Start Date 1997-12-22

Governance Last Updated: 2020-06-17
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Shenzin +5% SDI
Jhelom Frey +5% HCI
Minoc Anne Nomilly +2 MR
Moonglow Magnus Den Goode +1 FC
New Magincia Holly Bloodhand +1 FC
Skara Brae Xuri +5% SDI
Trinsic Haxley +1 FC
Vesper Bytor +5% SSI
Yew Glorfindel +1 FC

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News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1998-07-04: Seer Halo Brings Lecture To More Shards
1998-07-22: Spoils Of War
1998-02-04: City Of Honesty Getting A Bad Rap
1998-03-03: Great Diamond Stolen By Trolls!
1998-03-08: Wedding Announcement: Lady Nisha Marries Tundra Wolf winter
1998-03-09: Exotic Collector Makes An Appearance In Ocllo
1998-03-22: Andre The Gambler Brings Pugilism To Britain
1998-03-26: Pact Brings Money To Minoc, Weapons To Yew
1998-03-29: Andre The Gambler Attacked Near Dungeon Wrong
1998-03-31: Interview With The Church Of The Black Sun Founder, Tarrant
1998-04-04: When Monsters Fight: The Shadowclan Orcs Take Control Of The Fort Near Yew
1998-04-22: Rockslide Traps Man Near Covetous
1998-06-15: Orcs Block Caravan Passage
1998-07-05: Conversational Britannian Lecture Hits The Road
1998-07-31: Mysterious Sage Eldrich Makes A Second Appearance
1998-12-07: Orc Celebration Causes Trouble In Vesper And At The Shrine Of Sacrifice
1999-02-03: The Runaway Bride
1999-02-19: The Disappearance Of Gaella
1999-02-19: Varmints Vanquished!
1999-03-08: Cove Liberated By General Jetrin Valek
1999-04-07: General Valek Searches For Answers To The Cove Attack
1999-04-12: Private Drepler Apprehended, Yet Questions Remain
1999-04-18: The Fire Sky
1999-04-19: Ogre Warlord Takes On Shadowclan Orcs
1999-05-06: A Moment Of Decision
1999-05-14: A Chosen Fate
1999-05-14: Order Guards In Trinsic?
1999-05-29: Martial Law Declared In Trinsic
1999-06-04: A Matter Of Justice Or Chaos?
1999-06-22: Lady Sara Braccalese Found Dead!
1999-07-06: Paladins Evicted
1999-07-16: Martial Law Revoked: A Turn Of Events
1999-09-30: A Mystery In The Woods
1999-10-03: Invasions Across Our Fair Lands
1999-10-25: Trolls' And Ogres' Activity Increase Outside Of Wrong
1999-10-30: The Waters
1999-12-03: Roberto Of Nujel'm Murdered
1999-12-19: The Silent Tower
2000-03-09: End To Ogre-Troll Conflict?
2000-03-09: Ophidians In Delucia Caves
2000-03-09: Sick Girl Saved In Minoc
2000-03-09: Warning To Sailors

Britannia News Network Reports

2000-05-03: Benedict’s Lab Discovered!
2000-05-10: The Destruction Of Xenthyl
2000-06-07: Conflict In The Swamp
2000-06-14: Caravan Attacked
2000-06-14: The Spirit World
2000-06-17: Restless Are The Dead
2000-06-20: Roundup At The West Britain Corral
2000-06-20: Of Rats And Men
2000-06-20: The Journal Of Qua'Tel Decoded!
2000-07-10: Rats Plague Britain Farmlands
2000-07-12: Stormguard Revisited
2000-08-01: The Shadow Clan Chronicles
2000-08-02: The Jhelom Dueling Pit Challenges
2000-08-02: Ventryn’s Power
2000-08-04: Into The Crypt
2000-08-13: Rats Run Rampant In Minoc
2000-08-17: The Plague Is Predicted To Strike Again!
2000-08-20: Bethany, The Baker’s Daughter Has Been Rescued!
2000-08-22: Ratman Scourge Ends!
2000-08-23: Foliaged Again!
2000-08-23: Ghost Haunts Kire Estate
2000-08-24: Strange Bedfellows
2000-08-25: The Refuge That Never Was
2000-08-27: Undead Unrest In The Britain Cemetary!
2000-08-28: Ghost Of Eric Returns
2000-08-29: A Ruby Sunset Or The Shining Of Gold?
2000-09-03: The Truth Revealed
2000-09-05: The Helpful Stranger
2000-09-05: The Shadow Clan Chronicles: Part Two
2000-09-11: Of Men And Madness
2000-09-18: Thain Returns Home
2000-09-24: The Salvation Of Lord Kyre
2000-10-04: Pirates Raid Coastal Cities
2000-10-16: Strange Sightings In Edinburgh Mine
2000-10-16: The Banishing Of A Deamon
2000-10-25: Pirate Captured In Yew!
2000-11-07: Edinburgh Besieged
2000-11-07: Understanding The Phantom
2000-11-15: An Unexpected Visitor
2000-11-20: Artarion’s Influence
2000-11-26: Edinburgh’s Agonies End: Felucca’s Now Begin
2000-11-26: Riddler Of Ruin
2000-12-03: The Capture Of Qua’Tel
2000-12-03: The Capturing Of Que'Tel
2000-12-14: Fashioning The Orb’s Bane
2001-01-02: Into The Realm Of Nightmare: My Journey To Necropolis
2001-01-24: An Interview With Scaramandine II
2001-01-31: Cities Under Siege
2001-02-27: The Onslaught Of Madness
2001-02-27: Ventryn’s Return
2001-03-11: Qua’Tel And The Siege Against Yew
2001-03-12: The Phantom’s Betrayal

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