games
2000-06-28: Raziel’s Revenge
2000-07-08: Dramatics At The Zoo
2000-07-11: A Startling Discovery
2000-07-26: Out Of The Depths
2000-07-30: The Undead Arise Near Cove
2000-07-31: The Fashion Contest For The Skara Brae Festival.
2000-08-02: Strange Happenings In The Britain Swamp
2000-08-02: The Undead Rise Near Yew
2000-08-04: Travellers Ambushed Near Skara Brae
2000-08-06: Harpy Warriors Roam The Roads
2000-08-06: Undead Attacks Continue
2000-08-07: Wraith Lords Spotted In Vesper Cemetery
2000-08-13: Danger In Training
2000-08-15: Orc Ambush On The Road To Britain
2000-08-16: Britain Sieged By Strange Madman
2000-08-16: Moonglow Sees The Dead Rise Again
2000-08-20: Mayhem In The Hedge Maze
2000-08-22: Tournament In The Jhelom Arena
2000-08-31: Undead Antics
2000-09-05: To Save A Daemon
2000-09-14: Ariana And The Orcs
2000-09-18: Jewel Thieves
2000-09-19: The Brothers Escape
2000-10-03: Strange Sightings In The Cemeteries
2000-10-16: Cemetary Attacks Continue
2000-10-16: Lord Wilhaim And Maxarius Slain
2000-10-24: Trouble Afoot
2000-11-14: A Darkness Descends
2000-11-15: Sightings In The Nujel'm Courthouse
2000-11-28: A Strange Sighting
2000-11-29: Revelations Revealed
2000-12-01: A Chance Encounter
2000-12-03: Great Horns Tavern Construction Underway
2000-12-04: The Arrival Of The Horns
2001-01-14: The Mercaerin: Origins Revealed?
2001-02-04: The Tide Has Turned, Disaster For The Order
2001-02-07: Dark Tidings
2001-02-13: A Mage Assisted
2001-02-18: Elemental Uprising
2001-02-21: The Return Of Lothair
2001-02-21: Trolls Invade Trinsic And Minoc!
2001-03-20: A Hunting We Shall Go
2001-03-22: Tournament Of Darts
2001-03-30: Lodge Grand Opening

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